This latest full-length documentary produced by geoengineering brings the research up-to-dates, in particular the second half of the film which looks in detail at nanoparticulates in the air and the terrible effect they have on human health.

We never used to have aluminium in our mitichondria and these metals makes the mitochondria resonate with wi-fi. And starts to heat up and destroy mitochondrial DNA rapidly.. it is the synergy of the metal in our body making our body resonant with the wifi.

The Dimming

This was a documentary about HAARP technology that I had never seen before, from 1998.


This is the documentary everyone points to from 2010 that provided perhaps the first detailed look at geoengineering

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length HD Version)

Here is a conversation I recorded with Dane Wigington back in 2019

Seemorerocks – a conversation with Dane Wigington

Part one

Part two

Guy McPherson, who I had been previously (perhaps ill-advisedly) defended partially because of independent research on the state of the Arctic ice and partially because I started to look at a taboo subject – geoengineering) cold-shouldered me while on a tour to New Zealand and provoked me into breaking contact with him,

The nest two videos were part of the opening of my eyes.

Guy McPherson on chemtrails – the evidence

The strange obsession of Guy McPherson

One of the ways I use to try and divine the truth is to listen to debates.  In terms of openess and even in terms of looking at the evidence it is clear who came out the winner of this interaction: it was NOT Paul Beckwith.

Is There A Global Climate Engineering Cover-up?  A debate betwen Dane Wigington and Paul Beckwith

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