What is being done IN THE NAME OF climate change?

I can see with my own eyes what is happening with the climate and yet there is something else going on.


Hal Turner,

19 May, 2021


The federal government of the United States is offering farmers 1.5 times the value of their crops . . .  if farmers DESTROY those crops!  If farmers decline the “offer” that same government will stop all farm subsidies for refusing.

Here from a farm family member:

You heard it with your own ears, directly from a guy who whose family owns a farm: “They’re trying to create a food shortage!”

HOLODOMOR 2.0 guys. It can happen again. The same people that have brought you 100s of millions of dead last century using famine, are in power now in the US and most of the world.  They used food as a weapon in places like Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, and now they’re going to try to do the same thing here in the USA.


The Biden administration announced on Wednesday, 21 April,  that it would expand a program that pays farmers to leave land fallow, part of a broader, government-wide effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. The new initiative will incentivize farmers to take land out of production by raising rental rates and incentive payments. 

The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) was created in 1985 to incentivize landowners to leave some of their marginal land unplanted, a plan meant to protect the environment by reducing agricultural runoff into streams and rivers, preserving wildlife habitats, and preventing erosion. Today, the Department of Agriculture (USDA) “rents” about 21 million acres of farmland from landowners, typically for 10 years at a time—a tiny fraction of the total land farmed nationwide. In recent years, the number of acres enrolled in CRP has fallen, possibly because USDA’s rental payments allegedly have not been competitive with the open market.


  1. Speaking as a small scale organic farmer in the US, I can only agree with this premise. It’s not just subsidies, or lack thereof, but weather warfare as well: Very early warming followed by hard freeze …. after a few times of starting over, the plants and trees give up. This weather whiplash kills the pollinators too, so that when the plants finally flower, there are no pollinators around to complete the cycle of life. The drought/flood routine is also part of this. This is real, not just a gut feeling, our weather is being engineered without our knowledge or consent, and most definitely Not to our benefit.

    1. The cold is controlled to some degree by growers maintaining fires in orchards or spraying water overnight to prevent frost damage. Gotta roll with whatever is thrown at you by whomever.

  2. There is definitely “something else going on”; but I suspect that we will only discover what it is in hindsight.
    I read and view a wide diversity of opinion and comment, from Roy Potter and Vickingprepardness to The Daily Blog.
    I have sympathy for all but commitment to none.
    Is Gregory Mannarino right that all Central Banks will soon switch us to a digital currency?
    Time will tell.
    Is Richard Prosser correct that harvesting rain water will soon be restricted?
    Time will tell.
    The day any “authority” tries to restrict what I can grow on my few acres,I will be certain of my status and of my response.

    1. I’m sure that’s the type of thing the government publishers just like their FEMA records. Just look around the world what’s happening in India has nothing to do with Covid and everything to do with the farmers and people starving to death!

  3. If you are a farmer and experiencing the government paying you to destroy crops I urge you to make a video and put it on YouTube so that we can see the check from the government. Proof is power.

    1. I agree! We need to see proof. See an official document photocopy. This video has made it onto a respected paper and from there on to a serious commentator’s show. We need proof NOT unnecessary fretting! K. Hammer

    2. Well Bill Gates has been buying up farmland. The guy for population control. That there says something wicked this way comes.

      1. We have to grow our own food (produce) & try to find a local ranch or farm that sells fresh meats, unless we all want to eat mystery meat in the future!

    3. YouTube is part of google and google is blocking all reports of this happening. Open your eyes America before it too late!!! TURN TO JESUS CHRIST!!! Horrible Biblical prophecy is coming true and God’s Judgment is starting.

  4. We need well educated NONfreemason militias forming! We have to start handling the threat or our babies are gonna be slaves or killed off. Time to face reality that we have to stand. Either we start uniting NOW or these kourt hof juden/shabbos goy Gentile/ jesuit black nobility Freemason secret societies are gonna fulfill their great work of slavery and genocide!!!!!! If your ancestors fought in the revolutionary war then ”tis YOUR duty to stand as a son of the revolution and FINISH what your amazing grandfathers started for us!!!! Wake the hell up sons of those patriot minutemen!!!!

  5. Long on hype short on facts, where, what crops, what programs sippy the subsides. Some guy makes a video and has no back data or information. I call bullshit!

    1. It’s a short video reporting on what he has been told. Where is the hype? I think you need to take things as they are as part of the picture rather than just rejecting because you choose not to believe it.

  6. See April 21, 2021 Government Paper on Farming/Subsidies/Forestry/Landuse/Climate Change and you might be a little reassured re video. No quite as grim in the immediate future in my opinion unless weather creates issues.
    Keep going, farmers and God bless you! We need you!

  7. Not everything is a conspiracy. The Conservation Reserve Program has been around since 1985, originally established to protect the nation’s soil resources by removing marginal lands from intense agricultural production. The CRP was introduced in the 1985 farm bill, as a measure to counteract the, “get big or get out” and the “farm fence line to fence line” policies initiated during the Richard Nixon/Earl Butz regime. Before that production was controlled by farm policy, with programs like set aside acres and soil bank. A couple of the benefits of the current CRP is that as lands are returned to long term vegetative cover CO2 is sequestered and biodiversity is enhanced, Hopefully, next time one makes note of the evil government and how they are all out to get us, there is minimal review of US farm history and policy.

  8. If any of this is true then Farmers need to stand up to this. Do NOT sell your land. If you are threatened record it and get it put to the many Freedom Organizations out there and let us know, the people, what we can do to help. DO not destroy your crops! What is the amount of subsidies needed to continue farming? When the American people come together we can accomplish anything. We have to fight this and not just wish each other good luck. Something tells me that is not what our courageous ancestors said when it came to fighting for their freedom. I think it was more like Go to hell, we don’t like your terms..

  9. Funny… Bill Gates mentioned COVID-19 well before it happened and so did Dr. Fauci… Not that long ago Bill Gates mentioned a coming food shortage!! Then Bill Gates goes and buys about 260,000 acres of farmland… Farmers don’t let them do this! Don’t get rid of your crops! AMERICAN’s WILL STEP UP AND SUPPORT YOU!!

  10. I’ve seen videos after videos after videos. Farmers crying, framers angry, kids of parents coming forward saying that their crops need to be destroyed or the government won’t give them the subsidies. This isn’t a “fact-check” it’s reality. This administration is trying to put the final mail in the coffin. Whatever covid didn’t take care of they are gonna make sure more people die. POPULATION CONTROL! Y’all think the movies like Hunger Games, Purge, amongst other movies is for entertainment. They are getting you used to the scenario so when it does happen…THE NEW WORLD ORDER will happen you’ll be primed. KNOW JESUS NOW! Praying for our farmers in America!!! We need to fight back because trust me, they are going to try to do another lockdown. I see it. PRAY PEOPLE!!!! Stock up your food supply!

    1. We have been feeling lead to store as much food as possible for the upcoming years. So far, we’ve been taking advantages of sale prices at the stores & freeze-drying it. [We bought 2 freeze-dryers which are continually in use.] We didn’t know why we’ve been feeling lead this way but it’s become clear. Hard times are coming. We’re now devising a plan of how to take advantage of our property for setting up a greenhouse and various garden spots. I’m also in the process of setting up a site to help others follow our lead. Hard times are coming. We must be ready.

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