Has Gonzalo Lira resurfaced in Belarus?

Has Gonzalo Lira resurfaced in Belarus?

This has appeared on Facebook.  
Apparently Gonzalo has resurfaced in Belarus – does anyone know how far it is from Kharkov to Belarus!!
A new Twitter account has been surfaced up, although there is nothing on Telegram.
I would LOVE for this to be true but am deeply suspicious. 
Vanessa Beeley says Eva Bartlett is trying to check on this.
Here is his new Twitter account
She has appeared on UK Column




I shall repost this.
It appeared in comments on Telegram from a completely different account


4 thoughts on “Has Gonzalo Lira resurfaced in Belarus?

  1. Please link the Telegram channel where you found that audio file. I have to say that it sounds faked. It’s spliced at the end, which is strange. It has the same sound as many of the alleged calls from the planes on 9/11 – and those were faked.

  2. RT is reporting he was captured by SBU.
    Thankfully he says he is OK. But he’s apparently not allowed to leave Kharkov. It doesn’t sound good.

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