Headlines – 23 Nvember, 2023

Headlines – 23 Nvember, 2023

It is Thanksgiving in the US, so I am reposting this from Lioness of Judah

End Times Headline News. November 23 2023

2 Dead After Vehicle Explosion at Canada-US Border, Incident Not Terrorism-Related: FBI

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont.—Four Canada-U.S. border crossings were closed temporarily on Nov. 22 after a vehicle explosion at the U.S. side of the Rainbow Bridge checkpoint at Niagara Falls. The incident left two people dead.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said there was no evidence that the incident was terrorism-related. “Based on what we know at this moment, there is no sign of terrorist activity in this crash,” she said at a press conference on the afternoon of Nov. 22.

Gaza war pause, hostage deal delayed until Friday

Hezbollah is not included in the deal and cross-border violence on Israel’s North does not impact it.

The deal to exchange a pause in the Gaza war for the release of some 98 women and children has been delayed by a day and is now expected to go into effect on Friday due to a last-minute complication. Hezbollah is not included in the deal and cross-border violence on Israel’s North does not impact it.

The contentious deal that the government approved at 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, the 47th day of the war, could allow for all 40 of the children and 58 of the women whom Hamas has held since it seized over 239 captives during its infiltration of southern Israel on October 7 to be released.

Hezbollah says son of senior lawmaker among five dead in south Lebanon strike

Iran-backed terror group announces death ‘on road to Jerusalem’ of Abbas Raad, son of the head of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc Mohammed Raad

Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group said early Thursday that five of its fighters, including the son of a senior lawmaker, had been killed, amid skirmishes at the Israel-Lebanon border since the Israel-Hamas war began.

Abbas Raad, son of the head of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc Mohammed Raad, was “martyred on the road to Jerusalem”, the group said in a statement — the phrase it has been using to announce the death of its members due to Israeli fire since the war started on October 7.

Netanyahu: I instructed the Mossad to act against Hamas

Netanyahu said that Israel’s Mossad will act against Hamas leaders “where they are” – signaling a potential willingness to target them outside of Gaza.

The Mossad has been instructed to act against Hamas leaders wherever they are, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters on Wednesday night as he defended a partial hostage deal that includes a four- to nine-day pause in the Gaza war.

“It was a hard decision, but the right decision,” Netanyahu said regarding the deal.

It’s Official: Geert Wilders And Conservative Freedom Party Win Dutch Election

Update (1841ET): It’s official – Geert Wilders has won the Dutch elections and says he will lead the country’s next government.

“The hope of the Dutch people is that they will get their country back,” Wilders said following an exit poll published by state broadcaster NOS.

In his post-election speech, Wilders called for a coalition which would include the liberal VVD, which was until recently led by outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

What Is Anarcho-Capitalism?

The presidential victory of Javier Milei in Argentina puts at the head of state the first self-proclaimed “anarcho-capitalist” in modern history—or probably the first person ever to win an election at this level to identify with that term.

In the meantime, I’ve had many people ask me precisely what this is. So here is the explanation as I understand it.

Central to the idea is that society does not require an entrenched entity of legalized compulsion and coercion called the state in order to enjoy the enforcement of property rights, contracts, defense, and commercial society generally. The fusing of the terms anarchism and capitalism is not a plan for the social order but rather a prediction of what would happen in a civilized community in the absence of the state.

NATO bracing for ‘high-intensity conflict’ with Russia – Czech president

Moscow’s future combat capabilities will depend on the outcome in Ukraine, Petr Pavel has predicted

NATO regards Russia as the biggest threat in Europe and is preparing for a major conflict, Czech President Petr Pavel said on Wednesday, reiterating that Central European nations would continue to stand by Kiev in its fight with Moscow.

Speaking at a summit of the Visegrad Group, an informal political club which includes the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, Pavel noted that he did not have the impression that his counterparts had a diametrically opposing view on the Ukraine conflict.

Fast-tracking Ukraine’s accession would be ‘geopolitical disaster’ for EU – member state

Brussels would likely alienate the Western Balkans if it gives preference to Kiev’s bid, Austria’s foreign minister has said

The European Union must not put Ukraine’s accession bid in the “fast lane” while delaying applications from the Western Balkans, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg has said.
He also called for an overhaul of the EU’s entire enlargement procedure, warning that Kiev may never be admitted to the bloc without such reform.

“Ukraine’s ARMY is about to Collapse and it’s OVER” Fmr. Marine Scott Ritter

Former U.S. Marine Scott Ritter says Russia will NOT negotiate with Ukraine and will only accept an unconditional surrender of Ukraine’s military. Each day that this continues Ukraine will lose more land and more human lives. NATO is now telling Ukraine that this war is over and resources are coming to an end.

North Korea shreds military accord with Seoul

South Korea was the first to suspend parts of the deal following a satellite launch by the DPRK

North Korea has withdrawn from a 2018 deal designed to reduce military tensions with Seoul, vowing to deploy additional forces to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) after the South said it would rescind a no-fly zone previously agreed upon for the area.

In a statement issued by the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Thursday, North Korea’s Defense Ministry said it would scrap the military deal in response to “extreme confrontational frenzy” by Seoul, which had condemned the launch of a new reconnaissance satellite by the DPRK military earlier this week.

China warns U.S. debt-default idea is “playing with fire”

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Republican lawmakers are “playing with fire” by contemplating even a brief debt default as a means to force deeper government spending cuts, an adviser to China’s central bank said on Wednesday.

The idea of a technical default — essentially delaying interest payments for a few days — has gained backing from a growing number of mainstream Republicans who see it as a price worth paying if it forces the White House to slash spending, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

Escobar: Will Russia-China Strategic Patience Extinguish The Fire In West Asia?

Once upon a time, by the Don river, in the southern steppes of what today is still known as “Ukraine”, the Great King of Persia, the mighty Darius, leading the most powerful army ever assembled on earth, received a puzzling message from a foe he was pursuing: the nomad ruler Idanthyrsus, King of the Scythians.

A Scythian envoy arrived at the Persian camp carrying a bird; a mouse; a frog; and five arrows. And then he left, in a rush.

Wily Darius interpreted the message as the Scythians ready to submit to the Persians.

The Ongoing Tragedy in Sudan Yields No Respite for Civilians

Seven months of war between rival generals in Sudan have resulted in thousands of deaths, millions of displaced persons and the risk of disintegration of the country, which was already in a fragile state before the outbreak of hostilities.

As the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) intensify their aggressive campaign in the Darfur region of western Sudan, there is growing concern among experts about the potential for a situation akin to the ongoing political turmoil in Libya. The reference to a “Libyan scenario” points to Libya’s protracted political crisis, where two rival governments—one based in the western part of the country and the other in the east—are locked in a struggle for power. This comparison raises alarms about the stability and future of Sudan.

UBS CEO says private buyer preferred outcome in case of rescue

ZURICH, Nov 22 (Reuters) – UBS is one of the world’s safest large institutions, the Swiss bank’s CEO said while speaking at a Swiss Risk Association event on Wednesday.

“Even in the unlikely event of something going wrong at UBS, we have enough cushion before even speaking about a resolution of the bank and its very unlikely risk of a loss for the taxpayer,” Sergio Ermotti said.

Would UBS need to be rescued, Ermotti said a private buyer would continue to be preferable.

EU Vaccination Scandal: The Government and All Political Parties That Supported This Should Be Held Accountable for Their Lies and Fraud – Dutch MEP


NOV 23

EU Vaccination Scandal: The Government and All Political Parties That Supported This Should Be Held Accountable for Their Lies and Fraud – Dutch MEP

Mysterious pneumonia ripping through Chinese schools sparks fears among scientists of a Covid repeat

Scientists today called for vigilance and transparency from China amid reports of a mystery cluster of pneumonia which has eerie similarities to the early Covid outbreak.

Hospitals in Beijing and 500 miles northeast in Liaoning are ‘overwhelmed with sick children’ with unusual symptoms that include inflammation in the lungs and a high fever but no cough, according to local news reports.

Don’t bother explaining the science, just use religious and military leaders to get people vaccinated President of the European Research Council says

World Economic Forum agenda contributor, Maria Leptin believes governments shouldn’t use science to persuade their citizens into taking experimental mRNA injections. Instead, all that’s needed is to co-opt the “religious establishment” to manipulate people’s behaviour or for a better result, get an Army General to convince the population that the country is at war.

OpenAI researchers warned board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO Sam Altman’s ouster: sources

Ahead of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s four days in exile, several staff researchers sent the board of directors a letter warning of a powerful artificial intelligence discovery that they said could threaten humanity, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

The previously unreported letter and AI algorithm was a catalyst that caused the board to oust Altman, the poster child of generative AI, the two sources said.

NSA Pushes Anti-White Racism & ‘Queer Theory’ Among Employees, Leaked Document Shows

The National Security Agency (NSA) is promoting a culture of anti-white racism and gender ideology within its ranks, leaked documents reveal.

A copy of the NSA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Glossary that was leaked to The Daily Wire reveals the agency providing a list of 327 woke “social justice” definitions commonly seen in Critical Race Theory and LGBTQ literature such as “white fragility”, “queer theory” and “whiteness.”

DHS Chief Mayorkas Warns Agents Not to Misgender Illegal Aliens

DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas is warning agents not to misgender illegal aliens invading the United States.

US Border Patrol apprehended 3.2 million illegal aliens in fiscal year 2023 (Oct 1-Sept 30). Since Joe Biden was installed in January 2021, the number is estimated at 10 million illegal border crossers.

Instead of protecting the US border and instructing agents to stop the invasion, Mayorkas is warning them to be ‘respectful’ and ask the illegals their preferred pronouns.

Florida city changes all single-occupancy and family bathrooms to ‘all-gender’ so that ‘trans individuals feel safe’

The city of St. Petersburg, Florida, decided to convert all of its public bathrooms that are single-person use or for families to “all-gender” bathrooms so that transgender people “feel safe.”

The city also seemingly wished to keep a high score on a progressive municipality equality index. St. Petersburg Mayor Ken Welch signed an executive policy on September 1, 2023 to change all single-occupancy and family restrooms to “all-gender,” SCNR reported. Bathrooms with multiple stalls will still remain gendered.

Iceland braces for ‘imminent’ volcano eruption that could spew out molten lava with just ’30 minutes warning’ – as experts say fewer tremors this week means it’s set to explode: Stunning drone video shows INSIDE huge crater

Iceland continues to brace for an imminent volcano eruption as tremors this week suggest it’s set to explode soon with only a 30-minute warning.

Almost 4,000 people were evacuated this month from the coastal town of Grindavik as the ground shook, roads cracked and buildings suffered structural damage from thousands of quakes, and as scientists feared molten rock could imminently rise to the earth’s surface.

The UFO Deception: UFO Documentary New UFO Movie 2023

In this movie, you’ll see evidence that alien life exists and that they’ve been visiting our planet for centuries. You’ll learn about the UFO Phenomenon and what people have been reporting for years. This is a must-watch movie if you’re interested in the UFO Phenomenon. You’ll learn about the evidence that exists and explore the implications of alien life on our planet. Whether you’re a skeptic or believer, this movie is a fascinating look at one of the world’s most enigmatic phenomena

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