Headlines and news from Israel/Palestine – 24 October, 2023

Headlines and news from Israel/Palestine – 24 October, 2023

Israel has not let up with its bombing over recent hours

Gaza’s next big threat: Cholera, infectious diseases amid Israeli blockade

Humanitarian organisations warn deadly water-born diseases will spread in the besieged strip if aid is not allowed in.

From the Israeli side

Netanyahu’s office says Israel WILL NOT send aid to Gaza and will PREVENT the entry of aid from other countries that is sent without oversight

They represent the majority of the Israeli population who want Netanyahu gone

The state of the Israeli army

That is the Israeli army. What about the Americans?

Unfit To Fight: 68% Of US Service Members Obese Or Overweight

There’s a growing internal threat to US national security: 68% of American service members are either obese or overweight. 

“Rapid and sustained recurrence of obesity across all services, ranks, and positions now poses a dire threat, especially for at-risk populations and those in critical combat roles,” writes the American Security Project (ASP) a DC think tank, in a new 25-page report on the problem.

Two hostages were released by Hamas on humanitarian grounds

Released hostage SHAKES HANDS with Hamas militants as she is passed off to the Red Crescent.

Earlier – 

Hamas releases two American hostages from Gaza after Qatari mediation

Judith Raanan and Natalie Raanan released from Gaza and were back in Israel, the Israeli prime minister’s office says

A kamakaze attack on military bases in Syria

Was that why Sleepy Joe was called to the situation room?

USS Cartney targeted off the the coast of Yemen


Iran threatens missile attack on Israel

This is really big news.

It may take some time for this to percolate through and for the significance to be recognised

Russia Gives Iran Access to Khmeimim Air Base at Latakia, Syria

Russia Smacks Israel: Gives Iran Access to Landing at Khmeimim Air Base, Latakia, Syria

After Israel attacked Damascus and Aleppo Airports in Syria for the third time in a week last night, both airports are out of service.  So Russia has decided to allow its Khmeimin Air Base in Latakia, to be used in place of Damascus and Aleppo airports, even for Iranian Military Cargo flights!

It was allegations by Israel that Iran was moving weapons into Syria, which would allegedly (at some later point) be used to attack Israel, that somehow justified Israel attacking Damascus and Aleppo airports.   Now what is Israel going to do?  Will they dare try to attack a Russian air base?

The air base has extensive air defenses.  In fact, one NATO General said in 2015, the base has so much defense, “We’re seeing an A2/AD (anti-access/area-denial) air space forming in the eastern Mediterranean.”

Does  anyone care to mull the Biblical aspect of what happens if Israel attacks that Russian Air Base in Syria?

As is well known, Israel has been launching what many call a “forced displacement” of Arabs living in the Gaza Strip.  Almost non-stop bombing by Israeli fighter jets has already killed of 4,000 Palestinians, and destroyed over 10,500 Housing Units, as the Israeli Air Force drops bombs on apartment buildings to demolish them at the foundation.

The Gaza Strip is also subjected to a siege by Israel, which, for almost the past two weeks, has forbid the entry of trucks carrying even food and water.

It was just yesterday that Israel allowed twenty tractor trailers in, but NONE with fuel, which is desperately needed for hospital electric  generators, since the Gaza Power Company ran out of fuel and can no longer generate electric.

Twenty tractor trailers brought in what they could, but to feed a population of 2.3 Million, at least 100 tractor trailers a day are necessary.

So starvation is also on the table for folks in Gaza.

Russia has called a total of THREE meetings of the UN Security Council over the Gaza situation.   At one of those meetings a Draft Resolution was put forth by Brazil for an immediate ceasefire; but the UNITED STATES vetoed that resolution!

What human garbage is the US Ambassador to the United Nations that she would veto a resolution for a cease fire in a situation where civilians are being hit by fighter jets?

So now that the Russians cannot seem to get even human behavior at the UN Security Council, they have just upped the ante to Armageddon for the US and Israel.   Russia is now opening Khmeimim Air Base to be used in place of Damascus and Aleppo airports, which also means Iran military cargo planes.

If Israel hits that base, Russia will hit Israel in self defense.

Hamas shoots down Israeli helicopter


Reports are flooding-in this morning claiming HAMAS shot-down and Israeli military helicopter over the Gaza Strip, killing fifty (50) soldiers on board.

Imagery (above) showing a downed Israeli army’s CH-53 Stallion (Yasur) Helicopter, which was reportedly destroyed by Hamas with a guided rocket, on fire in a field, seems to corroborate these claims.

These were the rumours today, based on an Israeli TV report




Earlier today, news reports surfaced that Israel allegedly told US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin “U.S. requests to delay the invasion for more negotiations, grow tiresome.”

Then, this afternoon, word came out claiming “Israel has agreed to delay its invasion until more U.S. forces are in-place.”

Now, we’re getting this claim from an Israeli Journalist from their TV channel 13, saying the invasion is underway.   It’s a little tough to keep track of.  I am endeavoring to corroborate the claim, so be mindful this TV guy may be wrong.

One solid development: a Senior Israeli politician, Deri, said today “We told Biden that we are done with Gaza. We will never allow anyone from Gaza to work in Israel ever again. There will no longer be border crossings between Israel & Gaza.”



Non-stop small arms fire can be heard throughout the Gaza Strip.   Heavy artillery shelling of multiple areas taking place all over Gaza.  NO AIR STRIKES for about an hour so far.

It is now __thought__ that perhaps a hostage rescue operation (or several) may be taking place.  This, however is just speculation.

It is also thought that this may simply be an initial “probe” by Israeli ground forces.

Information right now is VERY scarce


However, this may not be the case according to Steven ben-Noon


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