Horrific clots from VAXED dialysis patient

Horrific clots from VAXED dialysis patient

Rense.com was down all yesterday.

This may be why.

Horrific Clots Come Out Of VAXED
Dialysis Patient When Tubes Are Removed



Now, Here Are Two Blood Donations…
The UnVaxed Is On The Left And The Vaxed is On The Right
See Anything Different ?!


5 thoughts on “Horrific clots from VAXED dialysis patient

  1. A testament to the resilience of the human body.
    I’m amazed people are alive, while this blood flows through them.

    Pierre Gilbert 1995 in his lecture talked about the “pollution of the blood” and mind control…
    “Liquid crystals” (Graphene/Hydro-gel) + Frequencies = Zombie.

    “Delgado’s Bull” Spain 1963.
    “Voice to Skull” 1974. No implant needed. (Frequencies only)

  2. Some people are reporting that the vaxxed are starting to smell metallic. Also that their pets are disconnecting emotionally from them.
    It’s not just a physical assault, its also a spiritual one, their is growing testimony that it is damaging the bodies ability to connect to its soul, people are noticing changes in the personalities of the vaxxed, as they are themselves. Time needs to play out on this one for the full damage to be realized, but in the meantime, avoid the jab at all costs.

  3. Beware of any injection until this whole clustrfk is sorted out. I just read about one pharmacy that mixed up the covid shots with the flu shots. Oopps, sorry! ( Does the flu even exist anymore? ) Bottom line- avoid the ‘vaxxine’, flu shots, all other injections, and any transfusions if at all possible. And stay away from hospitals!

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