Evgeny Prigozhin’s dire warning

Evgeny Prigozhin’s dire warning

I have been sent the following article which summarises what the commander of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin has had to say in an interview with a Russian channel, War Gonzo.

I have posted the video in Russian below the article.

I hope that someone will translate it into English soon.

Wagner’s Prigozhin Issues Most Dire Warning Yet Ahead of Ukrainian Counterattack

Abandon all hope.

The full interview where Evgeniy Prigozhin absolutely lambasted Shoigu and the MoD and the Kremlin bureaucracy just came out recently. You can watch it in Russian here. I saw a lot of people talking about it on Twitter and I couldn’t believe what I was reading so I decided to listen to the interview myself, and analyze it line by line to figure out just what was being said exactly. I will share the bullet-points with you here as I listen along:

  • By the 80s, the Soviet Army was just a social club, ineffective and neutered and not even an organization capable of providing a social lift
  • Russia didn’t win the Chechen wars, Putin paid Kadyrov’s dad a bribe to end it
  • There was no such thing as the “Delbaltsevo Cauldron” in Donbass – Poroshenko’s army simply made an orderly retreat intact. It was a patriotic lie told by Russia
  • Wagner was the main force that saved Assad in Syria and was undermined by the MoD every step of the way
  • The SMO proved that the Russian army is totally demoralized, unorganized, untrained, undisciplined and unprepared
  • The MoD routinely lies about realities on the battlefield even about Wagner’s operations
  • The Russian Army in the north likes to get drunk and the Ukrainians make good money selling them cognac
  • Wagner launched its operation to stabilize the front when the Russian army was retreating in chaos and disorder following the Ukrainian counterattack
  • The military command gives bizarre orders to its men
  • There is no real leadership in the army
  • Russia has the resources to win, but the leadership keeps the resources away from the people who need it on purpose
  • Lower level officers are pressured to lie to higher-ups because everyone will get in trouble if they don’t
  • Bakhmut was a plan created by Wagner and General Surovikin to damage the Ukrainian army
  • Mentally-ill people in the command believed in saving funds and supplies for a later attack, but this decision was eventually reversed
  • Prigozhin says he knows where the supplies are being kept, there are enough supplies to fight another half-year
  • MoD Deputy in charge of supplies Aleksei Krivoruchka has to be fired
  • Prigozhin outlines some simply military math – one hectare requires X amount of shells to be successfully neutralized before a storm. Wagner needs 80,000 shells a day at the very bare minimum
  • On paper, the Russian Army has soldiers on Wagner’s flanks, but they are not there in reality
  • Prigozhin believes this is a political sabotage campaign directed at Wagner
  • Wagner is facing down 35k Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut and up 500 of their soldiers die a day, but are replenished. Every 20 minutes, 10 soldiers are sent in. An unending flood of reinforcements.
  • Wagner has been cut-off from supplies. Their representatives are sitting 4 days in line to get an appointment from the bureaucracy
  • The KGB stands for Club of Senile Grandpas (in Russian this acronym works) or the Club of Emotional Midgets
  • The KGB hates Russia. All their mistresses live good lives in the West so what do they care about the war. They demand that the officers lie to them and only tolerate nice-sounding lies.
  • The Russian army has been transformed from the world’s second-best army into one of the worst – Russia cannot even deal with Ukraine
  • Russia’s defenses won’t hold if supplies are not released to the soldiers
  • Prigozhin reaffirms that political intrigue is what prevents the release of these supplies
  • Prigozhin wants to launch a federal investigation into the corrupt officials responsible for this and the blood that they have on their hands
  • Prigozhin keeps a list of the thousands of Russian deaths caused by the MoD
  • Poor medicine leads to more deaths
  • Bakhmut could have been taken if Shoigu had given them their supplies
  • Wagner might have to retreat unless they don’t get supplies
  • Time to tell the truth and stop lying to the Russian people
  • Once the rains end and the ground dries, the attack will come, maybe by the 9th of May
  • The interviewer asks: “maybe you will use these weapons to storm Moscow?”
  • Prigozhin compares the hated bureaucrats who live on Rublevka to Jews living in Israel
  • No real answer about whether or not Wagner will march on Moscow, the question is dismissed as being ridiculous [I think its a fun fantasy]
  • Prigozhin has a helpful list of instructions in his office on how to configure scopes correctly for potential snipers (Kremlin assassins) who want to shoot him at his office in St. Petersburg written on his wall with a helpful hint to adjust for a potential dip in the path of the bullet caused by the long distance of a potential shot taken from across the Neva river
  • Wagner’s pressure is all that slows down the Ukrainian counterattack by diverting attention
  • Wagner’s intelligence says that they have spies, satellites, the whole works and according to their information, the Ukrainian threat is very real and can reach the Russia-proper border with the forces that they have
  • Wagner takes the opinions and analyses of their soldiers seriously, the Russian Military, in contrast, treats its soldiers like trash
  • They repeat a lot of points about the need for supplies
  • Ukraine wants to continue the advance further than Donbass and then Poland and NATO
  • Interviewer: “are you a demoralization agent?”
  • Prigozhin: the Russian people need to know because they will have to pay in blood for this. The bureaucrats will simply flee to the West. They are the ones afraid of the truth
  • Prigozhin asks why Russia continues to sell oil to the West through India? Says this is treachery. The elites in Russia are in secret negotiations with the Western elite. [A word-for-word Strelkov talking point].
  • General Teplinsky is one of the good ones, it’s good news that he is back
  • More talk about supplies
  • Wagner won’t march on Moscow (lol)
  • There is nothing to celebrate this May 9th on Victory Day. Respect for the fallen, but no cause for celebration and pompous ceremonies. Russia hasn’t earned this theatrical display


  • The army needs supplies
  • The bureaucrats need to come to the frontlines
  • The Ukrainian army will attack and this may very well end in tragedy for Russia
  • The need for the truth to cut through state propaganda has never been more pressing

I’ll have more to say on this including more speculations about the fate of Wagner. But this article is just straight faithful transcription of the facts. Prigozhin’s words can stand on their own for now.

Here is an earlier interview from 2 months ago that HAS been translated into English

“I stopped recruiting in prisons” admits Wagner PMC Founder in Interview with WarGonzo


This is what the western media is saying.

Massive fire at Crimea oil reserve was opening blast of Ukraine’s ‘full-scale offensive’ on Russia

The massive fire that broke out at an oil reserve in Russian-occupied Sevastopol on Saturday was an attack on Russian logistics and part of Ukraine’s “preparations” for a major counter-offensive.

A military official said Sunday that Russian operations in Crimea were undermined in the attack as the Ukrainian army assembles their highly-anticipated springtime assault.

“This work is a preparation for the broad, full-scale offensive that everyone expects,” Natalia Humeniuk, Ukraine’s Armed Forces Southern Command spokesperson, told Ukrainska Pravda.


Both the Duran and Scott Ritter are saying that Ukraine is in deep trouble and pours scorn on the idea of a Ukrainian counter-offensive. 

Their position is the one I would LIKE to believe but I have a sinking feeling their position is just a little too trite to be true.

I have noticed how they totally ignore some of the more extreme positions of government figures like Dmitry Medvedev.

Figures of the likes of Prigozhin are distasteful to me and I rebel against the extreme opinions expressed.

However, Prigozhin and the Wagner Group are the ones on the ground who have been making (slow) progress in Bakhmut so wouldn’t they be in a position to know?

Or are they just trying to extort more support from the government? 

I really have no fixed position and certainly have no faith in a march to victory but have a sinking feeling that we are looking catastrophe in the face, both on the battlefield in Ukraine and in the world as a whole.

So long as the West keeps supporting the regime in Ukraine, sending weapons at all costs we are going to see the continuation of a conflict that is disastrous for the people of Ukraine but also for Russia as well. Perhaps we need to wait and see if something happens on May 9 (Victory Day).

If it does then all bets are off.

Ukr 6% Bakhmut, Russian Bombing Intensifies; UK, Polish General Doubt Ukr, Kiev Forced to Attack

Scott Ritter: Ukraine’s In MAJOR TROUBLE Right Now! 

I have been lamenting the disappearance of the Greek site WarNews 24/7.
They have not posted anything since March 30 so I think they are out of the picture.
I think the positions of news sites that report what is happening a a relatively neutral way and attempt to avoid Western propaganda are invaluable.
While looking at this material I have discovered a You Tube channel called CRUX that appears to be operating out of India which I am hopeful will avoid the lies of Western media, Russian government propaganda, as well as what increasingly seems to be wishful thinking from the Duran, Gonzalo Lira, Scott Ritter and others.
So I will be keeping an eye out on them.
But in the meantime,here are a few of their latest videos.

“High Treason…” Wagner Boss Lashes Out At Defence Minister Shoigu & Gen Gerasimov In Latest Rant

While a brutal war rages in Ukraine, the power tussle within the Kremlin has been increasing. The rift between Putin’s top military officials and the Wagner group has been exposed by a number of recent public standoffs. Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin has now directly accused Kremlin’s top brass of “treason”. Prigozhin has accused Russia’s defence minister and chief of the General Staff of denying ammo to his fighters in Ukraine. Prigozhin posted a picture of dead bodies in Bakhmut, claiming they are his mercenaries who have been killed due to “ammunition hunger”.

Why Wagner Chief Prigozhin May Be Punished Under The Russian Law That He Once Advocated

The head of the Wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, may face punishment under a Russian law that he once advocated. The Russian law prohibits “discrediting” those involved with Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine. Prigozhin is wary of being susceptible to punishment under the law in view of his harsh criticism of the Russian military. While Prigozhin has advocated for harsher punishments, he is now asking Russian lawmakers to adjust the amendment.

Ukraine Claims To Hold Bakhmut’s “Road Of Life”, Zelensky Vows Counteroffensive Without F-16s

The Ukrainian military claims Russian forces are far from controlling Bakhmut’s “road of life”. Kyiv’s military says Russian forces have not yet managed to get a hold of the exit road from Bakhmut. The Russian Governor of Bryansk has accused Ukraine of shelling the village of Suzemka, killing four civilians. The Russian army has confirmed it replaced Col Gen Mikhail Mizintsev in charge of logistics, putting an end to days of speculation. The defence ministry said Alexei Kuzmenkov, a former National Guard official, has replaced Mizintsev.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelensky has said that Kyiv will not delay the counteroffensive despite the lack of F-16 jets”. Zelensky revealed he carries a pistol and would have fought to death if Russian troops stormed his Kyiv headquarters last year. Zelensky revealed he carries a pistol and would have fought to death if Russian troops stormed his Kyiv headquarters last year.

More Crimea Attacks? Ukraine Warning To Residents After Blaze At Russian Navy’s Sevastopol Depot

Ukrainian military intelligence has urged residents of Crimea to stay away from Russian military facilities ahead of a much-anticipated counteroffensive. The warning came soon after a suspected drone attack in Sevastopol caused a massive fire at the Russian navy’s fuel depot on April 29. Ukrainian officials have hinted at a successful strike on Russian targets in Crimea, without openly admitting Kyiv’s involvement .The Ukrainian military’s Southern Command said, “this work is a preparation for the broad, full-scale offensive that everyone expects”.

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