Geert vanden Bossche and Dr.Shankara Chetty in conversation

Geert vanden Bossche and Dr.Shankara Chetty in conversation

It has taken me a while to find myself back to this.

When Geert Speaks, the World Listens

After Conference discussion with Geert and Shankara

Watch the video HERE

In the minutes after the end of the conference, I was able to engage Geert and Shankara for further thoughts and questions.

There were a few questions raised.

0:40 How has Geert maintained his passion?
3:10 Difficult clinical period ahead (Philip)
4:05 Identifying timing is challenging (Geert)
7:40 Shankara’s view on clinical issues
8:30 Vaccine shedding (Geert and Shankara)
11:52 WHO Treaty perspective – Going to Bulgaria
14:10 Were nations deceived by Big Pharma?
18:00 How long to get to herd immunity?
21:20 Vaccination drive in Africa

This from 4 months ago and is the first conversation between Geert vanden Bossche and Dr. Shankara Chetty

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