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General Robert S. Spalding 






Special Assistant To The U.S. Air Force Vice Chief Of Staff

Special Assistant To The U.S. Air Force Vice Chief Of Staff

General Robert Spalding, is the Special Assistant to the U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff.

Spalding has served in senior positions of strategy and diplomacy within the Defense and State Departments for more than 26 years, and is an accomplished innovator in government and a national security policy strategist.

As Senior Director for Strategy to the President, he was the chief architect of the framework for national competition in the Trump administration’s National Security Strategy (NSS). He has earned recognition for his knowledge of Chinese economic competition, cyber warfare, and political influence, as well as for his ability to forecast global trends and develop innovative solutions.

Spalding’s groundbreaking work on competition in Secure 5G has reset the global environment for the next phase of cyber security in the information age.

He was a distinguished graduate of the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, and is fluent in Chinese Mandarin.

Watch the interview HERE

Dave Hodges and JR Nyquist 

warn of China’s plan to attack 

and destroy America while 

left-wing tyrants end all 

freedom by invoking 

coronavirus crackdowns

Image: Dave Hodges and JR Nyquist warn of China’s plan to attack and destroy America while left-wing tyrants end all freedom by invoking coronavirus crackdowns

Natural News,

6 May, 2020

The deliberate release of the genetically engineered Wuhan coronavirus was a “bioweapons Pearl Harbor” attack against the United States and Western nations. China dropped the virus in their own back yard to start the attack, then rapidly exported the virus to targeted nations through international flights while pressuring the WHO to condemn any nation that sought to block those flights. (The left-wing media also took part in condemning any effort to block flights from China as “racism.”)

Importantly, the Wuhan coronavirus bioweapons attack was just the opening chapter of an attack plan against the United States that will involve financial attacks, cyber attacks and eventually kinetic attacks.

I recently interviewed two experts to learn more about China’s plans against the United States. They are JR Nyquist, who publishes (an excellent source of important articles), and Dave Hodges from, an indy media investigator who has excellent sources within the Pentagon and the US State Dept.

Together, these two investigators paint a very worrisome picture of what the future holds between the USA and China, as it’s clear China has already launched a bioweapons attack against the United States and intends to follow that up with yet more direct attacks against America.

Watch these interviews here, via, and keep reading below for further discussion on why Trump retaliate against China’s war on America before the coming election… possibly even delaying the election.

Here’s the full interview with JR Nyquist:

And here’s the full interview with Dave Hodges:

Why Trump needs a war in order to delay the election and overcome the bioweapons attack against America

It’s becoming apparent that President Trump needs a war to delay the election and have more time to overcome the coronavirus bioweapons assault against America. Since China has already launched the first wave of this attack, the United States of America has every right as a sovereign nation acting in self-defense to respond to China’s attack with a variety of measures, including financial retaliation, currency wars, cyber retaliation or even a limited nuclear strike on China’s military installations such as bioweapons laboratories. (Nuke vs. virus, nuke wins.)

We believe this is why Pompeo is working overtime to acquire evidence proving the coronavirus was engineered by China’s communist regime as a weapon to be deployed against the United States and other Western nations. Once it is sufficiently established that China engineered the bioweapon and launched it upon the world as a weapon against economically vulnerable “free” societies like the United States, Trump will have what he needs to declare that China has already launched a war with America.

Thus, Trump’s retaliation against China won’t be a first strike attack, it will be a response to China’s “Pearl Harbor” attack on the United States. Even if the war with China is limited to economic factors — trade wars, currency wars, etc. — it will still involve Trump invoking wartime national emergency measures that may suspend the elections in November.

Further supporting all this, Trump is now publicly characterizing the coronavirus pandemic as a “Pearl Harbor” attack on America. This is, of course, precise language that’s setting up a US retaliatory response to China’s launching of this biowarfare attack.

Unless something dramatic changes, Trump seems very unlikely to be re-elected in November

Politically speaking, Trump’s chances of winning the election in November, based on what we know right now, looks rather grim. We place his odds of victory at 1 in 8. Those odds may change dramatically, however, if America engages China in retaliation for China’s biowarfare attack on the United States. 

History shows that wartime presidents enjoy inflated support from the voters, and we’re also aware that the Pentagon is itching for kinetic conflict in order to appease the weapons manufacturers and boost military spending even more than what Trump has already approved (which is, historically, already at record levels).

Furthermore, our current projections see a very large surge of coronavirus infections and deaths beginning in August and continuing through September and October. This second wave will be much larger than the first wave we’re currently experiencing. Because of the magnitude of this second wave, it is likely that nationwide elections may have to be delayed, especially given the “fraud-by-mail” aims of Democrats who hope to steal the election with fraudulent mail-in voting.

This is why we would not be surprised in the least if we find ourselves in a war footing with China before November, alongside a delay of the November elections due to America’s wartime domestic status. In effect, America could be operating under a limited, temporary form of military rule. It is during this time that outbreaks of social chaos and widespread unrest are likely to emerge, both from those on the Left (who are decrying a Trump “military dictatorship”) as well as the Right (who are protesting against a second wave of lockdowns).

The financial implications

Alongside all this, we must note that we anticipate a very sharp stock market correction / crash around October… something on the order of at least a 50% plunge from the year’s highs. This will wipe out trillions of dollars in equities, crushing pension funds and the dollar-denominated savings of the American people. For many, this will be the last straw, and with nothing left to lose, millions of Americans may take to the streets to protest the Wall Street / central bank looting of the American workers.

In summary, we’re looking at a dangerous convergence of at least three historic events, all potentially colliding this Fall:

1) Heightened conflict with China, ranging from financial war to kinetic warfare.

2) A second surge of coronavirus infections and mass deaths across America, almost certainly dwarfing the deaths we’ve witnessed so far (watch for a sharp surge in August), and likely coupled with some degree of renewed regional lockdowns.

3) The possibility of a significant stock market crash that could wipe out 50% of its high value for the year, leading to murderous losses in pensions, also leading to bank failures and many people seeing their life savings wiped out.

It all leads to a global currency reset and the end of America as we know it

I’ve posted a list of twelve high-priority items you need to be pursuing right now to prepare for these events. Ultimately this all leads to a global financial “reset” that will end the dollar as the global reserve currency, most likely leading to the introduction of a globalist-run, China-backed gold-backed hybrid electronic currency that will topple the dollar and destroy the ability of the US government to export its currency inflation to other nations. This, in turn, will lead to rapid hyperinflation and a final blowout of the US dollar, ending in collapse and destitution.

Ultimately, only those who hold real, physical assets like gold, silver and land will emerge relatively unscathed. Everyone else who holds primarily “virtual” assets (stocks, bonds, bank accounts, etc.) will be wiped out and left penniless. If you haven’t yet watched the Hidden Secrets of Money series from Mike Maloney, you owe it to yourself to make this your top priority.

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