2 thoughts on “Horrific Discovery In Warmed Jab Vials: There’s A Reason The Bioweapon Must Be Stored At -70 Degrees

  1. The biggest problem is that none of those who talk about the most severe side effects admit that there has NEVER been a so-called “C virus”!!!! It’s an absolute capital crime against all mankind It was a big lie and fraud from the beginning!!! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uNoijuXDg5tzstEuaxtOrYv3fZ0Nyc405_thJY4-BBg/edit#gid=0
    All these so called “C-virus sequences/nucleic acid snippets” are present in various parts of our genome…. https://twitter.com/Veronic05502788/status/1510958536003571718 I have great respect for her, as she seems to be the only one who has the courage to make the truth public and with proof!!!

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