How a vaccine 6 months before the pathogen officially appeared

How a vaccine 6 months before the pathogen officially appeared

“2019 Novel Coronavirus Vaccine” dated July 23 2019?

Making a vaccine 6 months before the pathogen officially appeared?

Igor Chudov

This article will show that work on “Novel Coronavirus Vaccine” greatly predated official emergence of the “Novel Coronavirus”, creating a suspicion of how could they know about this pathogen before it officially appeared.

It will also show that before the virus was officially known, the vaccine candidate for it was transferred to the person experimenting with adding HIV sequences to coronaviruses (Ralph Baric)

A tweet by @MrSmith2Washgtn prompted my interest.

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He referred to an interesting promotional B-roll video posted by NIH on Jan 30, 2020 about scientists working tirelessly to invent vaccine against “Novel Coronavirus”.

This video shows, at about 1:00 minute mark, a woman taking out from a freezer, and placing back, a box with vials labeled “KC 2019 Novel Coronavirus Vaccine”.

The weirdest part of this video is the following screengrab, showing the date of 7/23/2019 on this box of “2019 Novel Coronavirus vaccine”!

What? How can the “2019 Novel Coronavirus Vaccine” be dated 7/23/2019, when “Novel Coronavirus” Sars-Cov-2 was only “discovered” in December 2019?

Let’s dig here.


The box has a tag “Ruckwardt”, which sounds like a rare name, so I duckduckgoed it. It refers to Tracy Ruckwardt, NIH scientist.

Looking Tracy up, I see that she is an author of several interesting articles that we will explore, such as this one.

As I realized looking at the first screen grab with “KC 2019 Novel Coronavirus Vaccine”, I realized that “KC” on the box with vials, stands for Tracy’s coauthor of above study, “Kizzmekia Corbett”:

who is the scientist who appears in the video. Note that Kizzmekia is NOT the person opening and closing the freezer, as I thought initially. Ms Corbett can be seen in the back of the office when the “DNA” labeled vial is shaken.

This is all great, right? We all love science, we applaud scientists, we want as much useful research to be done. All good, right?

Yeah, but WHY is the box dated 7/23/2019? How could they create a “novel coronavirus vaccine” before the official discovery of “Novel Coronavirus”?


Compared to all other boxes on the shelf, covered with many years of accumulated frost, Kizzmekia’s vial box is clearly free of frost and was likely manipulated around the time the video was taken. The ONLY date on it is 7/23/2019. Weird.

Other boxes on the shelf are related to Corbett and Ruckwardt’s article, such as box labeled with “HKU1 Neutralization Assay”, “OA MERS”, etc.

Then the person in the video handled agar sample labeled “WUCOV S-2P Fd PN1 1/2 OA 01/24/2020”. (by the way, OA stands for Abiona Olubukola, another coauthor) This reminded me of something and in the previous freezer shot, we saw a box similarly labeled “KC COV S-2P Proteins” (top row 2nd box above) The box in the freezer has a lot of frost and looks like to have been stored for a while. Are they related?

Here are some juicy quotes from the article:



mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine Candidated Transferred from NIAID to Ralph Baric of UNC on Dec 16 2019:

These scientists seem to have worked very tirelessly PRIOR to the discovery of Sars-Cov-2, but knew a little bit too much about what ended up happening, PRIOR to the discovery. Here we see the Moderna vaccine candidate transferred from NIAID to Ralph Baric of UNC as of Dec 12, 2019:

Mind you, Ralph Baric is the scientist who experimented with adding HIV genetic sequences to coronaviruses to enhance their function:


This article is not an attempt to give definitive answers. It asks questions. If you dig deeper, you will probably find more.

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