From Dr.Vernon Coleman

From Dr.Vernon Coleman


Health Care is Worse Today than it was 50 Years Ago

International bestselling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, explains how medical care has deteriorated, why doctors and drug companies are lying when they claim that life expectation has improved, and why the UK’s hopelessly bureaucratic health service now probably kills more people than it saves. Dr Coleman is the author of ‘How to Stop Your Doctor Killing You’.

6 thoughts on “From Dr.Vernon Coleman

  1. Dr. Coleman is a trusted source, for me.
    Balanced, honest, empathetic, intelligent, logical, concise, with “real” common sense. (Not the propaganda) And he’s a wealth of knowledge.

    This Blog is really great Robin. Thank You for all your hard work. I appreciate it.

    Especially because you don’t paint a narrative. There is what would be considered “conflicting” information on here. But I think it’s good to see other points of view.

    On a side note. I have been using a strong magnet on foods and crushed medicines. Supplements: Vit C, Vit D3/Calcium. Other: Senacot [Laxative] Tums chews, Tylenol.

    I’ve also tried raw chicken, hot dogs, bacon.
    I’m going to try some breakfast cereals tomorrow.
    I am also going to scrape the dirty rain drop leftovers from a window, and check that for magnetism.

    I have not found any magnetic material… My vaccinated family, will not let me put a magnet on them. There is NO 5G where I live.
    4G LTE is still able to manipulate metals and cells with frequencies easily.

    I cannot find any magnetic material… I have not put electrodes in water, or

    Officially only 7 people have died “of COVID” in the province… In what 16-18 months?

    The only silver lining I see is the police where I live, have not been strict. Even better the public is not disarmed.

    Long comment, Thanks again!
    My well wishes for you and your partner’s health.

      1. Have you tried your own head and contents? Of course, won’t work on any aluminum there. Why I mention this is that the inner bottom of saucepans with poorly made stainless steel, like in my Made-in-China 3-litre, is clearly shown after some use to be covered with tiny pitted spots in the same way pitting happens in aluminum pots. Some of the missing stainless material (nickel and whatever else) may easily be ending up in various places in body, including the brain (and is there any harm in that?).

        To really know if there’s any meaningful amount of magnetizable substances, besides using magnets, one might have to resort to specialized equipment to find out. Excess aluminum, we’ve heard, is connected with Alzheimer’s. Just some thoughts I’ve had for a while.

        While on the subject, I think an earlier article on this site mentioned that a double-digit percentage of tested white-tailed deer in the US (seem to recall Wisconsin) had been infected with Covid. My question was, would it be OK for hunters / others to eat meat of infected deer? Maybe not a problem, depending on the details, such as cooking it well. Am bringing this up for another reason, which is the CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) found in this deer east of the Rockies. Not in BC due to deer not crossing the Divide — though deer here may have varieties of coronavirus.

        1. Umm… Aluminum isn’t magnetic.
          Not funny. Is that an insult? “Check my brain?”
          “Teflon” and heavy metals in our food are another thing.
          I’d be more concerned about GMO foods>Steel/Iron.
          I was talking about “Graphene Oxide.”

          1. Definitely not an insult! Was quite serious. Statements can be read many ways; the nature of our language. Intention can be known accurately, but requires a psychic or similar sense for reader.

            Your comments, I always note, because always interesting, except am not knowledgeable on a lot of things you cover. Used to read Dr Mercola occasionally; now they’re after him, unfortunately. He said something quite stark about unfermented soy (tofu, some brands of soy sauce), and giving it thought from time to time, I felt he was on to something —- that it messed with male reproductive hormones. Have not fully concluded how correct he was. Same thing is said about mint (teas).

            Whether and how one is going to survive all the junk in what we eat these days, Fate will be the determiner of that. Look at those people living record lengths of time. The French woman Jeanne (?) Calmant (sp ?) with the Guinness record at 122+ years; 120 for Shigechiyo Izumi (male) in Japan, who liked his daily nip (pun not deliberate) before his nightly tuk (that one is) in bed… and alcohol is a poison; a South American woman (forgotten her super-superior years, or whether she’s OK w/ Guinness); current leader for Guinness is Kane Tanaka in Japan, last I heard she’s 118, and is a hearty eater, organic fare unlikely.

            I eat tofu, drink mint tea, have GMO foods, and so on, including a fair bit of organic… so it’s a mix. But a light eater !!!

            Of course aluminum’s not magnetic.

  2. As for why “Health Care is Worse Today than it was 50 Years Ago,” a good part of this, I feel, has to do with the general change in the nature of our society and thus in current era people (which of course includes health care and medical system workers and professionals) — a change reflected in the quality of their ‘attention,’ or so-called ‘attention span’ (which of course is related to awareness and presence of mind). It seems there’s been some noticeable deterioration here. There are a good number of reasons for this change, which I won’t go into.

    It’s kind of scary to know how many patients die as a result of workers’ and doctors’ errors (unnecessary to give examples, though I could provide some from being on the receiving end of said errors … and statistics on such deaths for our population are available).

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