One thought on “Gonazalo Lira on Victoria Nuland

  1. Gonzalo Lira is an interesting guy, and his video no doubt a fascinating near-2-hr narrative that I’m guessing is much about Nuland’s activity in Ukraine (for me, vaguely recalled) which began with her as assistant secretary of state (with Hillary Clinton / Joe Biden / Barack Obama in the background —- the entire American crew responsible for regime change in 2914, which saw the president, Viktor Yanukovich, flee for Russia).

    Will return later to see if I can sit through the entire episode. But here, just noting in agreement with Robin that something textual would be desirable (regardless of whether it’s separate or accompanying the video).

    The current mess in Ukraine, as I see it, is an extension of the US meddling there under Nuland, well underway by the Spring of 2014 (was she there in winter of 2013?).

    So, we have Victoria Nuland and Viktor Yanukovich, and btw, her birthday is the same as Canada’s — the 1st of July. What I also remember is that during her time in Ukraine (only 8 years ago, though seems much further back), the country was a real basket case, economically, politically, militarily. And the Right Sektor and other ultra-nationalist groups were highly active.

    My friend Sol says Nuland had a nickname: ‘Doughnut Dolly,’ while Hillary must have become ‘Killary’ during the American attacks on Libya. Am recalling seeing her especially gleeful watching the horrific murder of Muammar Gadaffi.

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