Facebook threatens to close climate change groups

Facebook threatens to close climate change groups

Think that the only people being censored are those talking about vaccines, bioweapons etc?

Think again!

It seems that the message of abrupt climate change is not to the liking of the social media giants.

They only want limited material that does not contradict their narrative.

Who would have thought?

This was on Facebook.

“So Facebook has threatened to shut this group down but they do not say why they do not mention which posting and they sent their threat to all administers in the group so nobody really knows what to make of it but we’re living in an AI police state and that is becoming self-evident so carry on as best you all can folks and just be aware that Facebook is incapable of communicating in a way that allows us to determine the information they send properly”.

— Jean Michel Pourny

He has since sent me the following private message on Facebook:

“I’m using audio translate here Robin so there will be mistakes so Facebook sent a warning to all the administrators in the group climate chaos info and data and they said that the group was in danger of being shut down for particular types of uploads but they wouldn’t say what kind or which uploads and because I have like six administers there and a few moderators and I’m the one who mostly does upload since it is the group I started about 3 years ago I just decided I would no longer do uploads to groups because I don’t want to harm people so I’m just going to post to my own page from now on if people want to repost they can but I don’t want to be the one responsible for an entire group shutting down unnecessarily even if I started it cuz I’ve got lots of other things to do I’m working on legal corruption cases and trying to help people here in Hawaii in various ways”

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