Graphene oxide: a resource

Graphene oxide: a resource

I have put together a resource for researching graphene oxide in the covid “vaccines”

One of the foremost sites for information on grahene oxide is Orwell City which specialises in translating material from the Spanish researchers, La Quinta Columna,

Orwell City

Here are some of the latest items:

Dr. Martín Monteverde: ‘Medical Schools will have to rethink everything from now on’

Dr. Chinda Brandolino refers to the technology that makes it possible for the Bluetooth to read codes in inoculated individuals

Non-ionizing radiation exceeding 50 times the maximum allowed in open places

La Quinta Columna comments on cases of myocarditis caused by the ‘vaccine’

Magnetic Dust: Graphene oxide suspended in the air

UV Index Sensors help detect high levels of radiation in the environment

Dr. José Luis Sevillano explains how vaccinated individuals are being irradiated from the outside and the inside

Vaccinated individuals show radioactivity that could make unvaccinated ill

The Rumble site for Orwell City is HERE

Jeff Rense and Erica Khan have talked about this a lot on

Jeff Rense and Erica Khan

Jeff & Erica Khan – Green Goo – Life In The Era Of ‘Humane Genocide’

Jeff & Erica Khan – Internet ‘News’ Sites Running Wild With Graphene Oxide Abetted By ‘Borrowed’ Research From La Quinta Columna – The Mass Mind Control Now Unleashed On Americans With ‘Get The Shot’ Thoughts

Jeff & Erica Khan – Cancers Breaking Out In Vaxed People, Spike Proteins And Radiation From Graphene Oxide, FDA Hustle And A Remarkable Covid Presentation In Barbados

The Graphene Oxide Vax Controversy

Jeff & Erica Khan – Ionizing Radiation, 5G And Graphene Oxide


This is a resource that was published by a contributor on Godlike Productions

This is a very serious topic that needs to be addressed. Below I have accumulated overwhelming evidence that these Covid jabs contain nanobots. Yes, nanobots. If that sounds ridiculous and sci-fi then read the evidence below because I can assure you, they are very real.

Nanobots are tiny machines that can be programmed to undergo a variety of tasks. The material used to build these particular nanobots is graphene oxide (GO). There is no conspiracy around whether or not GO is used to create these tiny robots. It is widely discussed in the biomedical industry. The sources for this are listed below. The applications of GO are quite varied and are activated in a number of ways. These ways include millimetre wavelength frequencies and Lidar laser technology. The sources for this are listed below in the ‘Graphene industry discussion’ section. Just in case the penny hasn’t dropped, this refers to the 5G frequency range. Lidar technology is found in all new model iphones, which is constantly pulsing out light on the non-visible spectrum. None of this is conspiracy. It is established engineering.

Below are multiple peer-reviewed sources stating that GO is used in biomedical technology. The smoking gun paper describes its uses in Covid vaccines. There is patent evidence of GO being used in Covid vaccines. The main counter to this argument is that none of the vaccines list GO as a direct component. This is invalid for several reasons; firstly, of all those ingredients official sources will list, you do not know what they all are. Some are compounds that do not need to disclose their make up; Secondly, the nature of industry trade secrets mean that various materials do not need to be disclosed in this manner; Third, in the section below labelled “Peer-reviewed evidence of GO used in medical treatments” is a paper stating that GO can be stabilised in electrolyte solutions. It can be added to saline and only saline needs to be listed as an ingredient. There is a dozen ways they can introduce this compound into those jabs without it being officially listed.

‘But Vin, surely someone would notice and blow the whistle!’. Yes, they would, and many have. Of all the sources I list below the ONLY sources that any scientifically minded person can ignorantly disregard are the various organisations that have posted their data and findings showing GO contained in samples of the various jabs that they have acquired. You can choose to ignore these sources if you want, and many of you will. But you cannot ignore every other source that isn’t in the category below labelled “Non-mainstream sources of GO found in jabs”. If you want to be a real scientist you can at least entertain the sources in that category.

So now we are left with the question: “Why would people put nanobots into these jabs?” I’m not going to answer that for you, that you need to think about for yourself. The pharmaceutical industry has engaged in some of the most ruthless and unethical business models ever seen in human society. The evidence for this is also overwhelming. The largest civil lawsuit settlements on record have been paid out by pharmaceutical companies. A settlement is one step down from an admission of guilt. A large proportion of America is addicted to Fentanyl, a substance supplied to them by the pharmaceutical industry. If you can’t come up with a good answer of why these people would want to introduce nanobots into your body that can be activated by 5G frequencies or lidar technology you are beyond saving. All new phones contain lidar technology. 5G towers went up all over the globe at the start of this pandemic and now litter our urban landscapes. This isn’t conspiracy. Read the evidence below. It is science and engineering.

You can choose to ignore all of this if you want. Everything I have said is backed up by peer-reviewed science papers and industry sources. The only sources that are unacceptable to the mainstream are researchers publishing their findings of the covid vaccines. The only sources that can be ignored (because apparently science consists of ignoring contrary data these days) are whistle-blower sources. What is the excuse for that? Are these people just faking it to get clicks? Really? The only non-mainstream evidence is censored research. Think about that for a minute. All this evidence very strongly suggests that if you have got one of these jabs, you have had nanobots introduced into your body. Now you can be a child and choose to ignore all this and just hope that I am wrong, and all these science papers are just to fuck with you, and that those swell guys in the pharmaceutical industry have your best interests at heart. Or you can be an adult, and face the reality that maybe, just maybe, an incredibly rich and powerful industry has used its enormous resources to profit off you and deceive you. Deceive you into introducing a compound into your system that can be used to do almost anything to your body, using already established technologies.

The only help I can offer if any of this has gotten through to you is the video at the very bottom of the sources. It is by the Spanish researchers that were one of the groups to isolate GO in the jabs. They suggest antioxidants. I’m not a doctor so look into it more. It makes logical sense that your body would classify GO as free radicals, so anything that aids your body in combating free radicals might be beneficial. Heavy metal detoxs may also work but again, I’m not a doctor and I cannot tell you how to offset this. But being aware that there is a problem is the first step to solving it.

I’m not writing this to try scare people. I’m writing this because lots of my friends and family have decided to cave to coercion and undergo this procedure, and I feel duty-bound to warn you all about what you have done. Don’t stick your head in the sand about this. Don’t roll the dice with your life. Don’t entrust the future of your health to the most evil industry on the planet, an industry that directly profits from the continued sickness of mankind. Governments all over the planet are indirectly forcing this upon all of us and there is a very obvious motive as to why such a global rollout is being undertaken.

I sincerely hope this all amounts to nothing and everyone really is ok. But there is an enormous amount of evidence below that suggests otherwise. I beg that you at least consider it.


Patent evidence of GO can be found here:
[link to (secure)]
Filed by Shanghai National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology

Peer-reviewed evidence of GO used to make nanobots:

“Recently, graphene family nanomaterials such as graphene (G) and graphene oxide (GO) attracted substantial interest as new platforms for SCs-based biomedical applications, because of their physicochemical properties, distinctive nanostructure, and outstanding mechanical properties
[link to (secure)]

Smoking gun peer-reviewed paper:
“Over the past few years, graphene and graphene-related materials (GRMs) have attracted huge attention of the researchers owing to their wide spectrum properties such as high surface area, high electrical mobility and conductivity, excellent mechanical, electrochemical, and piezoelectric properties, and efficacy against microbes and viruses”
[link to (secure)]

Evidence of GO used to make nanobots:

Explanation of the technology starting at 1:28
[link to (secure)]

How nanotech is utilised in biomed technology:
[link to (secure)]

“Graphene oxide (GO) because of its 2D structure and fascinating chemical and physical attributes has created enormous interest in the field of electrochemistry”
[link to (secure)]

“Rapid advancement of transparent flexible electronics has great potential for next-generation energy devices for self-powered nanosystems and nanosensors”
[link to (secure)]

“Investigation of porosity, microstructure and mechanical properties of additively manufactured graphene”
[link to (secure)]

Graphene industry discussion:

“The group are also working on polymer nanoparticles with potential antiviral effects and pulsatile release vaccine systems”
[link to (secure)]

Graphene industry defending the use of graphene in face masks:
“The amount of graphene used in properly prepared face masks is typically a low percentage of the total materials used”
[link to (secure)]

More industry evidence of graphene ink in face masks:
[link to (secure)]

Nobel Prize winner who helped isolate graphene:
“it definitely will be used – and, in fact, already is being used – to fight the virus, either in diagnostics or in protective gear or as an active ingredient.”
[link to (secure)]

Engineering discussion of GO
“practical applications of graphene have included the development of graphene-based FET mixers, RF transistors and controllable resistive devices such as metasurfaces, and absorbers”
[link to (secure)]

“GRAPHAR project aims at demonstrating that graphene can enable a promising platform for solid-state LIDAR systems based on OPA with high output power”
[link to (secure)]

Peer-reviewed evidence of GO used in medical treatments:

“In the future, it is (GO) expected to be introduced into vaccine research to improve the efficacy of vaccines.”
[link to (secure)]

GO as a drug delivery nanosystem.
[link to (secure)]

2017 study about how to address the blood toxicity problem of GO.
[link to (secure)]

“In this study, we carefully engineered graphene oxide as a vaccine adjuvant for immunotherapy”
[link to (secure)]

Two-dimensional graphene oxide nanoparticles have great potential as a novel vaccine platform due to their extraordinary attributes”
[link to (secure)]

Successful Stabilization of Graphene Oxide in Electrolyte Solutions:
[link to (secure)]

Re: The overwhelming evidence of nanobots in the jabs

Misc Sources:

Australian Health Minister’s brother is the Chairman of Graphene Technology Solutions:
[link to (secure)]

What can we do about it?

Spanish researchers find a way to remove magnetic graphene from the body after COVID jab
[link to (secure)]

Unsurprisingly, it is the evidence of researchers finding GO in the jabs that the censor filter has an issue with, so I’ll go through them piecemeal until I identify which one specifically it has a problem with.

Data paper of detection of GO in Pfizer jab:
[link to (secure)]
Doctor discussing GO findings in jabs:
[link to (secure)]

Spanish researchers share their findings of GO in AZ jabs:
[link to (secure)]
German researchers finding evidence of GO in jabs:
[link to (secure)]
Former Pfizer whiste-blower:
[link to (secure)]
Chinese whistle-blower exposing the use of GO in jabs:
[link to (secure)]
Dr. Robert Young on Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide and Covid Vaccines

The apparent magnetisation of the injection site has been noted and investigated by scientists in Luxembourg –

This and similar observations caused Spanish scientists to become curious about that actual contents of the vaccinations, since they wanted to understand what was giving rise to the magnetic effects.

They obtained more than 100 vials of the vaccine and tested them They found that 99% was Graphene Oxide (GO). Spanish lab finds graphene oxide in blood…/4_5976673186836646447.pdf…

The Spanish scientists wrote up their report here –

South American lab finds graphene oxide in blood

If it contains so much GO, that is odd. GO is unnecessary for eliciting any immune response. So what is its purpose…..

Read rest of article HERE

TFAF 14: Dr. Robert Young on Graphene Oxide


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