Going down the rabbit hole and avoiding the trap

Going down the rabbit hole and avoiding the trap

I have been reading David Icke’s tome, the Trap in recent days.

It is, like all Icke’s work a long read that takes us (to coin a phrase I realise comes from the film the Matrix,and originally from Alice in Wonderland), deep down the rabbit hole as he meanders between shapeshifting lizards, Greys, Yaldabaoth, the Annulaki, Jinn, Satan, Wetiko and so forth.

I would not be interested so much in these stories were it not for the amazing connections he makes.

If nothing else, David is a dot joiner! 

He links all this to the covid hoax and the fake vaccine, the Great Reset and what he calls the Cult’s plans to link human consciousness to the Cloud and to enslave what is left of humanity after the Great Cull.

David Icke may be the conspiracy theorist par excellence but he does not come without evidence. People like Klaus Schwab, Yuval Harari, Ray Kurzweil, Bill Gates speak for themselves.

We need not theorise too much. They speak for themselves.

He also provides he regards as the sole way out of all this, which is a shift in perception to a 5D awareness based on the understanding that who we are has nothing to do with the labels we give to ourselves and so identify with  – male, female, inbetween, etc..

We are none of that but we are Consciousness having a human experience. 

It has been an extraordinarily difficult time absorbing material that is, in part, so familiar to me but explained in a way that challenges me in a way that nothing else has.

I have certainly swallowed the red pill (the Matrix  again) and taken a deep dive. It has almost put me into a type of brain storm that has left me wondering how much of this has come the hugeness of what I am trying to absorb and how much is from a decline in my own health and faculties.

The sharpness has gone both physically (I find myself often shuffling round like an 80 year old man leading me to think that there are probably 80 year-olds around in better shape than me) and mentally (I am finding it harder to think clearly and incisively and to remember things – something that hampers thinking coherently and writing incisively like nothing else). 

In many ways, David Icke’s escape from the Trap is very familiar – it is the Perennial Philosophy, the understanding that I have lived with for 30 years, that I am THAT itself and what we need to do is throw aside the spiritual quest, the idea that it is something limited in Time-Space, that it is imminent and requires a realisation of what is there all the time, a shift in Awareness. 

Understanding this conceptually is not as difficult as to fully grasp Icke’s concepts of what the true nature of the world is.

Absorbing that and accepting that there might be worlds that our mundane consciousness is scarcely aware of has produced a crisis (of the Chinese sort, I think) of sorts and what follows is my weak attempt to make sense of it all, as much for myself as for any readers. 

If you can’t read the book then I recommend that you listen through David Icke’s conversation on his book with London Real’s Brian Rose.

There is a series of videos, of which the following is one, that provide extracts from the interview.

I shall post these separately as a resource.

I shall now try and distill what I think it is all about.


So much of David Icke’s philosophy can be related back to the 1999 movie, the Matrix.

There are so many reasons why I would avoid the movie. As a somewhat old fashioned person I am not drawn to Hollywood movies of the last 30 years, neither to science fiction in general or to the comic book like narrative and violence in particular. I would prefer to restrict myself to books on philosophy and spirituality or to the likes of Plato’s allegory of the cave and I would were it not that the Matrix has entered the collective imagination. 

Everything is absolutely dominated by the new technology that seems to be advancing at alarming rapidity, the artificial intelligence that the Cult that David Icke exposes, is wishing to replace humans and human consciousness with.

The traditions of old had the understanding but had to explain it in symbolic language.

Perhaps, we can use a new language, a new allegory to explain the same concepts? I am used to Plato’s allegory, to concepts of Maya and Lila

Perhaps a different language might fit the bill. In many ways this is a story of the hero (or uebermensch), the Buddha and his process of Enlightenment.

It also asks the question of why the mass of people do not want Enlightenment and choose to be in the Matrix.

Everyone, it seems talks with the language of the Matrix which is a false, computer-generated world that is generated by machines to enslave humanity and feed off their energy.

This understanding does not just come from David Icke’s head – there are plenty of people who are asking if we live in a simulation and make the parallels with the Matrix.  

Here are just two examples:

Now let’ s get back to David Icke.

First the uncontroversial part. 

He points that what we see with our five senses is only a tiny brand of frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum. He points out that the entire spectrum (what we call ‘light’. is estimated to be just 0.005% of what exists in the Universe so that the only band of frequency that we can “see” is a tiny bit of the 0.005 %. 

What normal human beings see is only a small fraction of that tiny slither. How can we say that we have a hold on ‘reality’?

We are basically blind. Put in the most simple terms what we see with the five senses is not only limited but is a simulation, a copy generated, according to Icke, by a non-human form (he has various ways to describe this). 

There are three elements to ‘human’ that bring clarity to our plight.

They are:

(1) 3D – The body-program insert that interacts with the simulation as part of the simulation – the ‘computer game character’.

(2) 4D – The level of us called mind that operates in the frequency range of the Fourth Dimension and directly receives the projected information of the simulation which it decodes into the illusion of a 3-D reality including the body.

(3) 5D – Consciousness in the ‘Fifth Dimension’ and beyond into Infinite Reality which I will refer to as expanded consciousness or awareness.

So the next thing is to ask WHY.

One of the Cult’s prime objectives is to create a separation between five-sense Body-Mind and expanded consciousness to isolate the population in a reality and perceptual prison that I will expand upon as we go along.

Icke asks,  how did we get into this mess? Self-identity.

How do we get out of it? Self-identity, he says.

We stop identifying with body, mind or even soul, and we identify with being the spirit of the All That Is. The True and Infinite ‘I’.

Do that and we will connect with it and everything changes.

Healing that separation is what people call ‘awakening’ or ‘waking up’.

I think the computer analogy is quite apt at various levels.

The computer and specifically wi-fi serves as a good analogy as to how the frequencies picked up by the five senses are decoded and translated into a world we take to be real.

“A computer decodes information from Wi-Fi into the form that we see on the screen and the text and images we are observing are inside the computer in the same way that perceived physical reality is inside us. Different areas of the brain decode those signals into the perception of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste to construct the sense of reality that we experience as an external world when, in that form – so-called physicality – it only exists in our head”

Throughout, Icke says that the contention that the mind is in the body is mistaken.

Rather, the body is within the mind.

“I am saying that the body is in the mind and what the mind believes and feels, the body will reflect”

Here he describes who exactly is controlling us.


If we take the aim of the simulation to be the total control over humanity and its enslavement, and:

“Everything from the simulation itself to the Metaverse is about seizing control of the mind’s sense of reality to ensure that its beyond-the-simulation self, the eternal ‘I’, is marginalised and its influence severed.

We start to see what Icke calls “a simulation within a simulation”:

We are looking at the mind perceptually trapped by a Metaverse within a virtual reality AI Smart Grid within a virtual reality AI simulation. The plan eventually is to absorb the mind completely into cyberspace without even a body and lock it away in the bewilderment of a Matrix within a Matrix within a Matrix within a Matrix. All would be designed to block the mind’s access to its true identity which would allow escape from the digital maze

The aim is to take people from identification with normally goes with being human and making that identication still narrower.

To quote David Icke:

“Everything from the simulation itself to the Metaverse is about seizing control of the mind’s sense of reality to ensure that its beyond-the-simulation self, the eternal ‘I’, is marginalised and its influence severed. We are looking at the mind perceptually trapped by a Metaverse within a virtual reality AI Smart Grid within a virtual reality AI simulation.

The plan eventually is to absorb the mind completely into cyberspace without even a body and lock it away in the bewilderment of a Matrix within a Matrix within a Matrix within a Matrix.”

All would be designed to block the mind’s access to its true identity which would allow escape from the digital maze. Or rather mazes – lots of them with multiple loops and timelines.”

The same process of suppressed self-identity can be seen playing out in the ‘human’ world. We once identified as men or women with a mind and maybe a religion, race, job, and income bracket.”

Basically that was it. Today we have strings of letters to indicate the fine detail of identity. One university has LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM or lesbian, gay, bisexual, ransgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, flexual, asexual, gender-fuck, polyamorous, bondage/discipline, dominance/submission and sadism/masochism.”

Old human labels are being sub-divided and subdivided and with each sub-division the identity of the True ‘I’ – Infinite Awareness – is further distanced and diminished. I am All That Is, Has Been And Ever Can Be becomes ‘I am a human’ becomes ‘I am man or woman’ becomes ‘I am lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, flexual, asexual, gender-fuck, polyamorous, bondage/discipline, dominance/submission and sadism/masochism’.”


Icke addresses the question of reincarnation . Despite saying it is absolutely real, he asks the question why would someone come back to a reality miserable for most people on Earth to learn more lessons. 

The answer, he says, to nip this cycle in the bud through a realisation of who we really are.


Icke cites a book I read many years ago, the Holographic Universe: The Revolutionary Theory of Reality by Michael Talbot

“I have told the story in some previous books described by Michael Talbot in The Holographic Universe in which a stage hypnotist was performing at a private party.

A man called Tom was put in a hypnotic trance and told that when he ‘woke up’ he would not be able to see his daughter.

The hypnotist guided the daughter to stand right in front of her sitting father so he was looking directly into her belly.

Tom was asked if he could see his daughter in the room. He looked around and said ‘no’ while his daughter was inches away.

The hypnotist put his hand in the small of her back and asked Tom what he was holding.

‘A watch’, he said, while his daughter stood between him and the watch.

He was asked to read an inscription on the watch which he did.

To ‘normal’ reality what I have just described is impossible, but in fact it can be explained so simply. As with everything in our reality, the daughter’s body was a waveform field of information operating outside of visible light. It was beyond her father’s sight senses. For him to see her he had to decode her field into a holographic form operating within visible light. The hypnotic suggestion that Tom would not be able to see his daughter firewalled his brain not to decode her field. In his reality she remained in waveform and so not only was he unable to see her – she could not block his view within holographic reality of the watch.”

Here is an interview from early 1990s. Sadly, Talbot died in 1993.

A Conscious Universe

Rupert Sheldrake, English scientist and research researcher in the field of parapsychology is another person to pay attention to.

Have a look at his Wikipedia item and how he is vilified and you will understand why.

PAPAJI – “Call Off The Search”

If this line of inquiry appeals to you I fully recommend this documentary about H.W.L. Poonja (Poonja-ji) and his teachings based on his guru Ramana Maharshi. In a similar way to David Icke talking about reincarnation Poonja-ji invites meditation practitioners to give up the endless search for Truth and embrace it instead by realising who you really Are.

After watching the documentary, I was moved to travel to India to meet Poonja-ji. Immediately, there were synchronicities such as the very first person I met in the hotel in Delhi (when I was not sure what to next) was someone who had just come from Poonja-ji so he was able to tell me to travel to Lucknow. As a result of an audience like you will see in the video I had a profound realisation that has stayed with me throughout the years through many ups-and-downs.

I was given a spiritual name, Vishram, which, I was told means “eternal rest after a long journey”

Poonja-ji’s sole instruction was to make no effort, be quiet, don’t think. 

To most people, caught in their own mental formations, this would sound preposterous but this is available to everyone while at the same time being a matter of Grace.

That would bring us back to Plato’s allegory of the Cave and the Matrix and ask just how many people would choose to take the red pill and be free as opposed to those who are attached to their own captivity.

I would invite you to take the red pill, go down the rabbit barrow and dis-identify with all that keeps you captive and identify with your true identity.

6 thoughts on “Going down the rabbit hole and avoiding the trap

  1. Robin’s solid effort on descending into the ‘rabbit hole’ and avoiding ‘the trap’ definitely deserves a response, which I sense already mine will be long. Where to start? His suggestion (in 2nd section closest above) for the reader to check out the wiki on Rupert Sheldrake is a good place, since it touches on the vilification of his work — generally by the scientific community.

    Of course, because to them research and the paranormal are not a bonafide mix. Well, why’s that? Because the paranormal to them is new agey & hokey (a highly prejudiced and collectivist reaction, which from the beginning duly contaminates their pride of credentialed purity — for shame!) If they haven’t done research to find out one way or another for themselves, they should just shut up.

    I was surprised by how much Sheldrake has accomplished since I last read anything ‘about,’ let alone, ‘by’ him. So long ago, cannot even remember when. But now’s the right moment to point out that ‘Conscious Universe’ is what the mainstream is hearing now. At least on Canadian national broadcasting (CBC Radio), as on a number of occasions just before the news had come on, an interview from a programme series was ending where the subject of interest was recent discoveries re. human consciousness, and also there was one programme on the ‘life’ of plants. In other words, the universality of consciousness.

    Speaking with here-oft-mentioned sunny friend Sol (have recently taken to kidding him by calling him ‘PineSol,’ as he’s always so scrubbed & fresh … and once he came back with “how did you know one of my favourite trees? —- in fact, it was the first tree I remember seeing as a child of 3, and the pine cones that fell off it, which nostalgic connection might be the cause of later pining for a girl I liked but couldn’t get together with; and when I leave this plane, I want to be put in a plain pine coffin”), he’s not usually given to overkill.

    However, when he talks about his amazing interchanges with animals, it’s a confirmation that they often speak without vocalizing. He says this applies to insects, right down to ones less than 1/16th of an inch in diameter. And even (it seems) a conversation between a spider and a moth (who were sitting about 1/2 inch from each other peacefully without confrontation, and then slowly separating). He watched them for well over 10 minutes. Sol, who’s a great friend of Nature, says sometimes he speaks to plants and/or touches them softly; and recalls a book from the 1960s (?): “The Secret Life of Plants.”

    Actually, has confided that animals, insects (and birds), and trees and plants, to him, are like people !!! And there’s also, so-called, inanimate objects, such as stones.

    Finally, for this first comment installment, long ago whenever I saw Sheldrake’s name, I was reminded of ‘Mandrake, the Magician,’ the comic strip character.

    Before the next installment below, a thank you for expanding the comment space sideways by 50(?)%.

  2. Soul friend Sol and I have spoken a lot on the almost 3-hr Icke video and on the long above review by Robin of Icke’s book The Trap. With so much material, am having difficulty ordering our thoughts for comment purposes. For my 1st instalment (spellcheck failed there despite my suspicion), I started at the bottom, but seems best to go to the beginning of the review.

    Icke is quoted as saying we are “Consciousness having a human experience.” A major distinction no doubt. Sol says there’s always a problem with language when discussing matters beyond our normal dimensions of perception. To the extent that descriptions, regardless how smartly phrased, can only serve as mere pointers.

    Sol confides (what he feels is obvious) that one’s consciousness at any moment (if one posits there is such an aspect as Time, and if there is, there must also be what one calls Space), then ambience will be present to engender quality. And this cannot be separate from where our world is moving along its historical timeline in the present. The entire Earth and its contents are fettered to that framework. Only Mind is only intrinsically free from that lockup (though I would say, on a sliding scale).

    All the same while, one is still able to tune into very specific conversations going on, be it intentionally or unintentionally. To get right down to it, one can be sick because the world is undoubtedly very sick (and multitudes of people are now ailing in unison), but it is possible (while immersed as everyone else) for oneself as an individualized and individuated individual to totally opt out. Thus there’s the age-old cliche, to “be in the world but not of it.”

    However, this highly desirable condition cannot result from merely wishing for it. There may be karmic impediments; or simply, one just doesn’t feel like undertaking the required actions to actually help oneself (which restriction itself may be karmic in some hidden way, such that no amount of self-coercion, were one somehow to awaken it, would be able to overcome a strangely and solidly implanted inertia).

    A common example will suffice: Exercise. Something which does wonders for bodily and mental energy (it’s a falsehood to say one needs energy to exercise; because one can start with very little action, and work oneself slowly into more, and then more). But no way some unhealthy people will ever be persuaded to exercise!!! Mr Icke himself (who knows a lot about bodily movement) may not need to exercise. At least not just yet!

    Robin’s 8th paragraph: “a shift in perception” would be enough (to extricate oneself from The Trap). One might first need to be in that general locality before such a shift becomes possible in a spontaneous way, because a conscious ‘effort’ could be too clumsy a ploy. Which is to say, that ‘meditation’ would not be of any help, because meditation is about “doing” something.

    While, for example, with Siddhartha, it was when meditating was not working and he stopped, that he felt relief from effort. And yes, there then came “a shift in perception.” But not through his personal volition. The morning star, Venus, came into view, and that was the trigger. A moment of ‘Grace.’ This was the bonafide boon, and not a door prize. Millions of people may see that star if they’re up early enough, but nothing particularly special happens to change their lives (which may be burdened by varying degrees of entrapment).

    Sol said he once long ago read a great work on how certain monks in 14th century England undertook their practice to seek “union with God.” It was a small Penguin paperback titled The Cloud of Unknowing (authors anonymous). ‘Cloud’ and ‘Unknowing’ are the 2 clues. There has to be a cloud preventing one from trying to read a map showing the direction. If one can’t see, one cannot know where one is trodding. And that is the best situation one could ask for. Because ‘to know’ is the root of all evil with respect to ever being let out of the trap. To know is the trap, in a fundamental sense.

    Sol reminds me that demons are important and best introduced about now. Yes, will get to that in the next comment, I said, after a break for re-fueling. Maybe tomorrow.

  3. Starting into the 3rd instalment, and hopefully the last for my comments here, I’m also facing a challenge. Not with Icke’s unique approach which Robin felt as a challenge (as he’s already done the work to unravel it) but with what the recent passage of time has done to the great mass of thoughts set off by the nearly 3-hour Icke video and Robin’s long review of The Trap and any semblance of my ordering of them.

    At least friend Sol left me with a seed from my previous comment above, the word ‘demon,’ from which should grow a good recollection of what we had discussed. ‘Demon’ refers to the plurality of such entities that had assaulted Siddhartha before his Liberation. Demons can destroy; they can distract and/or confuse, definitely fool those whose mis-fortune it is to awaken them, and even be lead astray by them into mis-identification. They may not always cast a fearful gaze, but instead a beguiling one. Am reminded of the works of Stephen King in the horror genre.

    A good example of the power of an individual’s inner reality is found in “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” a film also starring Laura Linney (who plays, not the central character Emily Rose, but a journalist-investigator), a film which Sol and I saw some years back. Kind of scary, because we both recognized how similar self-unraveling could be awakened in the minds of many unwittingly attached to their emotional and mental meanderings. The plot was loosely based on the true story of a young woman who had succumbed to the incubation of her mind by frightening, menacing forms and died as a result, despite the repeated exorcisms of Roman Catholic priests to dispel the affliction. Anneliese Michel, deceased in 1976, is known to many Catholics in Europe (Germany?), where she is buried; people continue to visit and lay flowers.

    On reading a book on shamanism years ago, Sol tells me he started into an experiment that involved an imaginative descent into a tunnel much deeper than a ‘rabbit hole.’ Didn’t get far, he said. The energy got heavy; and very frightening, so he was forced to re-surface. What was happening was that he was beginning to connect with The Underworld. For this engagement, one needs to have protections against provocations that undoubtedly will be met with. Sol at the time was a novice for this type of adventure. Though if it came to the point of outright danger, he realized that his way out would be to drop any identification he might have made of the experiment as a ‘personal’ undertaking. Or as Robin has said —- make the necessary shift in awareness.

    There’s the song: “We Are the World.” Also, Sol remembers the old American cartoon featuring Pogo the Possum, where in the main frame, Pogo and a friend are standing up in a flat-bottomed skiff, poling their way through the foreboding Cypress-treed Okefenokee Swamp (unknown to Spellcheck) in SE Georgia, USA, when Pogo peering into the darkness suddenly reels back almost falling backwards on to his friend and exclaims: “We have met the enemy and it is us!!!” Which song and cartoon essentially are saying: The world we think we see out there is really ourselves. There is no objective world, as far as the human observer is concerned. The world everyone is experiencing is their own subjective life. Thus the Buddhist and Hindu expressions citing ‘the ten thousand worlds.’ There are as many worlds as there are people, animals, birds, insects and so on.

    Everything supposedly out there is, in any case, insubstantial and not ‘solid.’ It’s all transparent, Sol says. The atoms and molecules everything is said to be composed of are not solid and concrete materiality; rather they are ‘energies’ bundled according to certain electro-magnetic formulations and set into motion at varying speeds. Which is why it is possible to see right into and through one’s own body (as Sol himself has experienced). And why the Mind itself is able to leave its office in the brain and travel wherever it wishes inside and outside the body (and even not return if it so desires). With this description (which is merely a bunch of words, themselves not real but just appearing and vanishing energies in the Mind of the reader —- an alternating ‘action’ simply referencing that which can be perceived and understood). The foregoing is, therefore, about the ‘illusory’ nature of what most of us are seeing as being out there but is taking place in our Mind, which itself is ultimately, again, an illusion. On a sliding scale as it were, of ‘levels,’ or shells, octaves, ‘dimensions,’ etc. Actually, we of our own volition can slip right off the scale and never get back on. As we used to say: “Stop the world, I want to get off!!!”

    Sol has explained to me his great astrological connect with Nepal and India, and his genetic DNA trail running through the Pamir Knot and Kashmir, right along the Nepal-India border, over the tops of Bengal/Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia/Kampuchea, Vietnam, on into China, and so on. Which explains his very early interest in and familiarity with the spirituality and special personages of that area, from ancient times into the present era. Teachings that have come down from the pinnacle of the soul’s attainment, such as found in Advaita Vedanta in the locality around Tiruvannamalai in South India. (One of Sol’s earliest mentors had the opportunity to see and hear Paramahansa Yogananda when he visited America circa1920 to deliver talks on Kriya Yoga, as mentioned in his Autobiography of a Yogi.)

    The metaphor of The Trap is excellent in its simplicity. A snare and cage created as a tacit arrangement set up by the prevailing behind-the-scenes powers of our world. From his childhood and teen years, Sol well remembers how ‘rigged’ his own environment seemed. Parents of average households trying to make ends meet as they raised and educated their children. Their upward mobility dragging a heavy anchor. People of colour so-called were capped by a ‘glass ceiling’ they could see through to what those above could achieve with fair ease; those trapped under would have to work twice as hard for the same results.

    Sol thinks the phrase ‘people of colour’ is weird, because it’s obvious every person regardless of background has to be of some colour. There can’t be any exception, unless one is born transparent. The extremes, I suppose, being black and white (the latter actually are slightly pink). Being placed in the category of colour is part of the overall ‘rigging.’

    The rebellious teenage protagonist in the American classic novel “The Catcher in the Rye,” Holden Caulfield, perceives the world he’s forced to grow up in as ‘phoney.’ It was this book that Mark David Chapman had on his person when he shot to death John Lennon of The Beatles in front of the Dakota Hotel in New York City. Chapman’s intention was to rid society of someone he thought representative of the false world holding in bondage all those who were unprivileged as Chapman was (a pedestrian chap held down as an insignificant mark).

    The shooting incident happened almost 42 years ago in 1980 and it was the 7th of December, the anniversary day of the bombing attack on Pearl Harbor by aircraft of the Japanese Imperial Navy. What was the significance of the coincidence found in that date??? Well, Yoko Ono, who had been staying at the Dakota with her dear husband was not present at the murder scene, and was likely unaware of the Pearl Harbor connection, nor with the tie-in of her being an heiress to the fortunes of the Yasuda Zaibatsu, which along with other corporate conglomerates helped fund the military campaigns of the Japanese military on mainland China, where horrendous atrocities are known to have been perpetrated, such as the infamous Nanjing Massacre. While Ono would suffer as a victim from Lennon’s death, Sol sees the work of karma here, especially after discovering a prominent astrological signature attached to the incident that dealt with the factor of harm and wounding (but also held the potential for healing).

    Sol (who in some ways feels to me a twin soul, of the Siamese variety, even) is at the moment gesturing to me how stretched my comment today is turning out. A timely prompt, as now is just right to mention a photograph of an historical event snapped by a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer back in the early 1960s (with the photo as well taking an award). For Sol and myself, it is by far the most powerful image reproducible on a 2-dimensional plane, taken by camera, since photography was invented in the 18th century. It even shocked the then-president of the United States, John F Kennedy, into making a statement about it. Photos of the developing stages of the subject of the incident appeared in the papers and Sol has clippings saved from that time. By then Sol was already a ‘perennial’ philosopher, and a few years later coincidentally found himself living on a street that was re-named ‘Aldous.’

    Here’s the URL to a coloured version of that photo. Not as vivid as the one Sol has from 3 years ago (for which he can no longer find the address with search engines):

    —- https://redsvn.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Thich-Quang-Duc.jpg —-

    Not sure how Robin will react to the scene on display, nor readers, were they to see it embedded and related to The Trap somewhere appropriate on his blog. It could trigger an insight that might help readers see there really is a way of finding freedom from The Trap’s harshly enforced fake realities.

  4. Today, Wednesday 16th November 2022, after my comment above half a month or so ago, because my unconscious had been bugging me to listen again to what David Icke had said on REINCARNATION, despite my having had for the longest rememberable time my own understanding, feeling and experiences of what is considered by many as still just a concept and not a reality of any kind (notwithstanding that nothing is really real in the way we commonly think it is). Yes, to watch this section of the video on its own, as it was recorded in the flow of the full long interview of Icke by Brian Rose.

    I wanted to watch how Icke puts his points across, especially in his wondering why humans would want to return to the mess the world’s become. The truth is that a lot of people have returned — as Canada’s broadcaster CBC reported yesterday, that according to the UN, Earth’s human population has now reached 8 billion!!!

    A lot of people, because we would discover just how many that number represents, practically speaking, if we were to count them one by one, taking 1 second for each person, continuously doing so, without stopping for eating, sleeping, using the toilet, showering, etc. That near-Sisyphusian task would require 25.35 years to complete (a convenience store calculator’s display is too small to accommodate the operation… and even if it took only 2.53 years instead, we would still get the idea of the enormity of this count of 8 followed by 9 zeros). At the time of the last pandemic, the Spanish Flu of 1918 – 1919, the world’s population was only around 1.5 billion. In other words, in a little over 100 years, the number 8 billion is above 5Xs that older figure.

    So, what the size of the world’s population means is that the present world is carrying the karmic load of an awful lot of people. And the mess of the world may be due in part to the likelihood of the majority of them not acting in the best interests of the health of our planet, given that it takes effort to properly expiate one’s karma debt.

    But as far as I’m able to recall from the full interview, Icke never mentioned the factor of ‘karma.’ And the fact that our returns are ‘karma’-driven (there’s debt still owed from the results of our past thoughts, speech and actions). Most of our long-accumulated karma, or karmic residue, has to be exhausted before we have the option of choosing not to come back (before we’ve been given the ‘all clear’ and are ‘good to go’ to the promised land).

    Also decided to review Icke recorded here before reading Robin’s recent post titled “ARMAGEDDON… .“ Friend Sol has said that in January 2020 we passed the cross-over point (at least from the astrological perspective) between the 9th to 12th of that month, which lies amid the much much longer period where we can be aware we are witnessing at least part of the death-throes of the 2,000-and-125-plus years span of the Christian era as it overlaps into the current testy threshold to the next similarly long interval of the Aquarian Age, these changeover years needed for absorbing the aftermath of the Christian times. Thus for the current while we have TEOTWAWKI, or *The End Of The World As We Know/Knew It.*

    The last book of the Holy Bible mentions Armageddon where armies will gather for the final battle (of good vs evil). Sol and I see the biblical reference, partly as symbolic, also as compellingly real (on the level of illusion, for illusions are ‘real’), and as really real (still an actual and only a different ‘type’ of illusion).

    Related to the context of the foregoing, not to forget, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists informing us in January 2022 of their then-new and closer position of the minute hand to midnight on The Doomsday Clock, the hour that signals the time when nuclear annihilation could become a full-blown-(to-smithereens) and radioactive reality We must remember, the year between 2 consecutive Januarys is long enough to carry an unimaginable number of events. People will have to rely on their personal in-built warning mechanism for relaying to them how the minute hand is actually moving, its relative speed and direction (whether reversed or not).

    So, we have the reality of illusion and the illusion of reality (of the reality in which is assumed our immersion), and there is supposedly the so-called reality we experience as free of/from illusion(s); thus the paradox of the reality of these co-existing realities. However, these considerations in their singularities/dualities/etc can be taken as part(s)/aspect(s) of and/or background(s) of the operation of The Trap.

    It is possible to give this ‘monster’ (reptilian or otherwise) the quick slip by finding that fine narrow slit in one’s universe and disappearing into it. If one has attachments, that’s too bad, as they’ll immediately get caught on the edges of said narrow slit, and will be seen by the operators of The Trap. Attachments are one of the means by which The Trap keeps one ensnared. One must let them all go before making one’s move. E.g., it’s said in the Holy Bible, “It is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.” Well, that fine slit in the fabric of the universe (i.e., existence) is much narrower than the width of the eye of a needle. Only an unburdened Soul without baggage will be allowed entrance into the clearest sector (or dimension) of the afterworld.

    If one is caught in the melee taking place at Armageddon, that’s still OK if one lets go of ‘fear.’ Easily said, yes. But when there’s no escape, it’s easier to let go. If upon death, one still is carrying a lot of karmic debt, that likely will still have to be dealt with in the ‘afterworld.’

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