Evolving COVID-19 crisis in India – Lessons for the world

Evolving COVID-19 crisis in India – Lessons for the world

From the same UK doctor who first interviewed Geert vanden Bossche a panel discussion of Indian doctors who describe what it is like on-the-ground.

They do not appear to be talking about vaccines

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The world is completely interconnected and a crisis in any part will soon become a problem everywhere. Just over a year ago the COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan, China, became a global pandemic. History may be repeating itself in India and we have an opportunity to do a better job by recognising our connection to the world. This panel will be focussed on understanding the clinical characteristics of the wave in order to protect populations through early appropriate therapy. Hoping to get a doctor on the frontline in India to assist in this analysis. Through our support of India we protect ourselves.


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  1. “Steroids and Anti-Histamines” are the current treatment for vaccine injured people.
    See “Deel Bigtree” interview 3 vaccine injured women who were nurses.
    Steroids and Anti-histamines are what they were given at the hospital.

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