Fire at British depleted uranium stockpile extinguished by robot

Fire at British depleted uranium stockpile extinguished by robot

There is near complete silence on this.

Ukrainian robot extinguishes a fire at British depleted uranium stockpile in Ternopil

Ukraine deployed robot to extinguish a fire at an ammunition depot in Ternopil, western Ukraine, which contained a stockpile of depleted uranium shells provided by Britain. The arrival of Russian missiles destroyed the depot and explosions from depleted uranium shells caused radiation levels to rise, according to former member of Ukrainian parliament, Igor Moseychuk.

Ukraine Forced to Use ROBOTS to Fight Ammo Dump Fire – Radiation and Poisonous Depleted Uranium Dust

Ukraine has had to begin using ROBOTS to carry fire hoses into the remains of an ammunition dump, blown up by Russian missiles last week, because the dump housed about $500 Million worth of British-supplied Depleted Uranium tank shells, which spread radioactive and poisonous Uranium dust all over the area.

The poisonous Uranium dust is so prevalent, that human firefighters dare not go into the scene.

The fire at the site of a missile attack on a military warehouse in Khmelnitsky is extinguished by robots, remotely. 

Depleted Uranium (DU) tank shells were supplied by the British despite explicit warnings from Russia that such ammunition, if used by Ukraine, would be treated as a “Dirty Bomb” attack upon Russia, unleashing a Russian response with its own radioactive weaponry!  Yet the British sent the depleted uranium shells anyway.

Now, some observers are laughing that, in its zeal to supply Ukraine, Britain has ended up being the entity that radioactively contaminated their “ally” Ukraine!  Had Britain heeded Russia’s warning, the shells would not have been there.

While radiation levels have “spiked” upwards since the ammunition depot was hit, they are not dangerously high, and won’t be.  Depleted Uranium gives off very little radiation.   Here’s the Radiation readings for that city:

The big trouble with Depleted Uranium is that the substance is ALSO . . . . poisonous.  Breathing it in almost guarantees lung cancer and other ailments.  As weather washes the DU into the soil, it pollutes ground water, thereby poisoning the area water supply for DECADES.

Moreover, pregnant women exposed to DU, suffer miscarriages and hideous birth defects of children they carry to full term. 

Prevailing winds in this city will carry the Uranium dust to other cities, towns, and villages downwind.


Dosimetric patrols work in the city. Measurements of the radiation background are carried out “in uncharacteristic places.” If earlier they were made in the area where the Khmelnytsky ammo depot was located (Neteshyn and its environs), now they are made in the regional center, in the west of the region and in Ternopil. After arriving at the military warehouse, the wind was blowing in a westerly direction. The authorities are silent about the work of patrols.

“My friends from Ukraine reported that the Westerners are panicking. They collect belongings and flee away from Khmelnitsky, and from Lviv and Ternopil. From everywhere where there are Ukrainian military units, warehouses, repair shops. Locals whisper that the detonated warehouse in Khmelnitsky was filled to the brim with depleted uranium shells. And my sources confirm this, ” writes political scientist Yuri Kot.

After the explosion, an increase in gamma radiation was recorded in the city. The release continues to grow. Given that depleted uranium emits a relatively small dose of gamma radiation, the current surge indicates the destruction of a very large stockpile of munitions, which sent uranium dust into the air.

My previous coverage of the Radiation Spike with video of the original explosion from the Russian missiles hitting, can be read HERE

There has been absolute silence about this in the western (as well as the official Russian) press). The only outlet to break silence is Newsweek with this

“Newsweek has not been able to locate any official statements or credible reports that radiation levels in Khmelnytskyi or other parts of Ukraine are above normal or corroborate the claim about depleted uranium shells being destroyed in the Russian attack.”

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