Forced-Detention draft law in New York

Forced-Detention draft law in New York

New York Introduces COVID 

Forced-Detention Law for 

Merely SUSPECTED Exposure 

or “Contact”

Hal Turner,

1 January, 2020

A politician in New York state has introduced a Bill which would empower the state to forcibly detain for up to 60 days WITHOUT COURT ORDER “anyone reasonably believed to have been exposed to . . . . or who had contact with” a contagious disease.  No Warrant or Due Process necessary!

Assembly Bill A-416, pre-filed for introduction in 2021 by Assemblyman Noah Perry of East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY, lays out the forced confinement of — anyone — merely because government says so.   And the person being forcibly confined cannot even ASK for a court hearing unless and until he’s been deprived of his liberty for THREE DAYS; and at such time, he can request to be heard (as the court calendar allows) and will need a Court Order to be free!

The complete text of the Bill appears below:

Here is a direct link to the NYS Assembly for those who cannot see the PDF above: CLICK HERE

Assemblyman Perry is what is commonly known as a “Useful Idiot.”  He’s the guy that the people behind-the-scenes give a Bill to for introduction, when no other THINKING politician would go near it.  As like the dutiful moron he apparently is, Perry introduces it, despite its flagrant violation of the federal Constitutional requirement for probable cause, and due process…..

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