Focusing on New Zealand

Focusing on New Zealand






Here are some Facebook comments worth considering. My response is ‘won’t happen’- we’re going down the tubes.

My view accords more with this


When New Zealand ran under Social Democracy, we prospered. All this screaming about communism is totally off track. We currently don’t have socialism, communism or social democracy. We have neoliberalism.

Previous prime ministers who implemented social democracy and had their roots in socialism were Michael Savage and Norman Kirk – both touted to be the best prime ministers we’ve ever had. Since then Labour left any vestiges of socialism and social democracy in the dust.

The definition of communism is “absence of private ownership” so in general, state owned enterprise. Under Rogernomics, Labour began the wholesale selling off of all our state owned enterprise. Quick cash for today to pay off some debt, but essentially robbed the nation of money making assets and well paid jobs for the people. They sold the electricity and telecommunications and forestry and National continued the trend, finishing us off by selling off the vast majority of state houses, implementing user pays education and privatising the prison system.

Our last vestiges of social democracy include government ownership of the hospitals and public school system which are rapidly being undermined in favour of charter schools and private health. Anybody promoting American style politics is working against the underdog. When they say there’s no free health – it’s paid for by our taxes, yes that’s totally correct, but it’s still better than a user pays system where the rich are fine and the poor die.

It wasn’t always quite so dependent on the working class to fund these things. Our state owned enterprises used to help fund this stuff. Now our forestries, electricity, telecommunications etc are all owned by foreign corporations who weasel out of paying tax to support our social services, pay low wages and leave a greater burden on the citizens of Aotearoa.

Remember when working in the forestry was a well paid job with a house? Now it’s minimum wage for potentially fatal jobs.

The idea that we are now under communism seems to stem from the fact that Jacinda was leader of the International Union of Socialist Youth – a group that has long been known to have been infiltrated by the CIA to subvert it. Jacinda is as socialist or communist as Judith. She’s not. It’s fakery. Labour, National, NZ First, Act, James Shaw are all hardcore Neoliberals. I’m seeing empty promises but no real social policies being implemented.

We need to kick neoliberalism to the curb and bring back social democracy. This should not be confused with full blown socialism, but rather incorporates the best aspects of it into a democratic system. Like Norman Kirk did.

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