Gonzalo Lira’s anxiety about Zelensky’s dirty bomb

Gonzalo Lira’s anxiety about Zelensky’s dirty bomb

I don’t have much energy to put into this today , but there is only ONE thing on my mind today.

First I would like to talk a little about Gonzalo Lira.

I first came across Gonzalo in a video he made about Marxism some time ago but then forgot about him until the start of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

He is the sort of “larger-than-life” character that lesser people just HAVE to bring him down by saying things lie he is a “disgusting person”.

I am sure that like he just as imperfect and sinful as the rest of us but he does have some qualities that in my mind set him apart from the ordinary.

My impression is of someone who has a heart and a soul, and cares deeply about people.

Not only that but he has a discriminating mind and a reasoning that few can beat.  This sets him apart, in my own mind from those who comment from afar. 

There is that riddle as to why he stayed in Kharkov when quite possibly he could have got out, at least before he was nabbed by Zelensky’s goons.

I can imagine that the average person would have tried to get out of Dodge and quite possibly perished in the attempt. But he stayed and thanks to that we have his insights.

The Americans Are Evil

Pay particular attention to how he goes silent for a while and admits to be being frightened for the first time.

That sent shivers down my spine.

Why I Think This Is An American Plan

If I compare what I heard here with the only other commentary I have heard today, from Alexander Mercouris, then it seems to me that in his assessment Gonzalo Lira has hit the nail on the head.

To anyone who does not actually FEEL the danger in the air I have to say I have little in common.

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