Global Headlines – 13 March, 2020

Global Headlines – 13 March, 2020

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Business travel sector to lose $820 billion in revenue on coronavirus hit: industry group

The five biggest tech companies lost more than $400 billion in value on Thursday

75% of Companies Suffer From Coronavirus Supply Chain Disruptions
Junk Status? Oil Nations Face Serious Credit Downgrades
Google recommends all North America employees to work from home

The Collapse of Pot Stocks: Refreshingly, Not COVID-19’s Fault
Hard to feel sorry for victims of these hilariously obvious pump-and-dump schemes, but they sure got their pockets cleaned out.

Report: North Korea’s China deficit reaches new high

Apple is shutting down all of its stores in Italy indefinitely due to the coronavirus

An Italian financial crisis is certain – the big question is how contagious it is

Italy’s government orders all shops, bars and restaurants to close

Coronavirus poses new threat to Egypt’s economy

Gold Gains As Bank of England Slashes to Emergency Rate of 0.25% and ECB Warns Of 2008 Style “Great Financial Crisis”

Merkel “Open” To Scrapping Germany’s “Zero-Deficit Rule”

ECB surprises markets by not cutting rates, but announces stimulus to fight coronavirus impact

Princess Cruises Suspending Operation for 2 Months Over Coronavirus

Carnival Halts Global Cruise Operations For 60 Days

Global Systemically Important Bank Stocks Crash To Record Low

A $100 Billion Debt Wave to Crash Over Europe’s Riskiest Firms

BofA’s Shocking Warning: The Treasury Market Is No Longer Functioning Normally

Coronavirus could hit housing hard as Australia teeters on edge of recession

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Crypto Crash: Bitcoin Smashed 36% Most Cryptos Even Worse

## Airline death spiral ##

Global airlines call for government aid as new U.S. coronavirus travel curbs bite
Air freight rates skyrocket amid passenger flight cuts, Chinese factory restarts

Airlines count mounting costs of the coronavirus shock

Delta Air extends suspension of U.S.-China flights through May 31

Boeing Crashes: $43 Billion in Share Buybacks Turn into Existential Threat
Of immediate concern is how much cash Boeing is burning due to the 737 MAX fiasco and now the coronavirus, and how much cash it can pile up to avoid a liquidity crisis.

Boeing to separate 737 MAX wire bundles before jet’s return to service – sources

JetBlue is facing drop in demand due to coronavirus that’s worse than 9/11, president says

U.S. clampdown on European travel heaps new coronavirus woes on airlines

American suspends pilot hiring as coronavirus takes a toll on travel

United to scale back flights to Europe after March 19

“Unprecedented Situation” – Norwegian Air Suspends 4,000 Flights, Cuts Half Its Employees

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
NORAD intercepts two Russian reconnaissance aircraft near Alaska

Afghan government to release 1,500 Taliban prisoners from jails – decree

US begins military pullout from two Afghan bases

Putin for life? Many Russians may desire leadership change, but don’t see a viable alternative

Two U.S. service members killed as more than 15 rockets slam Iraqi base housing coalition troops

Large Scale US Airstrikes Underway Against Iran-Backed Militias In Iraq

US Urges NATO Allies to Provide Turkey Military Aid in Syria

As Oil Lifeline Withers, Protest-Wracked Algeria Vows Cost Cuts

Congress passes Iran war limit, baiting Trump veto

America’s bomber force is too small and getting smaller

At the end of the Cold War in 1989 and just prior to the Gulf War in 1990, America had over 400 bombers. After these proposed cuts, there will be only 140.

US military cuts back troops to participate in European exercise over virus fears

## Energy/resources ##
Eurasian Nations Are Betting Big On Renewables

This ‘ticking nuclear bomb’ could cause energy bankruptcies, Onyxpoint partner says

New Weather Patterns Are Turning Water Into a Weapon
The melting glaciers of the Himalayas have become a political tool in the tussle between China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
U.S. Discusses Buying Oil For SPR To Help Shale Drillers

Crashing Oil Prices Force U.S. Oil Firms To Cut Budgets

## Got food? ##
Chlorinated chicken and hormone-grown beef? What a UK-US trade deal could mean for your diet

What the Coronavirus in China Shows Us About Food System Resilience
Cuttlefish added to red food list after stocks decline in Channel

## Solutions ##
A solution to cut extreme heat by up to 6 degrees is in our own backyards

## Environment/health ##

Coronavirus Lockdown May Save More Lives By Preventing Pollution Than By Preventing Infection
Rare white giraffes killed by poachers in Kenya: conservationists

Malnourished bugs: Higher CO2 levels make plants less nutritious, hurting insect populations

Global Warming on a Rampage

Global warming is not waiting around for the signatories to the Paris climate accord ‘15 to go to net zero emissions 2030/50. Sorry, those bold plans are way too little way too late. Already, across the board, the planet is on a hot streak that defies all projections.

Wildlife Pays the Price for Subsidized Livestock Grazing on Public Lands

Climate change: New rules could spell end of ‘throwaway culture’
Greenland and Antarctica ice loss accelerating
• Coronavirus

Global coronavirus outbreak has ‘exploded’ and the aftermath could last a year, Singapore’s foreign minister says

Mongolia seals off cities, bans flights after first virus case

Angela Merkel estimates that 60% to 70% of the German population will contract the coronavirus

World Health Organization declares coronavirus a ‘pandemic’

Coronavirus can live in air for 3 hours, on surfaces for 2-3 days

Coronavirus – The Hidden Cases – Why We Must Shut Everything Down And Do It Now

Coronavirus leaves normally populated destinations empty (video)

Saudi Arabia suspends social gathering in wedding halls and hotels over coronavirus fears

New York City declares state of emergency to fight coronavirus spread

France to close schools to curb coronavirus spread: Macron

Global sports events hit by coronavirus pandemic

‘Healthcare on brink of collapsing’: Doctors share stories from inside the Italy coronavirus quarantine

Coronavirus in South Korea: How ‘trace, test and treat’ may be saving lives

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
How black swans are shaping planet panic

‘Internet of things’ could be an unseen threat to elections

However, the author seems to be captive to the idea that only “the Russians” are behind the use of the internet to disrupt or manipulate US elections. My guess is that US intelligence agencies, political parties, various groups, and plenty of private citizens and hackers with their own agendas are hard at work exploiting these same vulnerabilities — and are happy to have their activities blamed on “the Russians.” Incidentally, I don’t see why “the Russians” or anyone else who wants to ruin America would bother with trying to influence the presidential election. With the apparent choices being Trump and Biden, the US is guaranteed to continue going down the tubes. — RF

Americans are told every day that Russians are interfering in our politics. We’ve been interfering in Russia’s for a century.
Russians can be forgiven for believing that the United States wishes their country neither prosperity nor stability

U.S. government commission rolls out doomsday plan for cyberwar

Chelsea Manning hospitalized after suicide attempt

Judge orders Chelsea Manning’s release from jail in Virginia

Saudi Women’s Rights Activists Pull Back Curtain on Crown Prince

Trump signs law to prevent U.S. rural telecom carriers from using Huawei network equipment

U.S. lawmakers seek to curb Huawei’s access to U.S. banks: document

France to allow some Huawei gear in its 5G network  – sources

New OPCW whistleblower slams ‘abhorrent mistreatment’ of Douma investigators
A fourth OPCW whistleblower has emerged to defend the two veteran inspectors who challenged a cover-up of the chemical weapons probe in Douma, Syria. The new whistleblower lamented that other staffers have been “frightened into silence.”

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
‘Bernie Bros’ Were Invented as Sexist, Racist and Anti-Semitic
The Politics of the Coronavirus: A Lesson from Italy on how to Deal with Emergencies

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Goodbye to All That: The Demise of Globalization and Imperial Pretensions

## Japan ##
Japanese companies tighten belts, declining to offer base pay hikes

Kuroda says BOJ ready to act to support economy, after meeting PM Abe

Japan to subsidize alcohol disinfectant makers

Japan’s ailing small businesses hang by a 1-month thread
Japan’s newly approved 1 trillion yen ($9.6 billion) bailout for companies impacted by the novel coronavirus arrives as most small businesses limp along on just a month’s worth of cash.

Japan theme parks extend closure over coronavirus

Japan’s agriculture ministry to keep food self-sufficiency target at 45%
‘Last resort’ COVID-19 treatment in short supply at Japan’s hospitals
Trump first foreign leader to call for postponing Tokyo Olympics

## China ##
China’s building work stalls in February, as virus keeps workers indoors

China Faces Interest Rate Dilemma With No Winning Options

Coronavirus control efforts linked to better China air quality

Coronavirus leaves China with mountains of medical waste

US lawmakers seek to ban imports from Xinjiang, China over forced labour

Coronavirus: China’s mask-making juggernaut cranks into gear, sparking fears of over-reliance on world’s workshop

Coronavirus: Latest Updates

## UK ##
Health minister Dorries diagnosed with coronavirus

UK to ramp up coronavirus fight in first budget of Johnson government

Barclays has confirmed coronavirus case in London office

Russian hoaxers say Prince Harry criticised Trump in prank call

UK’s big-spending budget tees up 100 billion pounds more borrowing

Number of coronavirus deaths in Britain rises to eight

Travel insurer stops selling policies due to coronavirus impact

Halt public use of facial recognition tech, says equality watchdog

Coronavirus: Cold War nuclear cabins that promise protection sell for £15,000

Coronavirus: UK food banks running out of supplies as people stockpile and donations fall
Up to 10,000 likely have coronavirus in UK – chief scientific adviser

UK coronavirus cases rise 29% to 590 in a day, total of 10 dead

## US ##

U.S. government posts $235 billion budget deficit in February

Economist Alan Blinder says the US is probably already in recession

Fed to Inject $1.5 Trillion in Liquidity But Markets Plunge Again
From Exxon to Royal Caribbean Cruises, U.S. companies rush to hoard cash

College textbook merger raises ‘serious concern’ among U.S. lawmakers

U.S. Commerce Department extends Huawei license through May 15

We visited the 3rd-largest mall in the US and saw how coronavirus’ spread may be affecting businesses and tourism in California

Amtrak says bookings plunge, is set to lose several hundred million dollars on coronavirus fears

Bond investors say some energy companies ‘will not survive’ oil rout slamming markets

Over 80% Of Companies Expect Covid-19 Disruptions, Fear “Lengthy Recovery”

Exclusive poll: Americans are more worried about finances than their health amid coronavirus outbreak

U.S. reels as coronavirus outbreak leads to widespread disruptions

SALES EXPLODE: U.S. Mint Sells Another Million Silver Eagles Past Two Days

Gaffelighting: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Gabbard slams ‘the DNC and their corporate media partners’ for shutting her out of next debate

Chelsea Manning recovering after attempted jail suicide

Gun Sales Soar Among Asian-Americans After Virus-Related Attacks

• Coronavirus

White House told federal health agency to classify coronavirus deliberations – sources
The White House has ordered federal health officials to treat top-level coronavirus meetings as classified, an unusual step that has restricted information and hampered the U.S. government’s response to the contagion, according to four Trump administration officials.

People are stealing hand sanitizer and surgical masks from doctors’ offices because of coronavirus fears

Coronavirus cases surpass 1,000 in US, 3 TSA agents test positive in California

A Seattle research project was reportedly told not to conduct coronavirus tests on swabs from flu patients

Coronavirus and the homeless: Why they’re especially at risk, ways to stop a spread ‘like wildfire’

Coronavirus test component is in short supply

College closings: More than 100 colleges cancel in-person classes and move online

48% of Americans worried about paying for COVID-19 care, survey finds

Up to 150 million Americans are expected to contract the coronavirus, congressional doctor says

U.S. bans foreign nationals who have been in Europe from entering U.S.

U.S. will loan $50 billion to small businesses, defer taxes to fight coronavirus, Trump says

Health official: Gov’t has ‘failed’ to give easy coronavirus testing in U.S.

New York will see ‘same trajectory’ of coronavirus cases as China, South Korea and Italy, Gov. Cuomo says

Broadway shuts its doors over ongoing coronavirus concerns

Large gatherings banned in San Francisco and Seattle area to slow the coronavirus outbreak

NYC Seminar Called “Doing Business Under Coronavirus” Has Been Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

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