Houston, We have a (giant) problem

Houston, We have a (giant) problem

These were my off-the-cuff comments on social media

This is my problem with the Left where I came from.

They will argue about the rights of the minority to subvert the majority. There are a few that still talk about how much tax the rich are paying – injustices that have been with us since I’ve been on the planet.

Generally, they are now PRO the security, Deep State, war, pro-government.

By their silence they are quite comfortable with the abuse of children and the current attacks on women which makes them.at best AMORAL.

They will avoid all talk about

  • war
  • civil liberties
  • the corporate state
  • natural resources
  • destruction of the Living Planet
  • demographic changes
  • artificial intelligence and technology

In other words, they ignore the issues that really matter.


Listen to this!

19% of babies born last year in New Zealand had parents who were reliant on tax payer funded benefits.


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