From the lips of a psychopathic madman

From the lips of a psychopathic madman

Sometimes when I listen to the likes of Todd Callender I think what he is saying is a bit fantastical. At times like this I need to hear the likes of Klaus Schwab’s off-sider, Yuval Harari from his own lips.

As well as being a psychopathic madman he is part of the organisation that hosts the annual meeting at Davos, Switzerland.

He wants to supplant God

“History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods”

WEF’s Yuval Hariri: Humans are Hackable

Yuval Harari: what to do with the useless eaters

One thought on “From the lips of a psychopathic madman

  1. Just the sort of person you’ll find in CS Lewis’s space trilogy, “Out of the Silent Planet,” “Pelerandra and “That Hideous Strength.”

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