Greek site: Nato-led forces invade Ukraine – alarms were bases of the Alliance – Emptied the Russian Camps

Greek site: Nato-led forces invade Ukraine – alarms were bases of the Alliance – Emptied the Russian Camps


Warnews 24/7 (Greece),

1 April, 2021


Writer: Claus Καπούλας

The worst possible scenario is evolving at this time, as well as Ukraine has invited Nato troops for exercises and joint air patrols by aircraft of NATO in order to “stabilise the region”.

This development came after the communication USA-Ukraine and the announcement of the State Department as it was revealed today in the morning the WarNews247

At the same time, the Nato forces in Poland and Romania have been raised to the highest war alarm.

All the information indicate that the proposal-call of Kiev has already been accepted and the next few hours will bring Nato-led forces in Ukraine.

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Support the USA in Ukraine

Earlier, the Minister of Defense of the united states, Lloyd Austin, spoke by phone with Ukrainian counterpart Andriy Taran today.

There o the defence minister of the united states, L. Austin, carrying the readiness in support of the united states.

“The united states will support Ukraine in the face of continued Russian aggression in the Donbass and Crimea,” said characteristics.

Alarm at the Headquarters of the NATO – Double meetings

At the same time, there were two meetings at NATO Headquarters. The one on the convening of the military committee of NATO due to “Russian aggression”.

“The NATO Council had an emergency meeting to discuss the issue of Russian aggression.

There the allies exchanged “common concerns about Russia and the recent major military activities in the If. Ukraine and the Black Sea”.

Officials of the NATO, reported Reuters the following:

“Russia is undermining the peace process in eastern Ukraine. The Allies are concerned about the Russian violations and for the large Russian military movements near the Ukrainian border.

Russia has violated the ceasefire 570 times since the beginning of the year.

The deputy head of the Office of the Ukrainian president, Roman Mashovets, met with Alexander Vinnikov, head of office of NATO in Ukraine to discuss the Russian aggressive escalation in the east of the country and the concentration of forces at the border.

See video. The Belarusian forces lined up to 20 km from the Ukrainian border

They emptied the Russian Camps

It doesn’t matter to list what exactly has transferred the Russia in the Crimea and on the border with Ukraine.

As long as the words of a Russian officer and videos featuring the WarNews247:

“The Russian prison camps in the Southern Military District of Russia with the Zone of Responsibility of the Crimea and Ukraine have an empty”!

Even the 247 Airborne Regiment was transferred to the Crimea, units, electronic warfare, endless columns with tanks, artillery, etc.

Belarusian forces are located in 20 km from the Ukrainian border in the village of Pinsk.


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