FBI, DOJ, and News Media Ignore Joe Biden Bribery Scandals

FBI, DOJ, and News Media Ignore Joe Biden Bribery Scandals

Donald Trump was arrested today. Joe Biden was protected today. The news world could not become more surreal. News networks, newspapers, and online news websites are having a feeding frenzy on today’s arrest in Miami of former President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the same news organizations are ignoring shocking reports that a Ukrainian business executive recorded numerous conversations with Joe and Hunter Biden about a $5 million bribe. How long will this dual standard of justice be allowed to continue in America.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 6/13/23

State TV: United States is in Moscow’s Nuclear Crosshairs

A Russian state TV host has warned that if the Ukraine war escalates to a “nuclear phase,” the Kremlin will strike the U.S. with nuclear weapons as it is “in the crosshairs.”

Russian political commentator and president of Russia’s Institute of the Middle East Yevgeny Satanovsky made the warning in a clip that has now gone viral:

Watch the video HERE

This comes on the heels of a very high ranking Russian elected official, Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council (Senate) who said “the likelihood of nuclear weapons being used, was growing by the day.”

“In my opinion, concerns about climate change is nothing compared to the prospect of being at the epicenter of an explosion with a temperature of 5,000 Kelvin (scale), a shock wave of 350 meters per second and a pressure of 3,000 kilograms per square meter, with penetrating radiation, that is, ionizing radiation and an electromagnetic pulse,” he said at an educational event in late April, according to Russia’s state-run news agency RIA Novosti.

“Is there such a prospect today? (Unfortunately), yes. And it is growing every day for well-known reasons,” he said.

VERY serious if true


A mass recruitment of contract paramedics and doctors has been urgently launched in the Norwegian army, specifically, and in other NATO Armies very quietly.

According to the terms of the Norwegian contract, the signatories do not have the right to disclose further details, including their exact destination. 

The departure date for most recruits is June 23rd. This is the exact same date as the ending of NATO’s “Air Defender 2023” exercise. 

The Norwegian contract has a term of six months.

A large group of mercenaries, paramedics, and doctors, will arrive from Scandinavian countries by the end of June. Only people who have combat experience in a multinational NATO battlegroup, for example, in Afghanistan, are being recruited.

Hal Turner concluded:

The date June 23, for the end of “Air Defender” and the beginning of the departure of the paramedics (Not an exercise, but the beginning of the deployment!) speaks for itself.    Norway knows that on or after June 23, a whole slew of Paramedics and Doctors are going to be needed. 

The urgent hiring of war-experienced medical people, with a known deployment date on the exact same day as NATO “Air Defender” ends, is no coincidence….

It is possible that NATO will send its aircraft (especially F-16’s) directly to the front in low-level flight on June 23, and at the same time let Ukraine transfer its maximum troop strength to the attack against Russian forces.  This would be NATO air power directly attacking Russian forces in Ukraine!

That would change everything. Russia would have to get NATO planes out of the sky – which would have immediate World War consequences.

Ukraine Loses 250 Military in Zaporozhye, South Donetsk Directions in Past Day

24 May, 18:51 GMT
Ukraine has lost up to 250 military in the Zaporozhye and South Donetsk directions over the past 24 hours, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday.
Over the past day, the Ukrainian armed forces continued to attempt offensive operations in the South Donetsk direction. In the area of the Vremevka ledge, the Vostok group of the Russian armed forces repelled three enemy attacks from the direction of the Donetsk People’s Republic and in the Zaporozhye region.

A destroyed tank of Ukrainian Armed Forces is seen outside the town of Severodonetsk, in Lugansk People's Republic. - Sputnik International, 1920, 24.05.2023

Over the past day, up to 250 Ukrainian military, five tanks, seven armored combat vehicles, two cars, an Akatsiya self-propelled artillery system, and a D-30 howitzer were destroyed in [the Zaporozhye direction],” the ministry said in a statement, adding that Ukraine lose over 120 military in South Donetsk direction.
The Russian military also repelled two attacks of Ukraine in the Donetsk direction, the statement said, noting that Kiev lost up to 140 military in the direction over the past day.
The ministry also reported that the Russian armed forces launched a missile attack with sea-based high-precision long-range weapons, targeting places of deployment of reserves of Ukrainian troops.
“[On Sunday night], the Russian armed forces launched a sea-based high-precision long-range weapon at the places of deployment of the Ukrainian armed forces’ reserves. The designated objects were hit. The goal of the strike was achieved,” the ministry said in a statement.

Zaluzhny was convicted of directing the explosions at Nord Stream. How did Kiev respond?

Politico: Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny personally supervised the preparation of sabotage at Nord Stream

PlotNord Stream 2:

The Politico publication convicted Valery Zaluzhny, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) , of personally preparing an operation to blow up the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines.

According to the newspaper, the preparation of the operation with the participation of a group of divers was led by Zaluzhny. The saboteurs traveled on a sailing ship.

The West knew about the plans of Ukraine

Earlier it became known that the Netherlands Military Intelligence Service (MIVD) informed the US Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) about Ukraine’s plans to undermine the Nord Stream pipelines. According to preliminary data, the Minister of Defense of the Netherlands Kaisa Ollongren and other politicians were informed about this by the Military Intelligence Service.

A narrow circle in the political elite of The Hague has known for a year about serious suspicions about Ukraine

The involvement of Ukraine in undermining the Nord Streams was also previously reported by The Wall Street Journal. According to the publication, the CIA had information about Ukraine’s plans to undermine the Nord Stream. It was noted that the administration of US President Joe Biden knew about this three months before the sabotage. Kyiv’s plan involved the use of a small group of divers who reported directly to the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Kyiv denies everything

At the same time, Andrei Chernyak, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, denied Kiev’s involvement in the attack on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines.

Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman Andriy Chernyak denied Ukraine’s involvement in the bombings when asked about the CIA’s request on Tuesday.

Putin assessed the course of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and answered the question about the need for mobilization. President’s key statements

Putin assessed the course of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and answered the question about the need for mobilization

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with military commanders on Tuesday, June 13, answered the question about the need for new mobilization, and also assessed the course of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

The head of state stressed that the goals of the special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine can be adjusted, but generally remain unchanged.

They change in accordance with the current situation, but in general, of course, we will not change anything. They are fundamental to us.

Vladimir PutinPresident of Russia

Putin spoke about the continuation of the Ukrainian counter-offensive “right now”

Describing the current situation on the front line, the head of state noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine “right now” are attacking in a number of areas, in particular in the mining and Zaporozhye directions, as well as on the Vremevsky ledge.

“It [counteroffensive] has been going on since the 4th, it is still going on and right now,” Putin said . The President noted that the offensive is being carried out using the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine prepared for these purposes.

At the same time, there are no forces controlled by Kiev on the territory of the Belgorod region , which has recently undergone a series of attacks, the president said . In his opinion , with these attacks, Ukraine tried to divert the Russian army from other areas critical for Kiev, including those that are considered important in terms of a possible offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Putin also said that only visible losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the Ukrainian counteroffensive amount to 160 tanks and 360 armored vehicles. According to him, Russian troops destroyed from 25 to 30 percent of Western-style military equipment transferred to Ukraine. Putin added that other sources, including Western sources, also cite similar figures for the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In turn, the Russian side lost 54 tanks while repulsing the attacks, Putin said . He noted that some of the equipment is subject to restoration.

There is no need for a new wave of mobilization and the introduction of martial law, Putin said

Vladimir Putin believes that there is no need to introduce martial law in Russia . “I don’t think we need to do it now. We just need to improve and expand the work of law enforcement and special services,” he said.

Putin noted that more than 150,000 contract soldiers have recently been recruited into the ranks of the Russian army, and together with volunteers, this figure is 156,000 people, which covers the needs of the special operation. As a comparison, he recalled that over 300,000 Russians were called up as part of the partial mobilization.

Over the past week, 9.5 thousand people have signed a contract. There is no need for mobilization, of course.

Vladimir PutinPresident of Russia

The President specified that the possibility of additional mobilization also depends on the targets in the special operation zone. He added that if the task was to “go to Kyiv”, then it might be needed, but there are no such plans today.

Answering the question of how far the NVO will go, Putin indicated that it will depend on the situation that will develop by the end of the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

“We have plans of a different nature,” the president said .

Because of the shelling of Russian territory in Ukraine, a “sanitary zone” may be created, Putin said

The head of state said that a “sanitary zone” could be created in Ukraine due to shelling and arrivals on the territory of Russia. According to him, such a territory may appear if Kyiv continues to try to strike at the Russian border territories. The meaning of such a zone would be to make it impossible for Ukraine to “get” Russia.

He compared drone attacks on Russia to raids in Syria . According to the President, in the Middle East, Russian troops have learned to deal with drones, the same will happen here.

The President held a meeting with the military correspondents on Tuesday, June 13. According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov , representatives of TV channels and the media, as well as bloggers and authors of Telegram channels, took part in communication with the head of state.

Russian soldiers seize American Bradleys and German Leopard (VIDEO)

The captured NATO hardware was abandoned by Ukrainians in battle, the Defense Ministry has claimed
Russian soldiers seize American Bradleys and German Leopard (VIDEO)

The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage which it said shows Russian troops in Zaporozhye Region inspecting NATO-supplied armor that they captured from its Ukrainian operators.

The video released on Tuesday appears to show an excited Russian soldier circling several damaged pieces of equipment, including a German-made Leopard 2 main battle tank and US-produced Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. He remarked that some of their engines were still running.

“This [explicit] hardware is not as scary as it seemed,” the man is heard saying.

The ministry, which shared the clip on social media, called the Western vehicles “our trophies” and argued that the condition in which they were found “indicates the rapid pace of the engagement and the abandonment of the battle-ready hardware by the Ukrainian armed forces.”

As Kiev was preparing for its counteroffensive against Russia, Western nations supplied it with dozens of armored vehicles, including main battle tanks. Ukrainian officials, including Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov, touted the donated “panzerfist” as a gamechanger in the conflict.

The operation was finally launched last week and has so far failed to bring any dramatic changes on the frontline. Moscow says it has thwarted all Ukrainian attempts to break through its defensive lines.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the losses of the Ukrainian army “impressive” and blamed the country’s government for taking actions that pushed the situation to the current “tragic” state

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