“Hezbollah Prepares for Total War”

“Hezbollah Prepares for Total War”

US to Israel: “Hezbollah Prepares for Total War – They Will Hit You in the Rear” – Declares General Conscription

The USA hastily informed Israel!

American and Arab intelligence have informed Israel that Hezbollah is now preparing for full-scale war with the Israeli Army.

In fact, the Americans were forced to change their report twice in 24 hours about whether or not Hezbollah entered the war on the side of Hamas.

According to information, there is a general mobilization and mobilization of Hezbollah forces. Perhaps these are the “preventive actions” that Iran’s Foreign Minister, Amir Abdollahian, spoke of yesterday.

See what the Israelis are broadcasting now

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While they initially ruled out this possibility, however, in the last 24 hours, everything has changed. The Americans emphasize that Hezbollah’s military preparations are peaking. The final decision will be made in Beirut and Tehran after the IDF invades Gaza.

American and Israeli media point out that Hezbollah’s plans are what is largely preventing the ground operation in Gaza from starting.

Today, the military spokesman of Hamas sent the message that “Nasrallah is near”. The text behind it reads “god’s victory is near.” The yellow text, the color of Hezbollah, says “Victory to God”

Victory of god “نصرالله” means Nasrallah (Leader of Hezbollah) in Arabic

In other words:” Nasrallah is close”

Hezbollah is preparing for a total war with Israel!

American and Arab officials in the Middle East and the US confirm that Hezbollah is preparing its military formations, including missile forces, for combat with the Israeli Army.

According to the American report:

“ Hezbollah is currently preparing its forces and military formations for a full-scale confrontation with Israel, including firing rockets into Israeli rearguards.

At the same time, the same sources, in Lebanon and the Middle East, believe that Hassan Nasrallah and the leadership of Hezbollah are not interested in a full conflict, that is, a war with Israel, but at most a few days of fighting along the border. In their estimation, the final decision will be made in consultation with the leadership in Tehran.

If the Iranians push and demand that Nasrallah step in, he will do so as he did when they asked him to step in for Bashar Assad when his regime was threatened in the Syrian civil war.

Even then Nasrallah was not interested in this and was eventually forced to obey the order of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

In the last day, Hezbollah has stepped up its provocations on the border, apparently due to an assessment that Israel will show restraint at this stage because of the planned visit tomorrow (Wednesday) by President Joe Biden.

By all indications, Hezbollah believes that Israel will exercise restraint in the northern arena as well, at least until it completes the first phase of its offensive in the Gaza Strip.

According to all estimates, the decision to start an all-out war will be made in Tehran and Beirut after Israel enters the Gaza Strip,” the Americans conclude.

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What American agencies were saying in the first report – All eyes on Hezbollah’s next move 

Earlier, US and Israeli intelligence agencies began working together to determine whether Israel’s expected ground offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip could lead Hezbollah to a large-scale military campaign against Israel, US and Israeli officials said. officials.

U.S. officials said they believe the deployment of two carrier strike groups, each consisting of an aircraft carrier, its planes and several escort warships, appears — for now — to deter Hezbollah from attacking Israel in a significant way. .

Israel has also reinforced its northern border following the October 7 Hamas attack that killed 1,400 people.

Israeli and American officials currently estimate that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah does not want an all-out war with Israel, fearing the damage it would do to his organization and to Lebanon.

US officials said the assessment could change as more information is gathered and events unfold.

In addition, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vetoed his administration’s proposals for a pre-emptive strike against Hezbollah, according to US officials and others briefed on the discussions.

Keeping the war only in Gaza is a key American and Israeli priority. A major Hezbollah campaign would force Israel to fight on two fronts simultaneously, a difficult feat.

It could also potentially drag the United States into the conflict, possibly by launching airstrikes against Hezbollah targets.

In the immediate aftermath of the Hamas attack, US and Israeli intelligence concluded that Nasrallah had been surprised by the scale and intensity of the attack.

It was part of a growing body of evidence that neither Hezbollah nor Iran helped plan such a major attack by Hamas, said US and allied officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to reveal sensitive details of the crisis. .

US intelligence agencies had long assessed that Nasrallah did not want an all-out conflict with Israel, despite Hezbollah’s persistent anti-Israel rhetoric.

US officials are increasingly concerned that Nasrallah will come under pressure from hardline members of the group to engage in full-scale war.

What intelligence agencies are trying to determine is whether Nasrallah is now more likely to take actions he previously avoided, what those actions would be, and whether the threat of direct American involvement from Israel will be enough to keep him on the sidelines. And if so, for how long.

Hezbollah is clearly a more serious threat than Hamas because of its vast arsenal of precision missiles and thousands of experienced soldiers.

“There is a risk of an escalation of this conflict, the opening of a second front in the north and, of course, the involvement of Iran ,” Jake Sullivan, President Biden’s national security adviser, told CBS News on Sunday.

“He wants to send a very clear message of deterrence to any state or any actor that would seek to take advantage of this situation,” Mri. Sullivan added, referring to Mr. Biden.

US officials said Nasrallah’s next moves will likely depend on how israel’s ground war in Gaza plays out.

American and Israeli officials fear that Nasrallah may no longer be able to resist pressure to open a northern front as the number of Palestinian casualties mounts during the ground invasion.

“If Hamas looks like it’s going to be destroyed, Hezbollah will be under incredible pressure to get involved immediately and open up a northern front,” said Mick Mulroy, a former senior Pentagon official and CIA officer.

“The more civilians are killed, the more anger will come from people in the area. This will put more pressure on Hezbollah to join the fight or lose credibility .

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