Fraud already evident in US mid-term elections

Fraud already evident in US mid-term elections

It’s very easy to see where this is going.

ABC News Says “Red Mirage” Will Look Like Big Republican Win, But Vote Count Could Take “Weeks”

In a throwback to 2020, ABC News reports that a “red mirage” could make it look like Republicans are winning big on the night, but that a full vote count could take “weeks.”

The legacy news outlet has published an article titled ‘Early election night results might not indicate final tallies (and why that’s OK)’.

The piece explains how Republicans may “appear to be leading their Democratic opponents, even by large margins” in federal and statewide races, but that their leads “will dwindle, or crumble completely” after “dumps” of mail-in and absentee ballots are counted after election day, which could take “weeks”.

Why America can’t count all the votes on the night, as is done in countless other developed countries, isn’t explained.

“This phenomenon was popularized as the “red mirage” or the “blue shift” after the 2020 presidential election, when former President Donald Trump took a deceptive lead in several competitive states on Election Day due to delays in counting of Democrats’ mail-in ballots — their preferred method of voting due to the COVID-19 pandemic — only to eventually dissipate when the entire reserve of votes was totaled,” states the report.

However, the explanation that COVID-19 caused so many Democrats to use mail-in ballots on 2020 is also not a factor now given that all restrictions have been lifted and COVID is barely even a news story at this point.

“The red wave nearly every pollster is predicting is actually just a “mirage” ready to be corrected through “election fortification” and “perceived” late night ballot dumps,” commented Chris Menahan.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also said yesterday that the vote count may take “days” to be sorted out, asserting, “That’s how this is supposed to work,” despite no such narrative being in place when Democrats performed well in the 2018 mid-terms.


Delaying the election result will almost certainly lead to a repeat of the chaos of 2020, and prompt more claims by Republicans of vote fraud and stolen elections.

Polls show that around 61 per cent of Republicans think Biden didn’t win legitimately in 2020, while nearly a third of Americans in total think Biden won thanks to voter fraud.

A recent Pew survey also found that a fairly slim majority of 56 per cent of Republicans think “the midterm elections in the U.S. will be administered very or somewhat well, with just 11% saying they will be run very well.”

According to the latest Washington Post forecast, Republicans are set to easily regain control of the House and will also flip the Senate, where they only need to gain one seat to claim victory.

“Protest, Protest, Protest!” Trump Calls For Action Over ‘Complete Voter Integrity Disaster’ At Polls

Update (1535ET): Former President Trump has called for protests over voting irregularities across the country.

“The Absentee Ballot situation in Detroit is REALLY BAD. People are showing up to Vote only to be told, “sorry, you have already voted,” Trump wrote on Truth social. “This is happening in large numbers, elsewhere as well. Protest, Protest, Protest!

20% of voting locations in Maricopa County are experiencing issues.

JUST IN: Guam Finally Flips! Elects Republican as its Delegate to US For the First Time in 30 Years

Guam elected its first Republican non-voting delegate to the United States in decades on Tuesday.

Republican James Moylan defeated former Guam Speaker Judith Won Pat 52.2% to 47.2%.

James Moylan is Guam’s first Republican to win this seat in approximately 30 years.

Here Are The States Deploying National Guard Cyber Units To Secure Elections

National Guard cyber units in at least 14 states are deployed in an attempt to protect election security during Tuesday’s midterm elections, according to the National Guard Bureau and multiple media reports.

The 14 states — battleground states of Arizona, Iowa and Pennsylvania will participate, as well as North Carolina, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, Washington and West Virginia — will deploy National Guard troops to provide network assessments and risk mitigation efforts for local election officials, Statescoop and Politico originally reported. They’ll also cooperate with the FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the federal agency primarily tasked with repelling threats to election infrastructure.

UPDATE 2-U.S. has seen no ‘specific or credible threat’ to disrupt midterm vote

WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 8 (Reuters) – American officials are not seeing any credible threats aimed at the country’s voting machines or poll books during the U.S. midterm elections, a senior federal cybersecurity official told reporters on Tuesday.

“We see no specific or credible threat to disrupt election infrastructure,” the official told reporters during a scheduled briefing just as Election Day was beginning.

The official, who briefed journalists on condition of anonymity, said that did not mean there would be no hiccups. U.S. officials in New Jersey’s Mercer County, for example, have said on the county’s Facebook page that there were “issues with voting machines” there and that poll workers were on hand to help voters.

“We see issues every Election Day,” the U.S. official said, speaking generally. “Such incidents would not affect a person’s ability to cast a ballot or know that their ballot was counted accurately.”

Georgia Poll Worker Fired for Tweet Backing ‘Free And Fair’ Elections

Laura Kronen and her son were dismissed as poll workers after the social media post.

Laura Kronen, a poll worker in Fulton County, Georgia, was terminated from her position after she revealed on social media that she wanted to ensure a “free and fair election process” on Tuesday.

“My son and I were just kicked out of being a Fulton County Poll [Workers] because I posted on Twitter this morning that I was working at the polls to ensure a free and fair election,” Laura K said in a tweet posted on Tuesday. “HELP!” she added.

“Honestly, it’s Fulton County. They aren’t going to let anyone like you work the polls Do you not remember the ‘pipe bursting’ then all the suitcases of ballots pulled from under the table. I’m native Georgian. Fulton County is corrupt,” Proud Patriot Momma stated in response to Laura K.

Senator Al Franken is scared

Democrat and former Minneapolis Senator Al Franken (who left office in disgrace over multiple sexual harassment claims, who now works for CNN) is scared. He should be. He likely won his Senate seat through voter fraud.

CBS forced to admit live on air that they drove all the way down to Florida and couldn’t find one person who was voting against DeSantis.

MORE voting machines in Mesa Arizona are broken.

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