Further questions about yesterday’s 5.9 quake

Further questions about yesterday’s 5.9 quake

Yesterday, I expressed doubts about yesterday’s earthquakes in Victoria.

Information I have received since have not reduced my doubts in the least.


Yesterday, I felt the timestamp on the following article was odd.

Someone I spoke to looked at the footage and thought it strange that there was damage to the buildings but no signs of damage of damage to the street.

And then I received a soundfile from a rural Victorian (in the video above) who bore out my doubts.

And although there were headlines expending aftershots as of now (11.30 Melbourne time) there have been no quakes, M1.5 or greater reported)

I’m sure this is all just one big coinkydink and there is an innocent explanation (sic)

2 thoughts on “Further questions about yesterday’s 5.9 quake

  1. I live in the town at the epicenter
    and I can assure you there was an earthquake alright. Of a size big enough to have a house and windows moving with the roaring noise associated with an earthquake.

  2. My friend, SolAmigo, who’s been through many quakes, says 5.9 is pretty big. He’s been interested in earth phenomena for a long time, and he would consider this quake to be connected with the explosions on La Palma, despite the latter being volcanic. This isn’t about an actual ‘physical’ relationship, rather one in ‘space-time,’ and such related occurrences he’s given the name *clusterings,* which he also applies to events such as plane crashes, building collapses, or others which happen coincident with each other in space-time, as long as there are enough of a kind (even if engineered by conspirators). Maybe more on this later.

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