“Heavy Depression” in the West

“Heavy Depression” in the West

I would like to devote this post to Gonzalo Lira, if he is still alive.

“Heavy Depression” in the West: Game Over for Ukraine – Time for Territorial Concessions – No More Weapons – Colossal Casualties

Group fire from international media: “It cannot break the Russian defense”

British, American and German media launched an unprecedented coordinated attack against Ukraine and the country’s military leadership, heralding developments.

Their articles show that there is “severe depression” in many Western and NATO capitals.

WSJ: Rapid loss of tanks shocked Kiev and the West!

The rapid loss of tanks and armored personnel carriers given by the West to Kiev in response to its armed forces has shocked Ukraine and its allies, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the newspaper, because of these losses, Kiev was unable to achieve a decisive penetration of the front.

“The rapid loss of several tanks and infantry vehicles, many of which were immobilized by mines or anti-tank missiles fired from attack helicopters, shocked Ukraine and its Western backers.

Ukraine’s political and military leadership complained about the slow and insufficient supply of Western weapons. Because of this, Kiev was forced to attack Russian positions without sufficient air support, leaving troops and equipment vulnerable.

Ukraine threw NATO-trained brigades into the fray. They were equipped with Western weaponry, including Leopard tanks.”


The Telegraph: The West will call on Kiev for territorial concessions to Russia

Further deliveries of US military equipment to Ukraine will largely depend on the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the battlefield. At the same time, the widely publicized counteroffensive, launched in early June, has yet to achieve significant results.

The losses suffered today by the Armed Forces of Ukraine cast a shadow on the reputation of the Bradleys, Leopards and other weapons systems of the NATO countries. The biggest losses in the armored units of Ukraine are caused by the Russian helicopters.

The Telegraph newspaper recalled that the summer military campaign will soon turn into an autumn-winter one, and activity on the contact line will decrease. This will allow Russia to further strengthen its defense lines. Kiev will have to try to achieve some success on the battlefield, otherwise the freezing of the conflict will become real.

“If Zelensky does not take back a significant part of his territory by winter, then, most likely, not only in Ukraine, but also in Western capitals, loud calls for territorial concessions will begin to be heard,” the British edition notes  .

Meanwhile, analysts at “The American Spectator” said that Western sanctions have not brought the Russian economy to its knees. On the contrary, the US and NATO are running out of funds for Kiev.

“If the Ukrainian counteroffensive continues to falter, will Biden go all-in on his failed strategy and send US troops to the front?” analysts wonder.

Ukraine and the West are facing a devastating defeat

The prospect of a failed counter-offensive and significant territorial concessions would only embolden Russia and China

Financial Times: Farewell to arms – the West has nothing else to do to help Ukraine!

The West has nothing else to help Ukraine, the armaments are running out and the stocks used by Kiev will have to be replenished for years, writes the Financial Times. And they add:

“Now the British government, together with its NATO partners, is sending ammunition to Ukraine from national stockpiles.

European defense industries have increased their production to replenish national stocks, but they have already reached a very critical point.

Industry leaders say that despite national pledges to increase defense spending – last year it hit a record high of $2.24 trillion – and new procurement initiatives from both NATO and the EU, things are moving slowly

The EU is still dominated by national rivalries, undermining common initiatives.

The scale of arms supplies to Kiev has proved so great that it will take years for the EU to replenish its own arsenals,” concludes the Financial Times.


Washington Post : Washington no longer believes in Ukraine’s ability to break through the Russian defense!

The counterattack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine has clearly bogged down.

The Washington Post, citing unnamed sources, reports that the Biden administration no longer believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are capable of defeating and achieving the goals of the counterattack.

In the United States, the number of those who believe that the Ukrainian military is incapable of conducting a large-scale operation capable of breaching the Russian military’s defenses has grown.

For the past five weeks, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been operating mainly with artillery and rockets, sending small groups of snipers to neutralize the “huge” minefields planted by Russian troops.

Such tactics will not lead to victory. The “swift” counterattack has turned into a creeping advance, in which the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to capture several villages for a second month.

Plans to capture Melitopol and Mariupol have sunk into oblivion, Washington believes that this is an impossible task for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Zelensky’s goal of a corridor to Crimea to dictate his terms to Russia is also unattainable.”


Bild: The losses are colossal

The German magazine Bild published a report in which it is emphasized that the losses of the Ukrainian army are colossal, there is not enough equipment and a counterattack is not possible.

In an article titled “The battle with the Russians is getting tougher”, Ukrainian soldiers spoke about the situation on the front lines.

“Our positions here in the north are more or less stable. However, two weeks ago there was a strong Russian counterattack. 12 enemy tanks attacked our battalion,  the Ukrainian soldiers said, adding:

” Russian air superiority is the most serious problem. A huge danger comes from drones that simply open fire. Since the enemy sees all movements, the Ukrainian army can only move at night. And for that we need night vision devices and armored vehicles.

Russian defenses are strong in the south and east – these are its three lines and minefields.

Countless soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost their arms and legs in these fields.

According to NATO, since the beginning of hostilities, their number has increased by several tens of thousands.

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  1. WSJ “Kiev was forced to attack Russian positions without sufficient air support, leaving troops and equipment vulnerable.”
    Yes they were forced, but by whom? This is true only in the sense that the commanders upstream forced the conscripts into the meat grinder. They are almost down to the last Ukrainian, now kidnapping conscripts off the street, and relying on foreign mercenaries. Life expectancy on front line: 4 hours.

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