Going cashless in Australia

Going cashless in Australia

Australia forecast to be effectively cashless by 2024

Australia is forecast to be 98 per cent cashless by 2024 as COVID-19 accelerates the growth of payment options like tap-and-go.
New data from financial payment giant FIS has forecast that in the next three years cash payments will dwindle to just 2.1 per cent of all transactions.
That would place Australia as the fourth most cash-averse economy in the world, behind Sweden, Denmark and Hong Kong.

Banks are willing to ‘coerce’ customers into going cashless

Banks treating customers with ‘absolute disdain’ not allowing cash withdrawals

Shock for customers as banks turn away from cash

One thought on “Going cashless in Australia

  1. I would be livid and not in the least shy about every last person in whatever bank hearing my strong discontent. What abject disregard.

    The people of Australia have an immediate fight on their hands. I certainly hope they rise to the occasion.

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