*** FLASH *** Iran Under Attack!

*** FLASH *** Iran Under Attack!

Hal Turner,

28 January, 2023

More than half a dozen explosions have rocked different cities inside Iran as of 7:17 PM eastern US time on Saturday, 28 January 2023.  The explosions have all been hitting military industrial facilities.  Micro Aerial Vehicles (drones) and hitting numerous targets throughout Iran.

In addition, reports are now coming in claiming the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is engaging in air attacks inside Syria, against allegedly Iranian targets.   

This is happening right now.  Details coming in, Check back for updates.

7:20 PM EST — 5-6 explosions reported in different provinces of Iran just now – Industrial Plants, Weapons Depot, Airbase, Military buildings targeted, – Drones/Quadcopters suspected

7:27 PM EST — The map below shows the locations of several attacks so far:

***** BULLETIN *****

“Israel launches a special military operation inside Iran” – Al Arabiya News Network


“The official goal of the Israeli army is the destruction of Iran’s military industry” – Al Arabiya

7:31 PM EST — Videos surfacing of Iranian Air Force scrambling

Russian and Iranian State Media is already claiming that the Drone Attacks on Military Facilities inside of Iran tonight are suspected to be from a NATO or NATO-Linked Country.

 7:35 PM EST — There are rumors tonight that the Azerbaijani Embassy in the Iranian Capital of Tehran is currently being Evacuated with several trucks seen being loaded with Equipment and Documents from the Embassy.


7:37 PM EST — The Iranian National Security Council has convened an emergency meeting

7:39 PM EST — The strikes on Iran are extremely distributed all over the country. No less than 7 large cities have been struck.

The Iranian security council has been convened for an emergency session.

The Iranian Ministry of Defense: The air defense hit one of the drones that were trying to target the Isfahan Military Factory, and the other two planes fell into defensive traps and exploded.

7:42 PM EST — Explosion at the air base in the city of Dezful, Iran

Confirmed (locally) blast-incidents in the past hour in Iran:

1. Isfahan, #Isfahan Province

2. Khoy West Azerbaijan Province

3. Azarshahr East Azerbaijan Province

4. Karaj #Alborz Province

Multiple Middle Eastern Media Sources tonight are reporting that Israel has launched a Military Operation against Iran but so far nothing has been Officially Announced by the Israeli Government or Military.


Reports indicate that there is an intense security situation in the routes leading to the ammunition manufacturing centers of the Ministry of Defense in Isfahan

8:07 PM EST — Blast in Hamedan, Hamedan Province of Iran. 4th one tonight Each incident site is at least a couple of hundred km far from each other.

8:13 PM EST — The flow of news out of Iran has just . . . stopped.   Nothing coming through.  Complete silence.   Something is up . . .

ANALYSIS — The most peculiar part of the reporting above is that the Embassy of Azerbaijan, in Tehran,  is being EVACUATED right now.   So I found myself asking, WTF?

Then I recalled, Azerbaijan is having a tiff with Armenia (again) and the Iranians (Shia Muslims) are backing (Christian) Armenia.  So I started wondering if tonight’s attacks inside Iran might actually have something to do with Azerbaijan?

I note as well, that both Russian and Iran state media are reporting, almost from gitgo, that tonight’s attacks “are suspected to be from a NATO or NATO-Linked Country.”  Would that be Azerbaijan?

Just yesterday, the head of security at the Azerbaijan Embassy in Tehran was murdered.   It is now being RUMORED (unconfirmed) that he was part of an operation to smuggle micro drones into the Embassy, and those drones might be what’s attacking inside Iran tonight.  These RUMORS (again, unconfirmed) go on to claim that Iran found out what was coming, couldn’t do anything in time to prevent it, so they allegedly outright murdered the Head of Security for the Azerbaijan Embassy.

All very convoluted.  

Still awaiting more info.

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