Hal Turner hacked

Hal Turner hacked


— The site is NOT working properly – Not even for Subscribers —

 On Thanksgiving evening, someone got into and completely wrecked this web site. A **LOT** of damage was done.  The site is NOT working correctly; especially not for subscribers.

The articles content will not display.   Only people who are LOGGED-OUT can even see this message!

My tech guy took time away from HIS Thanksgiving, trying to repair what was damaged.   He also spent several hours this morning trying to fix things.

As of 12:42 PM eastern US Time on Friday, the audio archives are all restored, including last night’s show, but only for subscribers.  Yet, if subscribers log-in, they cannot see any articles!  Like I said, a LOT of damage.

You CAN still tune-in to the show using the LISTEN ONLINE links in the menu bar at the top of this page when the show airs from 9:00-10:00 PM eastern US Time.  THAT STILL WORKS!

Of course, they waited until a holiday to do this, likely thinking I could not get help on a holiday.  And the damage they did has really wrecked most of the functionality for paying subscribers, so it is likely someone who did NOT subscribe, who doesn’t like the idea that I am getting paid from this site.  Lastly, they timed this to coincide with monthly FUND RAISING, likely to make it frustrating for people, and thereby reluctant to donate.   Very well planned, this attack.

I am working to fix things.   It will take time.   I am also going to get walloped with a big tech bill for the hours of work they’re doing.   So please donate using the box below so I can get things fixed and continue broadcasting into next month.

Email Says UKRAINE HACKERS hit this site

The email says he has been hacked by Ukrainians and that this will keep on happening



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