Hedge Fund Warns World Facing “Global Societal Collapse”

Hedge Fund Warns World Facing “Global Societal Collapse”

Russia’s Medvedev Says Victory in Ukraine Guarantees Against Global War

The US and other Western countries continue to ship military weapons and truckloads of financial aid to the Nazi leadership in Ukraine, as Russia appears to be showing constraint. Moscow has made it clear that there will be no world if there is no Russia.

We’re on the brink of a nuclear war that will impact multiple countries and billions of people. The West and NATO can end this unnecessary war today by backing off Russia’s border, removing the sanctions, and getting out of Ukraine because the Russians aren’t backing down. They will continue to protect their land and its people as they have every right to do so.

How will Russia respond to the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines now that they have the proof? Will that be the attack of war that throws the constraints off the Great Bear?

How the Russians Knew the UK & US Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipeline

Kim Dotcom spells out how the Russians knew that the UK and the US blew up the Nord Stream pipeline.

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