Hezbollah Chief: US “Directly Responsible” For Gaza Atrocities, Will Soon Pay “Heavy Price”

Hezbollah Chief: US “Directly Responsible” For Gaza Atrocities, Will Soon Pay “Heavy Price”

Hassan Nasrallah: “Hezbollah has developed anti-ship missiles – We will engage in full force if Israel does not end its operation”

“IDF Must Not Win In Gaza – Israeli Army Is Paper”

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has sent an ultimatum to the US and Israel demanding an immediate end to the Israeli ground operation in Gaza or Hezbollah will be involved in the war with all its forces.

He also noted that he has ordered the development of anti-ship missiles for US and Israeli warships while warning the Americans not to get involved in the war.


Regarding the arsenal of anti-ship missiles, it is known that Hezbollah has long-range Iranian ones, while there is also information about Russian P-800 Yakhonts.

“I warn Israel that all of Lebanon’s options remain on the table. We are all ready and prepared for all options. I warn them that at any moment we may choose an option from the table.

This war is not like the previous ones. Everything will change after this war. All Arab states must work for the victory of the Palestinian resistance.

I salute and give my blessing to the weapons of the [Shiite] Islamic Resistance of Iraq, who have decided to go to war, and to all others who will decide to fight for Palestine,” he said .

According to Israeli analysts, new fronts will open in the area in the next few hours or even days.



What did Nasrallah say earlier?

Nasrallah gave the green light to the Iraqi branch of Hezbollah and pro-Iranian Shiite militias to enter the war while speaking of a decisive and historic battle in Gaza that is unprecedented.

He noted that Israel cannot be allowed to win in Gaza as this will have repercussions in Lebanon as well.

It is the first time that the leader of the organization based in Lebanon speaks publicly about the developments in the region after the outbreak of the war between Israel and Hamas.

Hassan Nasrallah began his speech by praising “the fallen martyrs” of Hezbollah and other groups fighting Israel, as well as the civilians who were killed.



The main points of his speech

Nasrallah said Hezbollah entered the fray on October 8, the day after Hamas’s surprise attack on southern Israel. He stressed that the daily exchange of fire with Israeli forces along the Lebanese border may seem modest, but it is very significant, calling it an unprecedented exchange of fire since 1948.

Nasrallah also confirmed that 57 Hezbollah fighters have been killed so far.

-If we did not fight, then Israel would have sent all the forces it has in the north to Gaza and the course of the war would have been different. The Lebanon front has unsettled Israel. We do the right thing, with sacrifices.

– We have been fighting the occupying forces with such intensity since 8/10, which is unprecedented and that is why we have so many martyrs among our comrades.

-Some want Hezbollah to declare war on Israel. They have not understood that we are fighting the occupying forces on the border with occupied Palestine every day since 8/10 and this is already having a big impact on the war

-Thank you to all those who stand by the Palestinians but especially Yemen and the Iraqis [meaning the Shiites] who entered the war.

-We have heard for years that the so-called Israeli army is the best in the world. Now it has been proven and everyone knows that it is weaker than a spider’s web. The Americans send their aircraft carriers and their fleet to rescue them.

-Israel does not learn from its mistakes. It doesn’t fix. There is no other choice but to resist the invaders who occupy the land of Palestine. Resistance requires sacrifice from all of us.

-Israel is afraid. As he feared in 2006 and that is why he was defeated in Lebanon. We saw them enter our villages and tremble with fear. They fear for their lives. They are not ready to die for their ideals.

The objectives in war

Nasrallah warned the world “not to lose sight” of two short-term goals: ending the war in Gaza and allowing the “resistance” in Gaza – including Hamas – to “triumph”.

Such a triumph, he said, would be a victory for all the peoples of the region – for the peoples of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and ” above all, it is a national patriotic interest for Lebanon.”

Nasrallah continues, saying that Hezbollah is escalating its operations by the day and forcing Israel to keep its forces near the Lebanese border instead of Gaza or the occupied West Bank.

Attacking Lebanon would be the ‘most stupid’ mistake, says Nasrallah, as he warns that ‘all options are open’

An attack on Lebanon would be the “stupidest mistake” Israel could make, Hezbollah leader warns. The Lebanese militant group has been involved in almost daily fighting along its border with Israel since the conflict with Hamas began, and Hassan Nasrallah has already warned that this could escalate.

“If the enemy starts attacking any area of ​​Lebanon it will make the biggest, most stupid mistake,” he says. He adds that an escalation of his fighter’s operation will depend on “what happens in Gaza” and “our enemy’s morale towards Lebanon”.

“I will say it with all transparency, on our front, all possibilities are open”, he says.

Watch live:

“The battle continues”

Hassan Nasrallah says he explains Hezbollah’s position and the environment in Lebanon. He expresses his “gratitude” to those in Yemen and Iraq who “participated in this battle”. He says the “battle of al-Aqsa Flut,” as Hamas calls its attacks on Israel, has expanded on more than one front. The battle continues, says Nasrallah.

The Hezbollah chief also expressed his “condolences and condolences” to the families of those killed in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, including those killed during Hamas’ “al-Aqsa flood” operations inside Israel, which he says, ” extended to many battle fronts.’

“It is a continuous battle on a human, moral and religious level. It is the most obvious, the most honest and the most noble” , he said and added:

“Our true strength lies in our steadfast faith, unwavering conviction, dedication and commitment to the cause.”

The October 7th attack was 100% Palestinian

Hezbollah’s leader describes the Hamas attack that sparked the conflict as “big” and “holy”, saying it was carried out “100% by Palestinians”.

The October 7 attack in Israel killed hundreds of people and the group’s fighters took at least 200 hostages in Gaza. “This operation is big, this holy operation was 100% Palestinian and implemented by Palestinians ,” he says.

“There was no downside to this business and they couldn’t have done it any other way .

Referring to life in Gaza, he says there are more than two million people living in a “small area” and having a “very difficult life”.

“There had to be a major event that shook the usurping entity and its supporters in Washington and London and then the blessed operation of October 7 took place,” he said .

Earthquake in Israel, Hamas’ secret operation

“Ultimate secrecy is what ensured the success of Operation Al Aqsa Flood on October 7.” “We were not disturbed by Hamas’s concealment of the October 7 attack plan,” he said.

“There had to be a major event that shook the usurping entity and its supporters in Washington and London and then the blessed operation of October 7 took place,” he said .

Continuing he said:

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood led to an earthquake in Israel. It has strategic and existential implications and will leave its effects on Israel’s present and future.

What happened confirms that Iran has absolutely no tutelage over the resistance factions and the real decision makers are the resistance leaders.

Nothing has even started and we see countries around the world sending their presidents, their ministers, their generals, their arsenals, their billions to support this illegal entity.”

Nasrallah says the Hamas operation established a new historical phase in the battle with Israel.

He describes the Palestinian group’s decision to unleash the flood of Al-Aqsa as correct, wise and courageous, adding that it came at the right time. Hezbollah chief says one of Israel’s biggest mistakes now is setting goals it can’t achieve.

Israel has achieved nothing militarily

Nasrallah said Israel could take back the prisoners held in Gaza through negotiations. He adds that what is happening in Gaza shows Israel’s stupidity and incompetence because what they are doing is killing children and women. Hezbollah leader calls Israel “fragile”, said that for a whole month it has not been able to deliver a single military achievement.

Nasrallah said the Hamas operation established a new historical phase in the battle with Israel. He describes the Palestinian group’s decision to unleash the flood of Al-Aqsa as correct, wise and courageous, adding that it came at the right time. The Hezbollah chief said one of Israel’s biggest mistakes now is setting goals it can’t achieve.

The US state is “responsible for what happens in Gaza” and the people of the region, the Hezbollah leader said. Continuing his speech, Hassan Nasrallah said that Israel is “just a tool” and the US is “using it”.

Nasrallah said Arab and Muslim countries must work together to end the war in Gaza. He adds that “the enemy” threatens Lebanon and the Lebanese, while sinking into the sands of the Gaza Strip.

From Hal Turner.
Maybe it is just me but it seems that with Nasrallah not sending out the missiles he has lost interest.

Friday, 03 November 2023 – Fighting CONTINUES in Gaza – Deadline has Passed

From Zero Hedge

Hezbollah Chief: US “Directly Responsible” For Gaza Atrocities, Will Soon Pay “Heavy Price”

Summary recap: Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah’s speech went for just under one-and-a-half hours, and while full of threats and ultra-provocative heated words aimed at Israel and the United States, this was not a declaration of war speech. But he emphasized that Hezbollah’s full entry into war with Israel will be determined based on developing events in Gaza, and whether Israel halts its attacks on the Palestinian people. Shelling on the Israel-Lebanese border was reportedly ongoing through and by the end of the speech in Beirut (Nasrallah addressed his top officers via remote feed from a secure location).

All options on the table – The Grayzone live

— Some people say Hezbollah must intervene to ‘stop the bloodshed’

Dear people, what do you think would happen if Hezbollah declared war? Bloodshed would only increase, but this time it will be Beirut instead of Gaza.

Hezbollah will enter the war when it is necessary to do so to achieve victory. Currently, despite what people say, Hamas is in a good position, and it looks like Israel will not accomplish their objectives.

If Hamas is victorious without Hezbollah’s full-scale intervention, and Israel is unable to achieve their objectives, this is even better. This would certainly be the best scenario for the resistance. It means Gaza has become independent and self-sufficient in its resistance.

If Hamas can manage to exert a strategic and military defeat on Israel, besides the political defeat they have already inflicted, while at the same time preserving the power of Hezbollah, this is the best case scenario.

I see people WANTING Hezbollah to join. Not because it would actually help or be beneficial for Palestine in a practical sense, but simply because they get an adrenaline rush from seeing the expansion of war.

The stakes are extremely high, and Hezbollah getting involved would mean the US bombing of Lebanon, and a widescale conflict, which after it, we do not know if we will see Palestine be victorious.

Hezbollah will not intervene just for the sake of intervention, but rather only when it has a practical and realistic reason to do so.

Gaza and Palestine are currently on the winning end, despite their large sacrifices, so there is no point in betting extra money in the poker game you’re already winning.

There is no reason to take a huge risk when you are currently on the side of victory.



Last night Netanyahu was “considering” a humanitarian ceasefire.

This was his response

Several killed in Israeli attack on ambulance convoy: Gaza Health Ministry

Palestinian health ministry says several killed and dozens of others wounded in an Israeli attack on ambulance convoy

Several people have been killed and dozens of others wounded in an Israeli attack on an ambulance convoy near the al-Shifa Hospital in the besieged Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

The health ministry said “several citizens were killed and dozens wounded in an Israeli strike at the entrance to al-Shifa hospital” in Gaza City on Friday.

A convoy of ambulances was transporting critically wounded patients from al-Shifa Hospital to the Rafah border crossing with Egypt when it was targeted in an Israeli attack, said Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesman for the health ministry in Gaza.

“We informed the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, we informed the whole world, that those victims were lined up in those ambulances,” he said.

“This was a medical convoy.”

The Palestinian Red Crescent said one of its ambulances was targeted in the attack near al-Shifa. “The staff is safe,” it said.

Palestinian Red Crescent spokesman Mohamed Abu Musbah said the area where the ambulance was hit was extremely crowded” with civilians.


It’s not a united front.   

The Arabs are two-faced.

— / NEW: 8 Emirati planes carrying military aid and equipment for the Israeli army have landed at airports in the Negev over the past few days



If you ever doubted the demonic spirit see this

Netanyahu has said “you are either with us or with Hamas”. 

You’re either with us or Hamas – Israel

There can be no neutrality regarding the Middle East conflict, a spokesman for Israel’s Foreign Ministry has claimed

They are cutting off their nose to spite their face.

Israel ended communication with Russia: Readiness in F-35 Squadrons for Syria and Lebanon – With K. Soleimani’s ring, H. Nasrallah

“Hezbollah’s ultimatum expires today” the Russians say and expect…

Israel closed all communication channels with Russia after Moscow’s move to give Hmeimim air base to Iran for resupplying Hezbollah while putting all F-35 Adir Squadrons on high alert for missions in Syria and Lebanon.

It is very likely that Israel will attempt new risky bombings of Iranian and pro-Iranian positions in Syria even near Russian military bases.

But the problem right now is Hassan Nasrallah. The Russians insist that Hezbollah’s ultimatum expires today at 16:00 local time.

Also read: Russian rocket in Israel: Iran equips Hezbollah from Hmeimim base – IDF deploys Commando Brigade – Its positions hit with kamikaze drones

With K. Soleimani’s ring, H. Nasrallah… – Hezbollah’s ultimatum is being read…

Today at 16:00 Hezbollah’s ultimatum to Israel expires, Russian media reports.. Hezbollah has asked Israel to withdraw its army from the Gaza Strip. 

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is expected to speak at 16:00 today. The day before, the group released footage showing military preparations underway for missile launches.

Apparently, this is a hint that Hezbollah is ready to open a new front from the north against Israel.

Nasrallah’s much-anticipated speech will be broadcast as part of an event in the southern suburbs of Beirut, a Hezbollah stronghold, at 15:00 (13:00 GMT) on Friday, commemorating the militants killed in Israeli bombing.

The BBC’s Jeremy Bowen gives his own assessment of the content of Hassan Nasrallah’s speech.

As he writes, he could just say certain things just to contain the “boiling cauldron in the region” or he will speak to put some red lines on Israel, warning them to watch themselves.

But what the Israelis fear most is that it could say, ‘We just pushed the button and the rockets are headed your way,'” Bowen says.

It is noted that Hezbollah hit 19 points with rockets in northern Israel yesterday.

The announcement of Nasrallah’s speech was promoted on social media channels with an elegantly produced promo video full of mystery, showing a bearded man wearing a turban and a large ring.

The ring is very similar to the ring worn by Qassem Soleimani, head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, and when he was assassinated by the Americans in 2020, his body was identified only by the ring on his hand.

“So everyone in the region will get the message and Israel should be really worried about what Hezbollah is capable of doing,” concludes Jeremy Bowen.

Watch the Hezbollah videos that raised questions:



Tel Aviv on “very high alert” on the border with Lebanon

Israel is on “very, very high alert” along its northern border with Lebanon, a military spokesman said.

This comes ahead of an expected speech by the leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah later today and after the group claimed to have launched 19 consecutive strikes against Israel yesterday.

At the same time, the IDF put its F-35 Adir fighter jets on alert as part of a wide-ranging preparation for an escalation in the northern sector ahead of Hezbollah leader Nasrallah’s speech.

Israel has closed communication channels with Russia on Syria

Tel Aviv has stopped informing Moscow about its attacks on Syrian soil, Bloomberg reports.

American media report that Russia gave the “green light” to M. Assad to deliver Pantsir S-1 anti-aircraft systems through Wagner to Hezbollah.

These changes, along with an increase in attacks against targets on Syrian soil, exacerbate already strained relations between Israel and Russia.

In addition, there is the risk that Syria will become a new front in the Israel-Hamas war, a situation that the United States and its regional allies are trying to avoid as they try to contain the conflict.

“The spread of war in Syria is not just a danger, it has already begun. Adding fuel to a fire that has already started to burn,”  the UN special envoy for the country, Geir Pedersen, said last week.

On October 30, Israeli warplanes bombed a Syrian military base in the southern province of Daraa. Five days earlier, Israel struck a weapons depot at a major Syrian base in the south of the country.

The attack killed more than a dozen Syrian soldiers and officers. In both cases, Israel did not notify the Russian Federation in advance of its attacks.

Since Moscow intervened in the Syrian war in 2015, it has coordinated with Israel to ensure that their forces do not accidentally clash or open fire on each other.

Now the communication channels are closed…

Hezbollah to receive advanced Russian (Pantsir) Air Defense System from Wagner, Assad’s Syria

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