Gonzalo Lira – America, you’re about to be POOR

Gonzalo Lira – America, you’re about to be POOR

This message from Gonzalo Lira hits the nail on the head and refers back to things I have been talking about for ten years…except now they are ACTUAL. and not some time in the future

2 thoughts on “Gonzalo Lira – America, you’re about to be POOR

  1. ….and global peak oil in November 2018 has a lot to do with it too…
    The global industrial “civilised” world is about to unravel, and without education as to what is really going on, we are going to see a lot of lashing out. This is because we “civilised” humans have been led into this with eyes wired shut. We will scream “We can’t go back!” as our entitlements to obscene energy throughput and toxic levels of consumption are confronted.

    Sure is an “exciting time” to be alive, eh?!

  2. “Eyes Wide Shut” is spot-on, my friend!! And too many of the idgits running around STILL refuse to consider this reality…I’m beginning to believe they’re all somewhat “retarded”!!

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