Guy Hatchard: the Most Alarming Prospect of the Pandemic

Guy Hatchard: the Most Alarming Prospect of the Pandemic

What Is the Most Alarming Prospect of the Pandemic?

Guy Hatchard,

9 June, 2022

Out of the many articles I have written during the pandemic, the ones that elicit the most enthusiastic and emotionally charged responses are those describing the stupidity of ministers.

It is of course an easy out to blame the PM and call for a replacement. One thing I learned over the years is that a change of leadership often doesn’t really change much.


The candidates for blame are many. These are my top picks:

  • The poor decisions of government
  • The removal of the right of medical choice
  • The failure to control biotechnology experimentation
  • The pharmaceutical monopoly of medicine

When we were campaigning for labelling GM foods back in the 90s, we were successful because of consumer choice. Once informed, people chose to maintain their traditional food values and reject novel gene altered food.

If you remove the right of medical choice, as happened all over the world during the pandemic, there is no consumer power. You are left powerless.

The government took its pandemic policy decisions from a very low knowledge base concerning biotechnology. They simply went with the pharmaceutical lobby which is near total. They asked very few questions and dismissed any advice to the contrary.

But the winner for blame is the failure to control biotechnology experimentation. At Wuhan Virology Laboratory and all around the world, diseases were being weaponized and still are.


Scientists were enthusiastically and deliberately combining deadly illnesses with invasive techniques to penetrate the body’s defences. This was and is going on under the benign smokescreen of the word ‘vaccination’.

No one informed governments that genetic fragments are incredibly mobile. They can race around the world in days. They can never be recalled.

No one informed governments that the stability of the immune system has evolved over uncounted millions of years through a co-evolutionary relationship with the wider epigenetic environment of plants, animals, and the earth’s climate. A stability that could be upset in a moment.

No one informed governments that our nutritional processes and ultimately our health depends on the genetic content of our natural foods inputted through the gut and supported by the air we breathe.

No one pointed out that our mental processes are connected to our physiology in a reciprocal relationship mediated by our DNA.

Nor did anyone mention that mRNA techniques would inevitably upset the function if not the structure of DNA, and thereby disturb the connection between mind and body.

Everyone forgot to mention that the primary determinants of health are balanced diet, lifestyle, exercise, rest, clean air, pure environment, and happiness. They account for 99% of good health outcomes.

This could and should have been the basis of government messaging, not the constant fear-mongering which only serves to degrade health and create psychological stress.

No one mentioned that the first rule of gene therapy was that unintended adverse effects are inevitable.

Instead, governments received the all clear and all safe messaging of public relations experts well recompensed by those who stood to profit the most.

There is an alarming French television series called ‘Peur Sur Le Lac’ about a biotechnology scientist who was blackmailed into releasing the Ebola virus on an unsuspecting population.

The history of criminology is endlessly full of examples of crimes and mistakes. Biotechnology experimentation is endlessly full of the most dangerous pathogens on the planet waiting to fall victim to criminal intent.

It is inconceivable that deadly crimes will not take place, crimes that will drag the whole world down.

And here’s the rub, biotech scientists are even now busy creating new and even more deadly pathogens. They are being funded by governments and unscrupulous entrepreneurs.

They are being funded by military strategists shielded by both shady and well-respected regimes. They are proclaiming their innocence whilst engaging with the most deadly and unstoppable disasters known to man.

Biotechnologists are promising us they will cure all illness and prolong life, whilst hiding the very real risks and confirmed prospects of shortened life.

Young students are being trained in large numbers at universities all over the world to play God with the safety of the human race using nothing but a little bit of hardly understood knowledge. A more baseless and dangerous professional endeavour cannot be imagined.

If governments do not control biotechnology experimentation, they are promoting the greatest risks so far known to mankind and inevitably exposing an unsuspecting population of the world.

They are doing so in the name of health, an enterprise seeped in the deepest deception.

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