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Karen Kingston has Made Contact with Her Son

Kingston’s brother announced this evening that Karen is “safe and getting healthy.”


Karen Kingston’s brother, Ron Kuchler, has announced that Karen has made contact, using her own phone, with her son, Gavyn. Ron Kuchler said on his X (Twitter) feed: “My sister Karen Kingston (@Kingston_Truth) has spoken with the family today. She is safe and getting healthy. Thank you for all the prayers! They have been answered. There will be more to say in the upcoming days.”

At 3 pm Eastern time today, we published a new report on that we are reproducing below. We are so grateful that Karen Kingston has been heard from! The report below provides information on how we should respond in the future should any other of our colleagues disappear.

Published earlier today on

Karen Kingston, American Citizen, Is Missing for 11 Days Now

by Peter and Ginger Breggin

According to hotel reports, Karen Kingston, a brave critic of Big Pharma and critical analyst of the so-called “COVID vaccines” and the substances contained in these toxic injections, has been missing from her hotel in Mexico since August 9th. Three days earlier, on August 6th, she published a distressed and distressing 40-minute solo video announcing she is being “hunted down right now like an animal for telling the truth, for giving people documentation so that they can protect their communities and protect their children…”1

Since Karen Kingston published her rational and desperate video plea for help on Aug 6, a handful have tried to deny, distract, discredit, deflect, or speculate away from the hard, cold fact that Karen Kingston is desperate and she is missing.

The speculations, rumors, alternative explanations, and discrediting have only served to sow confusion and immobilize all of us who would otherwise be taking strong and forceful action. We need to ignore the distractions. Dismiss the deflections, and turn away from the speculations. The cold and brutal fact is that Karen Kingston is missing, and we should demand everything done to secure her safety and return. Each of us would want the same if we or a loved one went missing.

Cutting Through the Fog

So, let’s cut through the fog and confusion.

Karen made her video plea on August 6, 2023, while in hiding in Mexico. She declared the government was after her. She said, “I would ask Dr. Robert Malone – you’re friends with people in the CIA. OK. For the love of humanity…call off your friends at the CIA. This is who’s hunting me down. And, and, they are doing this to intimidate people.” Karen’s video can be found here2 for those who want to view it again. Diana West’s precise analysis of Karen’s video and some of the surrounding confusion is here.3

After Karen made that video on August 6 and while still in Mexico, she disappeared without checking out of the hotel. August 9th was the last day she was seen by hotel staff.

A woman, many of us, have come to respect is missing under unexplained circumstances. She has issued a cry for help. She is clearly in distress.

Dr. Paul Medhurst, MPP, Ph.D., OKS, is a former police and UN security officer (now retired) with experience in eleven countries and on four continents. At our request, he has prepared a statement detailing best practices for law enforcement upon receiving a report of a Missing Person. His report is reproduced in full at the end of this column.

Dr. Medhurst says, “When a missing person is vulnerable, or there is evidence, or reasonable suspicion, of vulnerability, threat or danger…. Federal law enforcement may be informed of the case and assistance and resources requested and forthcoming based on tangible evidence of threat/danger, or, upon suspicion of threat or danger…. the assistance is structured to be very rapid. In cross-border cases, governments and embassies often routinely cooperate and respond rapidly, adding political vigour and international protocol behind the federal and / or state investigations.”

According to criminology experts, the first 72 hours in a missing persons investigation are the most critical:

The countdown to finding a missing person begins the moment someone concerned for his or her well-being alerts law enforcement. Investigators are essentially working against the clock, as with each passing hour decreases the likelihood that the subject will be found.4

Karen Kingston is Still Missing!

A woman is missing. She’s now been missing for over 11 days. Let’s leave the armchair speculation about various motives to be done after she is found. Meanwhile, a woman, an American citizen, is missing.

If she were a stranger, a vacationing American woman suddenly missing in a foreign land, the media would cover the story 24 hours a day. There would be reporters at the hotel. Newspapers, from Mexico to the US and the UK, would focus on the victim’s disappearance.

And yet many in the health freedom arena and in the freedom and liberty world are doing nothing. Indeed, the media outlets that interviewed Karen Kingston multiple times, the digital media news outlet covering her work, have been strangely silent.

Why in the world should we, those individuals who have confronted the unnecessary deaths, the toxicity of the jab, and the cruelty of lockdowns and masking despite massive global fear, campaigns, and pressures, by ignoring this glaring fact.

A woman we all know who is one of us, is missing. Why should we, of all people, turn away and not do everything in our power to locate this brave individual who has had the courage to go out, and publicly expose some of the most suppressed aspects of the COVID “vaccine” program, as well as raising critical questions regarding the science of the COVID injections and what the injections may contain.

Karen Kingston is a freedom fighter who almost all of us have listened to or read through her Substack and other outlets. We all know who she is and what she stands for. Disagree with her? Fine. Argue with her once she is safe.

Right now, a woman, an American citizen, a freedom fighter, is missing.

What should be done?

We should be doing everything within our power to spotlight and alert and activate, law-enforcement, media, and investigations. This is an international situation because of the amount of time she has been missing, and because our colleague went missing in a foreign country.

Because of the amount of time that has now passed, Karen could be anywhere in the world. We need to contact the press that is sympathetic to our views, and to the work that she was trying to do. We need to demand that the press cover the disappearance of Karen Kingston. That includes Steve Bannon and the War Room. It includes Alex Jones. And reporters/commentators on Lindell TV. Podcasts on the internet and the various news and commentary outlets on the internet should be covering her disappearance and demanding a vigorous investigation.

Who should be alerted, for starters? To our knowledge, the FBI and the State Department, and officials in her home state have not been formally alerted. A source has told us that the US Embassy in Mexico has been alerted, but we have seen no confirmatory evidence. Likewise, the police in the Mexico region where she was last seen are now in possession of a Missing Person’s report, but again this is not confirmed. The police department in Mexico needs to be questioned and pressured by the press. The various international investigative agencies also need to be notified — Interpol, for instance, should be sending bulletins to all countries.

I’ve seen the comment that the FBI is so compromised that they aren’t going to do anything anyway….and that is a poor excuse. We can’t let our law enforcement agencies get away with ignoring an American citizen missing person. Reports need to be made to the FBI about this missing American citizen. The FBI should not be given a chance to excuse themselves by saying, “Well, nobody ever reported her missing, so we didn’t know.” We need to report Karen Kingston missing and demand that they do their job.

Congressional members should be contacted and pressured by citizens and journalists. Congressional offices should be getting letters and phone calls. Congress should be confronting the FBI and other agencies if they are not adequately responding to a missing American citizen.

Write/email/call/announce that Karen Kingston is missing. One America News (OAN), Newsmax, the Epoch Times? Demand they cover this situation. Karen Kingston was news often before she disappeared. Her disappearance is grave news indeed.

Karen Kingston is missing. Raise the alarm!


Report by Dr. Paul Medhurst NPP Ph.D. OKS

August 19th, 2023 To whom it may concern: At request of Dr. P. Breggin and Ms. G.R. Breggin, this is my statement and professional*5 opinion as regards Missing Persons, specifically the importance of a rapid law enforcement response once a person is identified as missing but is also deemed vulnerable, variously owing to either age, or gender, or physical or mental illness or other affliction, or evidence (or grounds for suspicion) of threat, danger or foul play.

A very substantial number of missing person cases are resolved within a matter of a few days with minimal police intervention beyond taking a report, photograph, and details. These are often almost routine as they not infrequently fit a previous pattern of the missing person indulging in repeat, unannounced absences. In a deal of those cases, other facts are sometimes known, such as accompaniment by a known person of no known doubts or in circumstances that do not give rise for undue or above-average concern; these, and subsequent actions are determined on a case-by-case basis, as sets of circumstances and profiles of the persons are unique or different in at least some ways. Fortunately, most of these cases are resolved without expending substantial police resources needed on other high priorities, given that many law enforcement bodies, especially in rural or low-density populated areas, do not possess the large numbers of personnel required for search-dragnets of this nature.

When a missing person is vulnerable, or there is evidence, or reasonable suspicion, of vulnerability, threat, or danger, it is an entirely different matter. Federal law enforcement may be informed of the case, and assistance and resources requested and forthcoming based on tangible evidence of threat/danger, or, upon suspicion of threat or danger, as the intent & spirit of the law intends, and the assistance is structured to be very rapid. In cross-border cases, governments and embassies often routinely cooperate and respond rapidly, adding political vigour and international protocol behind the federal and / or state investigations.

In cases of vulnerability or threat to the missing person, such response must be immediate, despite other life-threatening emergencies already being dealt with or in motion, saving and protecting life being the primary objective of an efficient police body. Moreover, when police target a specific zone / neighborhood, going door-to-door, taking so-called ‘negative statements’ (the police contact apparently impressing and stimulating the subconscious, memory, and recall of the potential witnesses questioned, but only sometime later), in striving to identify any potential, useful witnesses or leads in a case, it can frequently but unavoidably delay useful evidence-collection for 24 to 48 hours, as witnesses sometimes consciously recall sightings / important leads but only the day after the police visit, or the day after that. Thus, it is one more imperative to react as promptly as possible from outset in missing person cases involving vulnerability, threat, or other danger.

A deal of attention must furthermore be given to the time, as far as can be ascertained, that the person is estimated as having gone missing in order to gauge how far they may have traveled if they were conveyed in various forms of transport, thus formulating the search, alert and observation delineations and areas that can immediately be alerted (e.g., Ports, airports, train stations, freeways, etc.) and to what extent hospitals, mortuaries, hotels, motels and other haunts can be checked by police equipped with name, date of birth and a photo of the missing person. A missing person who is abducted can easily be 50 miles or more distant from the crime scene, and have perhaps crossed state lines within a mere 60 minutes of being abducted.

The need for rapid response is absolute in the risk cases described, and the more rapid the response, the greater the odds are of detection, just as, for example, POWs are more likely to escape after capture, during the first 10 to 30 minutes, but, bearing in mind, detection is also a high police priority so as to prevent any perpetrators remaining at large, committing further crime. Therefore, the importance of rapid investigation and search response in Missing Person cases involving vulnerability or evidence or suspicion of threat / danger is paramount.

Paul Medhurst NPP Ph.D. OKS Cornwall, UK.


1 karenkingston on GETTR: karenkingston Livestream 2023-07-23— note please—when the link is clicked, a video Kingston made dated August 6, 2023, begins playing.

2 karenkingston on GETTR: karenkingston Livestream 2023-07-23 note please—when the link is clicked a video Kingston made dated August 6, 2023, begins playing.


4 Why the first 72 hours in a missing persons investigation are the most critical, according to criminology experts – ABC News (

5 * Dr. Paul Medhurst NPP Ph.D. OKS Professional credentials / experience highlights: Now retired, but with former police and UN security experience in eleven countries on four continents: served in two UK police forces, Surrey and London Met (whose HQ is New Scotland Yard); Instructor, training mid-senior officers of four Scandinavian countries’ police forces for deployment in war zones / UN missions; In Africa temporarily commanded police officers seconded in from 6 nations, engaged on UN security duties; 2i/c of the Management Advisory Unit at UN Office for Drugs & Crime; Field Security Officer posts in several UN peacekeeping Missions; IAEA qualified Instructor for training International Law Enforcement & Intelligence personnel on Illicit Nuclear-Trafficking; Deputy Chief of Security & Safety Services at the UN Offices in Geneva and Vienna (approx. rank equivalent of Lt Colonel and deputising for the rank above me, approx. equivalent of military Brigadier and UK Assistant Chief Constable); Author of a training course on Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism, adopted by the 188 nations’ Ambassadors of the UN General Assembly and subsequently attributed to having saved police lives in the former Yugoslavia war; Special Advisor for Counterintelligence under the Office of the Secretary-General at Inter-Port-Police; PhD in Political Science (terrorism); Full Professor at the American Military University (APUS/AMU) designing and teaching various Criminal Justice and Intelligence courses; Territorial Army volunteer in the Royal Military Police (V) and The Queen’s Regiment (V) lecturing on IEDs, anti-handling devices and booby-traps; Member of the International Police Association, former memberships in The Forensic Science Society, International Association of Chiefs of Police, The Association of Former Intelligence Officers and The International Society of Explosives Engineers. Co-awarded Nobel Peace Prize (South Lebanon, awarded to all UN peacekeepers in 1988).

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