From the US southern border – “there is no border any more”

From the US southern border – “there is no border any more”

Here is an excellent update from Redacted with two interviews from on-the-ground. 

FromBiden just got a WARNING: “This is an invasion.” 

I suspect this headline is designed to confuse; it does not equate with the reality on the ground

El Paso, Texas — The Biden administration has finalized a sweeping restriction on asylum that it plans to use to ramp up swift deportations of migrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border after the Title 42 pandemic-era emergency policy sunsets on Thursday, according to internal documents obtained by CBS News.

Hundreds of U.S. asylum officers were trained on how to enforce the restriction on Tuesday and the regulation was published on Wednesday, less than 48 hours before Title 42 is set to expire. CBS News first reported the regulation’s finalization on Tuesday, as well as the guidance issued to asylum officers charged with implementing it.

The regulation, which is expected to be challenged in federal court, will be a dramatic shift in asylum policy, disqualifying migrants from U.S. protection if they fail to request refugee status in another country, such as Mexico, on their journey to the southern border.

Here is a report from InfoWars

There has been a shoot up at the border.


A large scale incident is taking place at the US / MEXICO Border as of 4:35 PM Eastern US time today (Wednesday) – VERY HEAVY GUNFIRE is being exchanged at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge

The situation is being described as a “broken arrow” – hopeless and border agents are saying they may as well surrender

This shows the scale of what can only be described as an invasion.

From Michael Yon, who is now in el Paso, Texas.

He describes just how vulnerable the Space X facility is.

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