French journalist, Laurent Brayard on torture in Ukraine

French journalist, Laurent Brayard on torture in Ukraine


👉🏻  Stratpol (pro-Russian media) recently interviewed Laurent Brayard, a French journalist and pro-Donbass activist who has been collecting testimonies of Ukraine’s prison survivors: militiamen, spies or innocent passerby, the stories he collected shed a new light on the historical roots of the ongoing conflict, and the methods used by Ukrainians since 2014.

⚠️ Reminder : We do not endorse any side in this conflict. If you have any content from French-speaking actors about the war (no matter the side) send it to us so we can translate it.

00:00 Laurent Brayard’s background and motives

01:53 Finding and meeting witnesses

05:07 Natasha’s story

10:01 Oleg’s story

18:53 «The number of prisoners is very significant»

19:38 Vitali’s story

29:05 «The Red Cross and the UN knows everything I know»

30:48 Olga’s story

37:53 The torture of a priest, and the Pagan/Satanic influence among Ukrainian militias

40:21 Conclusion

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