Hackers Launch Widespread Cyber-Attack on Western Banks, Corporations, and Government Agencies

Hackers Launch Widespread Cyber-Attack on Western Banks, Corporations, and Government Agencies

Three hacking groups recently threatened to launch a destructive cyber-attack on the Western banking system including the SWIFT international bank wire communication network. A number of financial, corporate, and government institutions have been hacked over the past 72 hours. Adding to the drama are unconfirmed rumors about the movement of military troops inside the USA.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 6/19/23

NATO moves to protect undersea pipelines, cables as concern mounts over Russian sabotage threat

NATO launched a new center Friday for protecting undersea pipelines and cables following the still-unsolved apparent attack on the Nord Stream pipelines and amid concern Russia is mapping vital Western infrastructure for energy and the internet in waters around Europe.

“The threat is developing,” Lt. Gen. Hans-Werner Wiermann, who heads a special cell focused on the challenge, said after NATO defense ministers gave the greenlight for the new center, located in Northwood, northwest London.

“Russian ships have actively mapped our critical undersea infrastructure. There are heightened concerns that Russia may target undersea cables and other critical infrastructure in an effort to disrupt Western life,” he told reporters at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

NATO was spurred into action after an apparent attack on two Baltic Sea gas pipelines in September.

The suspected attacks on the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines, which were built to carry Russian natural gas to Germany, are still being investigated. No blame has been officially attributed, but NATO has boosted its presence in the Baltic and North Seas since then, with dozens of ships, supported by maritime patrol aircraft and undersea equipment like drones.

Social media show ‘troubling’ mass military movement across N. America

A number of US and Canadian cities have witnessed unexplained military movements and deployments causing citizens great concern as they take to social media.

For the past few days, videos, on various social media platforms, predominantly Twitter, have surfaced depicting unusual US military equipment, vehicles, planes, and others being moved across multiple US cities.

These videos are making US citizens increasingly more concerned. One user has claimed that such movement has been witnessed across 27 US states, as well as a number of states across Canada.

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