Gonzalo Liro with Alex Christoforou, Pepe Escobar and iEarlGrey

Gonzalo Liro with Alex Christoforou, Pepe Escobar and iEarlGrey

Subjects covered:

  1. The foundation and expansion of the modern Silk Road, known as the Belt and Road Project, which has 6 routes, 5 of which are overland.
  2. Will Europe be involved OR sulk, divorced in a poorer corner subservient to the USA?
  3. Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan.
  4. New ASEAN and South American members of BRICS+ to build a multipolar world.
  5. Financial war between Russia and NATO/USA. Will USA negotiate peace in Ukraine with Russia? Or will NATO pivot to create conflict with China?
  6. Pepe explains Chinese diplomatic behaviour.
  7. Was Ukraine going to invade the Donbas in late Feb 2022 which triggered the Russian Special Operations? Mike Earl Grey mentions the OSCE observations of increasing shelling of Donbas by Ukraine from 17th Feb onwards.
  8. Gonzalo explains the effect of hollowing of industrial western countries causing inadequate stock of hardware and troops.
  9. Ukraine’s 2nd largest city, Kharkov experience: 80% of population evacuated, but now recovering a little due to supplies arriving from the west.
  10. 15th April – 22nd April Gonzalo was incarcerated by SBU and must stay in Kharkov.
  11. Lavrov’s ambiguous statement about Russian remaining in Ukraine but covering how much territory? What about Odessa and Transnistria?
  12. Russia may freeze, wait, regroup and push to the river.
  13. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) discussion of a basket of currencies backed by gold. Iranian connectivity plans. Caspian summit.
  14. European exclusion and isolation because of US bullying policies.
  15. MbS “kicking Biden in the behind” over fossil fuels.
  16. EU 60,000 bureaucrats + appointed commissioners with massive salaries swanning around parliament in Brussels. Kafkaesque nightmare! Ursula von der Leyen’s shocking reputation.
  17. Incompetent leadership and lying media in the West. Clown world!
  18. Censorship and Cancel Culture. Politically controlled social media. “Stupidistan”!! Pop culture and de-platforming.
  19. The single narrative and loss of debate. Leader class contempt for the working class.
  20. Persecution of dissidents. Freezing of bank accounts and incarceration.
  21. Technological centralisation. Wokeness, liberalism, green ideology.
  22. Where would be safe to live in view of food shortages and the energy crisis?
  23. Covid 19 rules have alienated the public. (Italy as example). Social tension + zombification. “Online-istan” is now the only place to debate but with limits! Political debate in Istanbul is an international melting pot. Moscow is confident of its intellectual capacity. Greece has US military bases, homelessness, banks folding and sky high debt.
  24. Wokeness will collapse.

FINAL WORDS: Gonzalo says the coming winter will be very rough but will bust illusions. Mike Earl Grey is worried about British poor being treated as useless eaters. Pepe thinks that westerners should adopt eastern philosophy like Buddhism and Taoism. Alex says when a door closes another opens.

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