Food shortages are kicking in in America

Food shortages are kicking in in America

is a heads-up.  More to come.

“Urgent” Press 

Conference Sunday was 

about FOOD

Hal Turner shared some very important information with his subscribers
that I will not repost here.

however, Trump held an “Urgent” press conference at the
White House today and the message he gave the American people was
“Stop buying SO MUCH.” and the stores are doing everything
possible to re-supply as fast as possible and everything is going to
be there. Relax. Have a nice dinner. The CEO of Walmart told me
(the President) “”They’re buying more than they do at

his sources have pointed to the following problems (and it makes
sense to me)


virus is spreading via “community-transmission” in EVERY
major city and large town in the country. The CDC told the
President that in typical disease outbreaks, “community-transmission”
requires one percent (1%) of the total, LOCAL, population to already
be infected. For a country like the United States, with confirmed
disease outbreaks on both geographic coasts and in the heartland
(Chicago), one percent infected means NO ONE WHO GOES OUTSIDE IS

2: FOOD 

you will remember last year saw major and long-term flooding
throughout the mid-western US, which caused farmers to plant crops
very late in the season because the ground was too wet to plant
earlier. That meant the “growing season” started very late
last season.

harvest time approached, the same mid-western US saw early arrival of
Winter. Early freezes KILLED much of the crops while they were still
in the ground.

addition, the flooding which hit the mid-western US drowned over one
million head of food cattle last year. This drastically reduced the
available stocks of Beef.

— Chickens and Turkey encountered various bouts of low-pathogen Bird
Flu which killed many, or forced owners to euthanize flocks.

— Pigs encountered Swine Flu, causing many to be euthanized.

it seems that we have a Perfect Storm with shortages that started to
show up in November.

with the outbreak of Coronavirus, and Americans “stocking-up”
the drastically indications are that
is running out

addition , Hal Turner pointed out that it is the AVAILABILITY of
food that is the problem rather than the ability of getting food to

companies barely have any freight to move. Thousands in that
industry are being laid off. Even top carriers like FedEx are laying
off drivers for lack of freight.”

the Wall Street Journal published a story about the empty shelves in
stores nationwide. In that article the newspaper quoted Grocer
Executives and this particular section and quote was very revealing:

the country, lines to get into stores snaked around corners, checkout
times stretched as long as an hour and whole aisles were rendered
bare this week as companies told more workers to stay home and
schools began to cancel classes.

companies had been preparing for greater demand, but the surge was
higher and faster than expected, executives said.

don’t know how to anticipate for that,” said Susan Morris, chief
operating officer at Albertsons Cos., the nation’s second-largest

said the company spent the past two weeks adding extra stock at its
more than 2,200 stores. But “
you get to a point in time where
products are simply not available.”
Albertsons said it is also
carrying less variety of goods to speed up the restocking process.

presume he will be talking more about this in his radio show

simply I could put it this way:

More from Ice Farmer, who thinks all this is due to an coming ice age but still has useful information.

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