Fox News’ Murdoch Fears Mention of God and Prayer

Fox News’ Murdoch Fears Mention of God and Prayer

Vanity Fair magazine reported that the real reason Rupert Murdoch fired Tucker Carlson was his outrage over Mr. Carlson’s speech last week to the Heritage Foundation during which time he said America is facing an onslaught of evil and that people need to pray to God for help for the nation.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart Airdate 4/26/23

A recent speech by the ousted Fox News host had religious overtones that were too extreme even for Rupert Murdoch, a source told Vanity Fair.

Fox Corp. chair Rupert Murdoch is said to have balked at Carlson’s remarks in a Friday night speech, driving another theory about the prime-time star’s abrupt exit. “He doesn’t like all the spiritual talk,” said a source.

Twenty-four hours after Fox News ousted its highest-rated host, the network has yet to explain one of the most shocking defenestrations in cable news history. “I’m not going beyond the release,” a Fox News spokeswoman texted yesterday when I asked her for comment. In this information void, multiple theories about why Fox fired Carlson circulated in the media. It was fallout from the $787.5 million Dominion settlement; punishment for vulgar text messages published in Dominion court filings; or a consequence of former Fox producer Abby Grossberg’s lawsuit, which alleged Carlson oversaw a hostile work environment. (Fox News has vowed to “vigorously defend” the company against “Grossberg’s unmeritorious legal claims.”)

But none of these potential reasons fully add up. Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo hyped Dominion conspiracies far more than Carlson did, and yet she remains on the air. Fox had access to Carlson’s texts and emails in the Dominion lawsuit for months, and didn’t punish him for it. Fox hosts sued for sexual harassment in the past were fired publicly for cause, but Carlson wasn’t. According to a source, Carlson wasn’t even fired and remains on the Fox News payroll. 

So the mystery remains: Why did Fox News take its biggest star off the air?

A new theory has emerged. According to the source, Fox Corp. chair Rupert Murdoch removed Carlson over remarks Carlson made during a speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary gala on Friday night. Carlson laced his speech with religious overtones that even Murdoch found too extreme, the source, who was briefed on Murdoch’s decision-making, said. Carlson told the Heritage audience that national politics has become a manichean battle between “good” and “evil.” Carlson said that people advocating for transgender rights and DEI programs want to destroy America and they could not be persuaded with facts. “We should say that and stop engaging in these totally fraudulent debates…I’ve tried. That doesn’t work,” he said. The answer, Carlson suggested, was prayer. “I have concluded it might be worth taking just 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to say a prayer for the future, and I hope you will,” he said. “That stuff freaks Rupert out. He doesn’t like all the spiritual talk,” the source said. 

Carlson declined to comment. A spokesperson for Fox Corp. declined to comment. 

It’s been reported that Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch and Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott made the decision to fire Carlson on Friday night. Another source, a person close to Murdoch, has said something similar to me. Scott informed Carlson of the decision on Monday morning. 

Rupert Murdoch was perhaps unnerved by Carlson’s messianism because it echoed the end-times worldview of Murdoch’s ex-fiancée Ann Lesley Smith, the source said. In my May cover story, I reported that Murdoch and Smith called off their two-week engagement because Smith had told people Carlson was “a messenger from God.” Murdoch had seen Carlson and Smith discuss religion firsthand. In late March, Carlson had dinner at Murdoch’s Bel Air vineyard with Murdoch and Smith, according to the source. During dinner, Smith pulled out a bible and started reading passages from the Book of Exodus, the source said. “Rupert just sat there and stared,” the source said. A few days after the dinner, Murdoch and Smith called off the wedding. By taking Carlson off the air, Murdoch was also taking away his ex’s favorite show. 

Smith did not respond to a request for comment. 

The 92-year-old mogul’s broken engagement is part of a string of erratic decisions he has made of late that raises questions about Murdoch’s leadership of his media empire. According to sources, executives at Fox are worried about Murdoch’s unsteady hand at the wheel of the company. “It’s like the King is senile but no one wants to say anything,” the source said. According to two sources, Fox settled with Dominion moments before the trial was set to begin because Fox’s lawyers didn’t want Murdoch to testify in public. “They were hoping and praying to settle for months, but they didn’t want to pay up,” the second source said. Once the trial began, the lawyers told Fox execs that Murdoch would be “disgraced on the stand, run out of the boardroom, and his testimony will expose him as a lunatic sliding into senility.” (The person close to Murdoch disputed this. “Rupert was very well prepared to testify.”) 

Uber Eats driver dismembered following food delivery in ‘demonic’ murder, Florida sheriff says

Authorities found human remains in trash bags at the home of the driver’s last known delivery, after his wife reported him missing.

A suspect was arrested Tuesday after the brutal murder of an Uber Eats driver who was dismembered allegedly following a food delivery in what Florida officials described as a “demonic” crime.

Oscar Adrian Solis, 30, is charged with murder while engaged in robbery in the death of Randall William Cooke, 59, according to Pasco County court records. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco announced the arrest, describing the case as a “horrific crime of passion.”

“This person, you know, we always say the word evil but this is demonic,” Nocco said.

Calgary pastor’s vehicle damaged overnight with hateful words and imagery

On the side doors of the vehicle in red spray paint it read, ‘Jesus is a c***,’ and on the front windshield there was an upside down cross. The upside down cross is known to be an anti-Christian and Satanic symbol

As Calgary’s Mission 7 Ministries Pastor Derek Reimer sits behind bars for protesting against drag queen story hour, his van, which is sitting outside of his house, got vandalized on Tuesday morning.

On the side doors of the vehicle in red spray paint it read, “Jesus is a c***,” and on the front windshield there was an upside down cross. The upside down cross is known to be an anti-Christian and Satanic symbol.

Derek’s neighbor was outside of his own house when he noticed the vandalism around 11:30am and immediately notified Derek Reimer’s roommate who was home at the time.

I was able to call the woman who has taken over Derek’s roles at Mission 7 Ministries while he is in prison to get more details. She explained that, “this van is used for the mission. It’s like taking the vehicle out of service.”

She also said that while making the police report, she had to explain in detail what was written on the van and that it brought her to tears and was difficult to even say out loud. She said that this is a direct hate crime, and that it was meant to be a personal attack on Derek Reimer, but it’s not because it is not just hurting one person but each and every Christian. Since this phone call, the spray paint had been washed off by a family member of Derek’s.

Derek Reimer and his roommate have a security camera on their home which is supposedly facing near the area of where the vehicle was. As police do their investigation, we will have more details to come.

The anger and hate towards Pastor Derek Reimer from the left is no shocker. Derek began protesting against drag queen story hour with children a couple months ago consistently to the point in which the city decided to take action and put a cap on such protests. The City of Calgary and Mayor Jyoti Gondek introduced what is known as The Safe and Inclusive Access bylaw in which protesters of drag story times may face up to one year in prison and/or a 10k fine if found within 100m of the event.

Derek was initially arrested on March 2nd after being physically removed from a Reading With Royalty at Seton Public Library. He believes these events are damaging to children but has expressed that he “hates the sin and not the sinner”. Since then, he has been re-arrested a few times for breaking bail conditions which minimized his ability to protest or communicate with anyone from the LGBTQ+ community.

The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, is funding this legal battle for Pastor Derek. You can make a tax-deductible donation to The Democracy Fund by heading to Those funds will help fight for religious freedom and the right to peaceful protest in Canada.


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