First Cut Is the Deepest: Medvedev Threatens to Cut Undersea Cables

First Cut Is the Deepest: Medvedev Threatens to Cut Undersea Cables

In an online post Wednesday on the Telegram messaging app, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said there were no longer any “moral limits” that would prevent Moscow from cutting undersea cables that transmit everything from gas to electricity, banking data and military communications between the USA and Europe. His threat echoed an argument that was used to justify Russian attacks on the two Nord Stream natural gas pipelines that run through the Baltic Sea. The explosions that ruptured them last year had severe implications for global telecommunications and internet connectivity. 
Mr. Medvedev’s threats come after a series of other statements that suggested that Russia could fire hypersonic missiles near Washington, DC; warned that any loss of Russian forces in Ukraine would lead to a nuclear war in the West; and claimed that British officials are legitimate targets for attack. Before we delve into the Medvedev threat, we want to first take a look at a statement made yesterday by Vladimir Putin. 

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 6/14/23

From Dmitry Medvedev

Two good morning thoughts

1. Yesterday the President of Russia spoke about the need to create a demilitarized (sanitary) zone for the security of our country. Given the hostile decisions to supply the Kyiv regime with more and more long-range weapons, such a line should pass along the borders of Lvov (Polish Lemberg) in order to play a real defensive role. Then this will be the new safe borders of what used to be called “country 404”.

2. If we proceed from the proven complicity of Western countries in undermining the Nord Streams, then we have no, even moral, restrictions left to refrain from destroying the cable communications of our enemies, laid along the ocean floor.

Два добрых утренних соображения

1. Вчера Президент России сказал о необходимости создания демилитаризованной (санитарной) зоны в целях безопасности нашей страны. С учётом вражеских решений о поставке киевскому режиму всё более дальнобойных видов оружия такая линия должна проходить по границам Львова (польского Лемберга), чтобы сыграть реальную защитную роль. Тогда это и будут новые безопасные границы того, что раньше называли «страна 404».

2. Если исходить из доказанности соучастия западных стран в подрыве «Северных потоков», то у нас не осталось никаких, даже моральных, ограничений воздерживаться от уничтожения кабельной связи наших врагов, проложенной по дну океана.

One thought on “First Cut Is the Deepest: Medvedev Threatens to Cut Undersea Cables

  1. Let us hope they don’t.
    Cutting the cables is an act of international war/terrorism.
    That would really fire-up WW3. Which is chillin’ at less than 2 minutes to midnight.

    Ahhh! No worries. God will destroy the world by fire. Not mankind. Instead of a flood this time. Plus we have a timeline for plagues, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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