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  1. Since we can’t know the formulation of all batches.
    I’m just guessing, but it seems there are different doses of Graphene(s) and whatever parasites. [I’m dubious about the parasite(s)] then again it could be GMO parasite(s).

    That could explain why it looks like there are so many different things under the microscope. Also the growing/expanding changing structures. Crystalline shapes, possibly graphene(s), merging with the overall structure creating the “tubes.” Including the “organic” plant-like structures which have “kinks” / joints, splitting the “tubes.”

    Andreas Noack’s sudden heart attack, 4 days after posting a scientifically accurate video/blog post, about every vial he tested containing “Graphene Hydroxide.”
    Is probably one of my most trusted sources, because he explains it, in no uncertain terms, and he was pioneering technologies that use graphene(s)…

    The “nano razor blades” explain a lot of the organ damage, blood vessel damage… Many “covid” symptoms, and very healthy people dropping dead during physical exercise.
    Shortly after injection/testing. (Football players, Cyclists, Basketball, exc.)

    Graphene Hydroxide explains the degradation of red blood cells, into their spikey shape.
    Then there is the lipid nano particle (Artificial fat package) Which bring the Graphene(s), other metals, and parasite(s) to the target location. Using technology, beyond my knowledge, I can only quote.

    “While passive targeting relies on the natural course of distribution of drugs or drug carriers in the body, as governed by their physicochemical properties, active targeting often exploits targeting moieties that home preferentially into target tissues. Here, we provide an overview of theories of and approaches to passive and active drug delivery. As the design of drug delivery is dependent on the unique structure of target tissues and organs, we present our discussion in an organ-specific manner with the aim to inspire the development of new strategies for curing disease with high accuracy and efficiency.”

    There is definitely something special about Graphene Hydroxide specifically.

    Andreas Noack was likely murdered with cyanide or something. Maybe a RF/EMF pulse. Or other tech I can’t imagine… But Occam’s Razor points to cyanide.

    He was exposing with fine detail, the medical malpractice, blatant errors. Comparing the current situation with Nazi Germany. That will grab attention, but most people I speak to, have never heard of him. (Even “Google Trends” shows a spike for Graphene Hydroxide just after he died. Where as graphene oxide has continued to stay higher. in the search results.)

    I would say cyanide, because it looks like a heart attack, and it’s so easy to poison someone with it.
    Scariest thing is “Hydroxide” is not biodegradable with NAC, Glutathione or other recommended anti-oxidants.
    Since Hydroxide is a hydroxyl, not a double bonded oxygen. Like Oxide.
    This is probably one of the most damning videos about “The injections” on the web.
    Yet, many are oblivious. Or ignoring it.

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