Examining Israel Gaza Conflict with Steven and Jana Ben-Nun

Examining Israel Gaza Conflict with Steven and Jana Ben-Nun

Kahanism is now Israel’s mainstream

0:47: ! Israel had prior knowledge of the attack in Gaza and deliberately targeted houses with Hamas fighters and hostages inside.
7:22: The best way to limit civilian casualties in the conflict between Hamas and Israel would have been a ground invasion from the beginning.
14:26: The speaker discusses the ideology of Kahane and how it relates to the current situation in Israel and neighboring countries.
21:24: Intermarriage is not recognized in Israel, and there are strict laws against it, including imprisonment.
28:55: ❗️ The video discusses the potential consequences of driving out Arabs, Armenians, Christians, and pornography from Israel, and highlights the refusal of the state of Israel to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide.
36:09: ! The video claims that Israeli soldiers lied about Hamas fighters burning and beheading babies, and the destruction of a home was not caused by Hamas.
41:40: The video discusses the use of Israeli propaganda to justify acts of genocide in Gaza and the need to spread the truth.
48:42: Israel and the United States are providing weapons to Israel, which they are using on innocent Palestinians and children.
55:46: The speaker is bothered by a comment made about someone in a movie they watched.
1:02:32: The video questions the ancestry of modern-day Palestinians in Gaza and suggests they may not be descendants of the Philistines.
1:09:17: The video discusses the controversy surrounding Noahide laws and a specific individual’s stance on them.
1:17:14: The speaker challenges the condemnation of Arab people and highlights the presence of Christians among them.
1:23:29: The speaker reflects on their previous support for Israel and their realization about the situation in Palestine.
I have collected some of the materials cited

On Meir Kohane

Mainstreaming the Extreme: How Meir Kahane’s Vision of Jewish Supremacy Conquered Israeli Politics

Looking back at recent Turkish history

MP Exposes ISIS’ Source of Deadly Sarin Gas, Faces Treason

A treason investigation has been launched against a Turkish MP who alleged in an exclusive interview with RT that Islamic State jihadists delivered deadly sarin gas to Syria through Turkey.

Ankara’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office opened the case against Istanbul MP Eren Erdem of Republican People’s Party (CHP) after his interview about sarin was aired on RT on Monday.

“Chemical weapon materials were brought to Turkey and put together in ISIS camps in Syria, which was known as the Iraqi Al-Qaeda at that time.”

Erdem noted that the chemicals used for the production of weapons did not originate from Turkey. “All basic materials are purchased from Europe. Western institutions should question themselves about these relations. Western sources know very well who carried out the sarin gas attack in Syria,” Erdem told RT.

The British company producing experimental weapons for the IDF

Eyewitness testimonies indicated Israel killed its own citizens

Moshe Feiglin calls for genocide


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