Former sniper for Trudeau is coordinating volunteer security for truckers

Former sniper for Trudeau is coordinating volunteer security for truckers

From November, 2021

Corporal Daniel Bulford Former RCMP speaks out against vaccine mandates

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story erroneously stated that Cpl. Bulford was fired. That is not the case, and The Counter Signal apologizes for the error.

Corporal Daniel Bulford, a former RCMP sniper who was resigned after refusing to take the vaccine, has a new job: supporting security operations for volunteers in the adopt-a-trucker program.

Before the press conference for trustworthy media covering the Freedom Convoy began, The Counter Signal ran into Bulford, who confirmed that he’s no longer protecting the ungrateful Prime Minister.

Many will remember Bulford from an explosive interview with The Counter Signal last year, wherein he spoke out against the vaccine mandate, characterizing the government’s decision to impose such a mandate as “authoritarian type behaviour.”

Absolutely massive interview that I am sharing today: Justin Trudeau's personal sniper detail is prepared to leave their jobs over his vaccine mandate, which the officers call "authoritarian type behaviour" that they will have no part in. Trudeau is alone.

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Anyone who wants to watch the full interview can do so by clicking here.

Bulford, a staunch defender of Canadians’ freedom and spokesman for Mounties 4 Freedom, resigned over his refusal to comply with the mandate.

Yes, after more than a decade of serving his country, he was let go over a highly personal medical decision.

He later spoke with Rebel News, explaining his rationale for sticking to his guns and not complying.

“I definitely fall into a category that would be considered low-risk — almost 40, just a little bit shy of that mark, very healthy, very active, I don’t have any underlying comorbidities — and I’ve made it a part of my lifestyle, ever since probably going as far back as high school, to take health and fitness seriously,” Bulford explained.

Clearly, his passion for defending his fellow Canadians hasn’t been diminished one iota, and he now has an equally important job safeguarding truckers who undoubtedly appreciate him more than Trudeau ever did.

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