From Seemorerocks

From Seemorerocks

I have not disappeared off the side of the Earth. 

I have been struggling with my health since I finished my book. I have an appointment with a new doctor at the old Centre. It is a phone consultation so I have laid it all out in a letter. It remains to be seen if he will do what he should and order urgent tests of kidney function and rule out other less likely and more mundane causes.

If this sounds strange to you I suggest you read the relevant chapters in my book.

We had another horror story from Australia.  Pam’s sister-in-law went to a doctor with a heart condition and palpitations.  He took her blood pressure and said, “you’re fine  and that will cost you $250”..

I have had a stressful time trying to get my book out with a printer making unauthorized changes. I am hopeful that I can get it all sorted out and put the book onto Kindle as well as a few copies of a paperback for a few friends.

I have have some changes from what I posted here a while backl

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  1. I understand. Thanks for checking in.
    You’ve been in my prayer’s. Pam’s health too. Homecare is the best care.

    Telemedicine can be/has been terrible (for me). I want the best outcome possible for you.
    It doesn’t sound strange. In Canada you have to be basically dying in the emergency room, to get medical care. Or wait, often too long. The problem has advanced, when it could have been treated. It’s close to “free” $ though. (Ambulance$$$/Drugs$[subsidized])

    On a good note my grandmother was quickly given an ultrasound on a lump. It’s nothing to worry about. So they’re doing their best? With regulation and bureaucracy.

    Printer’s trying to censor? Isn’t it published/submitted by a publisher? (So they can’t change the text? I could be wrong.) How many NZ $ do you think a paperback would be? I prefer hardcopies. Even if I have to pay an extra 10-20$ CAN. for shipping.

    I’m taking my time reading it. It’s not heavy reading. Or too technical like a historical or study book I would read. I’ve also been reading “Lee Strobels: A Case For Heaven.” It’s full of NDE’s, things about immortality and reincarnation. (Much more) From a slightly journalistic point of view because Lee Strobel is/was a journalist.
    (I recommend this book. It’s one of the best “Case for” I used to have a dot RU website that was filled with books. (Some technically still under copyright, I’ll ask my brother. He may remember. We put together “The Jewish Rev. Spirit” By E. Michael Jones. Because it’s really expensive.)

    If I can buy a copy of your Bio, I would like to. It’s ok, if not. I’ll go somewhere and use all their toner printing it. I know how to bind books! I could have a hard-cover!

  2. I’ve written doctors (plural) before an upcoming appointment regarding my condition and symptoms I was experiencing. I get to the appointment and they know nothing of the letter and its contents only vaguely that I sent them one.

    Good luck!

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