Germany returns to past traditions

Germany returns to past traditions

Freedom of expression? German public Prosecutor’s office is investigating Alina Lipp

The German public Prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal investigation against the journalist Alina Lipp, and reports directly from the Donbass. To have a dissenting opinion, in Germany is a criminal offence.


17 June, 2022

Freedom of expression in Germany is a big topic in the Russian media. The reason is that Alina Lipp on your Telegram channel from Russia, and for half a year from the Donbass reported in Germany, a criminal investigation was initiated. In the event of a conviction, up to three years in prison for her, because she represents to the events in the Donbass a different opinion than the German government. So much for freedom of expression in Germany.

I will report here what is accused of Alina, and what that means for freedom of expression in Germany, if you must now reckon with three years in prison, if you have a different opinion than the Federal government. And because I know that my critics will say that in Russia, critical opinions, allegedly, also should be prohibited, I will discuss at the end of this article on the Russia regulations. After that, everyone can think about it, where freedom of expression is severely limited.

The investigation against Alina Lipp

That Alina is determined, she knows for a long time and with me she has talked about it some time ago. Alina has been debited in the beginning of may, only specifying a file number to 1,600 euros from your German Bank account, so it was clear that the prosecution has thrown an eye on you.

What it was about, she didn’t know. In the letter she now has, is, interestingly, (Alina has all the Letter from the Prosecutor’s office on your Telegram channel published):

“A hearing of the accused remains, because it would compromise the investigation purpose, § 33 Abs. 4 p. 1StPO.“

This is no joke, as you can read in the given paragraph. If the public Prosecutor considers it appropriate, it may request the seizure of funds in a court of law, without which the Accused belongs to or is informed. How this relates to the rule of law means to explain, not obvious to me, but lawyers will certainly make a statement.

I could understand if we were talking about terrorists or mafia groups, or other serious capital crime, in which you have to prevent more serious crimes, but here we are talking about Alina Lipp post in your Telegram channel reports from the Donbass first-Hand and your opinion on the matter. She herself was not a member, it was just ransacked your account.

Wars of aggression in the German legislation

Against Alina pursuant to section 140 of the criminal code due to “reward and approval of crime” is to be determined. The Offense, which should they have allegedly committed, in § 13 Abs. 1 VStGB regulated, it is the Cause of wars of aggression, or other “act of aggression“, “the nature, gravity and scope to a manifest violation of the Charter of the United Nations represents.” We need to look at in more detail before we come back to Alina.

Before the German public Prosecutor’s office against someone because of the approval of a war of aggression is determined, it should, in my eyes, once against those to determine the actual wars of aggression have led to, “the nature, gravity and scope to a manifest violation of the Charter of the United Nations” pose. Thereof in Germany, there are very many.

There would be, for example, the government of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, the a war of aggression against Yugoslavia has led to “a flagrant violation of the Charter of the United Nations” represented. The Yugoslavia war is a violation of international law, i.e. “a flagrant violation of the Charter of the United Nations” was, says Schroeder, Yes, quite openly (in the Video from Minute 2: 30 PM) only interested in himself, not a single German state lawyer for that.

But it gets even better. The Scientific service of the Bundestag on 20. In September 2018, a report published in which it was found that even members of Parliament, for the illegal German army deployment voted, according to a criminal offence has made:

“Punishable by law, may act in accordance with § 13. 4 VStGB a Person, “which is actually able to control the political or military Action of a state, or to draw” – which is also a member of a Parliament, which has a mandate to the foreign deployment of the armed forces.”

The stand in the report in connection with a possible participation of the Bundeswehr in “retaliation” by the United States against Syria in 2018, but this is not decisive, because it’s illegal war of aggression of Germany is involved (or not involved), and for a member of Parliament has voted applies equally to every other peoples. To do this, I have after the appearance of the opinion for 2018, for a more detailed article is written, you can find here.

The German justice works on the instructions of the government

Now you have to ask yourself, why politicians can do in Germany things, according to German law, actually, a life sentence is. The reason is easily explained: In Germany, it is the courts Constitution act (gerichtsverfassungsgesetz), and the paragraph 146. It reads as follows:

“The officials of the Prosecutor’s office must comply with the official instructions given by your superiors.”

And who was the supervisor of the district attorney, regulates Clause 147 GVG: It is the Minister of justice.

This means in plain English: The Minister of justice shall decide when the state’s attorney may determine, and when not to. If politicians commit a crime, then the state may determine an attorney. So easy in Germany and there are many examples. The most famous of these is the case, Barschel. It is well known that the policy – specifically, the schleswig-Holstein has said of the Minister of justice – the lübeck Prosecutor’s office to investigate the case. This has taken a parliamentary investigation Committee and, of course, nothing found.

As political scandals in Germany to be disarmed always. The Prosecutor is not allowed to forget it, instead, the politicians sit in committees of inquiry about yourself “to court”, then after a couple of years is to report a degree and the thing. For any and all crimes no one will be punished.

Committees of inquiry are nothing more than a Show for the stupid voters, and an Instrument to prevent misconduct on the part of politicians has also consequences. Even when Celler hole, as the protection of the Constitution in 1978, blew a hole in a prison in Celle, and as a terrorist attack by the RAF has been issued, no one was punished. It was in 1986, when the Whole thing came to light, a Board of inquiry has determined who was involved in it (by the way, among other things, the then Prime Minister Albrecht, the father of Ursula von der Leyen), but punished, no one was.

And it’s also different: The policy may be in the statement, the Prosecutor’s office is investigating someone, against the nothing exists, you can put the Question even half a year in detention, without him, a judge show and then let you go. An example for such a case, you can find here.

The European court of justice: The German judiciary is not independent

All of this, I’m not that of the European court of justice’ve come up with 27. May 2019 under the reference C-508/18; C-82/19; C-509/18 decided. Of the judgment you may have, if you are new to the Anti-mirror, never heard of it, because the media does not have beriechet about it practically, although the German judges Association has called to the judgment, for the umpteenth time to end this practice, finally.

The Trick in Germany, namely, that the judges are in accordance with the law regardless, and the policy is allowed to give you any instructions. Therefore, this is regulated through the courts and the prosecutors, because if a state is allowed to open up a lawyer, no investigation, because to him, the Minister of justice forbids, then a crime is not even in front of a judge. It’s that simple – and that’s how it works in Germany.

The judgment of the European court of justice, I then reported in detail, the article can be found here.

Political persecution in Germany

We come back to Alina Lipp. A German Prosecutor is investigating Alina, because she is in favour of an (alleged) attack of the war. If this is a reason to investigate a journalist, why was determined never really against all of the journalists who gathered for war against Yugoslavia? The was, according to the responsible persons at the time Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, who is clearly in violation of international law. And why not a state has determined advocate against all those journalists who have tumbled in 2003 for the Iraq war? The was – completely undisputed, not only in violation of international law, but based on lies, virtually all German media at the time. Or were found in Iraq, about weapons of mass destruction?

Because you can see how arbitrary and only politically, the proceedings against Alina is motivated. You could write on Telegram every day, that they supported the illegal war, the Saudi Arabia in Yemen, it would be of interest to no Prosecutor in Germany. But when it comes to Russia, then other rules apply in Germany.

In violation of international law?

I wonder where the Prosecutor knows that Russia is an “illegal war of aggression” leads. She has obtained an opinion? I would read, because in international law, there are two provisions that contradict each other. Since the Inviolability of the borders of States and the right of self-determination of peoples is. So what to do, if people want to break in a part of the state from the Central government and these two rules contradict each other?

This used to be an unsettled question, because both provisions were entitled to under international law. This has changed in the West to the Western-backed secession of Kosovo from Yugoslavia, he turned to the International court of justice and a decision on the question asked. All the States of the West have argued in their submissions to the court that a Region can separate themselves from their Central government, and that this is not contrary to international law.

The court followed its decision in this line and has decided that it is a violation of international law, when a Region of the Central state to dissociate, even if it goes against the Constitution and the laws of the Central state. Thus, the West had legalized the action with Kosovo, in hindsight, but he has also opened up a Pandora’s box, because now it can also be invoked by other ethnic groups that have declared independence or want to do.

And that’s exactly what happened in the Ukraine. In may 2014, it was also in the Donbass referendum, which, however, in the West, few people are aware of. The result was similar to that of the Crimea, an overwhelming vote in favour of a Union with Russia. Therefore, the Donbass have declared republics of Ukraine, regardless of what is covered under Kosovo, the judgment of the International court of justice entirely from public international law.

Russia recognised the independence in February 2022, with you, assistance agreements, and Russia, as Ukraine has intensified the shelling of the Donbass by the end of February, the assistance agreement in accordance with the Donbass republics to come help. After the West itself has created a precedent of Kosovo is Russia in the framework of international law, of an “illegal war of aggression” could not be and speeches.

You can talk to me about the proportionality of the measures so far to advance. However, Russia would have had very good arguments, because as long as Kiev deliberately residential areas in the Donbass shoot, Russia has the right to the Kiev forces to protect the civilians in the Donbass continue to push back. I would also like to hear a justification of the Western peoples rights activist, explains why Russia’s actions in spite of Kosovo ruling peoples should be illegal, because when Western experts on Russia the blame, then you ignore the Kosovo judgment consistently, it is the key point.

Political persecution in Germany

But we leave this area of law, and ask ourselves what it means for freedom of expression in Germany, when a journalist may represent no more, which is contrary to the Government’s view. It is not just the Job of journalists, the opinion of the government and their Actions with a critical eye, questions? What does it mean for freedom of expression and freedom of the press in Germany when a government line, deviating, publicly expressed opinion with three years in prison can be punished?

And they say now, it would be a call to hatred and violence, to support Russia’s actions. According to the scale of thousands of German journalists would have to be locked up, who have supported the Iraq war in 2003, because, in consequence of which a Million Iraqis slaughtered have been violated.

In a state of law, the same rules should apply to everyone, the rules should not apply to political sympathy. But, unfortunately, the German judiciary operates according to political sympathy, and decides on the opening of the method according to political principles, what can’t be surprised, if we right politics in the Person of the Minister of justice remind us of $ 146 GVG and the instructions.

So, so clearly I need to say it, is that there are always political persecution carried out by the criminal enforcement authorities in accordance with Gusto by the government. Alina Lipp is another victim of political persecution in Germany, because it is not the first, happened something like this.

The reactions in Russia

As Alina takes your Telegram channel in English and Russian, has it made in Russia, some of the vertebrae, as published by the Writing of the public Prosecutor’s office. The story came to detail in all of the news on television, because such an obvious political persecution in the supposedly free West, as the Public knows of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, and Russia, of course, for a lot of causing a stir.

And that’s not the whole story. In mid-April, the DKB Bank Alina has terminated the account, without giving reasons. But that’s not enough, because at the 5. May, – what a coincidence – on the day on which the court has decided to 1,600 euros of Alina’s account, has terminated the DKB also of Alina’s father and the account. I have reported about the article can be found here.

The story about to be treated dissidents in Germany, that the accounts are simply locked out of political reasons, that is just money, you get donations will be confiscated, and that, finally, even up to three years in prison, just because you have a different opinion than the government, which has shocked people in Russia.

Freedom of expression in Russia

About what it is in Russia may say, I have until the end of may, reported on in detail. And the Surprising thing is that you can say in Russia, actually. The only exception to this is in Russia, that the operations in the Ukraine does not knowingly falsehoods spread may. The crucial word here is , knowingly. If these untruths then lead to, other rouse and damage to persons or property, then they will be held accountable and it’s threatening, depending on the Severity of the damage, sensitive imprisonment. /

But the crucial point is that in Russia knowingly false reports spread must have. If it happened out of ignorance, there will be no penalty.

Just for Western journalists, the delicate, because of their published articles in the past, you can learn what you need to know everything. You can’t claim to have their falsehoods out of ignorance published.

And contrary to what the Western media reports, it is in Russia, under penalty, to use the word “war” to the context of Ukraine. The Russian media have taken over the Wording of their government that they do not differ from the German media, which is used in Afghanistan, never the word “war” but a “German armed forces to use” have been reported. The German media should keep up with criticism of Russian media so back, because, you make exactly the same thing that their Russian colleagues.

So we come to the key question: Where is the freedom of expression is greater? In a country where a publicly expressed opinion of the Bank accounts can be locked and in a publicly opinions expressed up to three years in prison? Or in a country in which only a sentence threatens to be, when you first aware of the falsehoods spread, and secondly, these lies a concrete damage have?

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